And then we were nine

Before we start with anything, let me just say that when you have an 18 month old at home, everything else pretty much is put on the back-burner  Work, hobbies, leisure, everything. So much so, that in my case, I have completely neglected my other 9 year old.

Which 9 year old, you ask? Well, the one you all know very well. Actually, the one because of who you all know me very well. Yep, this 9 year old, my beloved blog..Who turns a grand 9 years old today, and there was no way I would let this day pass without an acknowledgment right?

You can go ahead and call me old, though personally I would prefer the term veteran. And no, you cannot deny me the title just because I am not regular here, hello, I’ve been here 9 years, and going by some of those who seem to be reading me these days, well, I guess they were pretty much in primary school when I started. Ok, I guess ‘old’ makes more sense.

Anyway. Some of you might already have blogs, so you know how proud I must be feeling right now, considering my little blog baby is already 9. And you also must be knowing how tough it is to keep it healthy, and alive. Every year, every post is an achievement. And there might be others  who don’t have any blog right now, but are considering to have one soon. And there will be still others who fall in neither category, but this post is not for them, unfortunately. Because today, I have decided to bestow upon you, 10 tips that you might help you start a blog, or if you have one, maintain it.

1. Join a B-school. Because there is free internet and a lot of time to while away. This might inspire you to utilise your time writing extremely useful(less?) blog posts. Some of you might choose to instead play mouse-click games on Yahoo and eat through a whole pack of Lays chips, the 20 Rs pack, but that might just have been me. Also, I know internet is like this free good being given away these days, so don’t rub it in.

2. Take up an IT/Finance/Consultant role. Look, Sales guys have real sales figures to meet, Marketing guys have these numerous vendors, service providers they need to deal with, doctors save lives and stuff, and real engineers build flyovers, or jazzy machines. But if you’re into IT/Finance/Consultancy, you will spend hours in front of the computer, sometimes with nothing to do, and sometimes with a lot to do but no will to do it. In both cases, blogs will come to your rescue.

3. Watch Bollywood movies. The lamer the better. Whenever I watch a movie like ‘Main Prem ki Diwani hoon’, my head fills up with amazing ideas of how I could do a whole post on something as small as Kareena and Hrithik’s annoying expressions. Or the animated parrot and dog. It’s a different matter that as soon as I turn on the computer to put my wonderful thoughts on the blog, reality calls. Ok, I mean Zo calls.

4. Which brings me to the next tip. Have a baby. I mean really nothing but a baby can provide you the variety of  things to think, talk, and the best of all, blog about. Especially if you’re a first time parent, everything your baby does seems to be THE thing the world needs to watch out for. And by world, I mean the poor, hapless, blog readers, who can only read and nod along. So do it. While it also means that too much to do leaves you with too little time to write about it, that’s something you need to manage, like I am doing so wonderfully now (Sarcasm alert).

5. Do something dumb. Like going on diet. Or joining a gym. Or making new year resolutions. Or deciding that you will stay positive henceforth. This might not give you interesting stuff to write about initially, but when it backfires, which it will, you will have enough to write a couple of posts at least.

6. Read widely acclaimed Self Help books. The more famous the better, because then you can also Google and find out about those who have benefited from them. You have a variety of options after that. You can then give your views on it. Or better still start giving your own self-help gyan, helping people around the world live better lives, or manage their time better, 7 steps to gain the success that 7 years of slogging your ass off didn’t , because that is definitely so realistic.

7. Read other blogs. No this is not to get ideas, or get inspired.It is just because I am assuming that when you see all that creativity and regularity, there will be small part of your conscience that will nudge you and say, ‘hello, remember you have a blog too?’, basically awaken some guilt. It’s happened with me, and works, so try it.

8. Go for a walk. This one’s for ideas. I mean if the nature, the roads, the sun and clouds don’t inspire you to pen down your thoughts who will? Oh wait, it could be that horrible clashing outfit of that girl on the 2nd floor. Or that annoying woman who does not know the concept of a queue. Or that bland food you cleverly compared to cardboard pieces or such. Wait, these things work better. So fine, go to a mall, or the cafeteria instead.

9. Look around. In less than 5 minutes, you will find at least 10 things that are not as per your demands, or do not meet your expectations. This gives you a 10 pointer post of rants and complaints, because we all know that’s the stuff most blogs are made of. And that’s the stuff that keeps us going.

10. Write. Just write. I might be underplaying it, but writing is something all of us can do, if we want to. How readable it is for a larger group might differ, but honestly, should you care? Your blog, your site, where you are forcing no one to go to, you technically get to do what you want there. Plus it costs nothing. So go ahead, and write. The ‘Blogverse’ is so huge that in all probability, there is at least person out there, who feels exactly the same way about that song you mentioned you love, which no one else seems to even recognise. And if that person does not exist, you can go back and read this years down the line, and have a good laugh. Else, your Zo will.

So what are you waiting for. Go, start a blog, and if you have one already, update it right now. And if you have any more brilliant ideas, those are welcome too. And of course, birthday wishes are a must.

Nine years is long, and no one knows that better than me.Thanks for sticking around people, because if it weren’t for you, I for sure wouldn’t have carried on.


32 thoughts on “And then we were nine

  1. Congratulations DI 😀
    9 years is a long time isn’t it! Talking of which I just realised that my blog completed 8 years last week 🙂
    Keep going!

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,happy birthday bloggyy, happy birthday to yoouuuuuuuuuuu!

    Blowing party poppers , pulling your cheeks, and ruffling your hair…

  3. subbulakshmistoned

    9 years?! WOW, that is a long time, DI. Congratulations!
    I just calculated my time in the blog-world..and gulp..8 years!

    1. What? What is with these children saying they have completed 8 years! Did you start THAT early! Zo needs to be inspired 😮
      Thanks Subbu 😀

  4. Congratulations…:) I jus started reading ur posts since yesterday…jus ramdomly, and continued today. i liked the natural flow of ur writing..that I read almost till the 2012 ending blog…ur blogs actually bought a smile and laughs many a times…:)keep up the good work. Congrats once again

    1. Hi Harvir! Nothing makes me feel nicer than a new reader who feels like reading the whole thing! Glad it made you smile 😀 Will def try to keep going!

    1. Thanks Honest writer! I am glad I have kept this place alive, even though I have had doubts everytime some big change in life happened 🙂 I am a veteran now!

    1. Dear RM, I did not wish to make this public, but even in NINE years, I dont think I have even reached half your post count 😦 😦 How sad am I?

      Anyway, 90 years is the blue sky vision :D, abhi 10-15 is the target!

  5. Whoa … 9 years! congratulations!!
    Now we know how you churn pasts out of thin air 😉
    As for point 1- No, push some one into B-school, tag along, enjoy the campus, food, free internet and DC++ while they slog 😉

    1. :o! That is sly! I did read some of your earlier posts and realised this was the case. But man, that would’ve been fun right? Especially since these campuses spoil you to the core, I can imagine what a aprty you must be having with no slogging, no placements. Sigh!

  6. DI there are so many times I wonder how long I will sustain writing in my blog. Ignoring the fact that I have kids gives me countless fodder for the same (as you correctly pointed). But I do wonder if I will keep at it a few years from now. Your post makes me feel super positive that it is possible. 🙂
    Happy 9 year birthday dear blog. And here is to the next nine 🙂

    1. 😀 Glad! And I do hope you keep it going to! Sometimes I feel guilty for not recording each of those precious moments with Zo, because they ARE so precious! But then I console myself saying this is the best I can do 🙂
      Thank you Comfy!

  7. You are a total inspiration DI, I tell you. For 9 years, this blog has seen you in your different roles, as a student, wife and now a mother, all the time making us readers enjoy your shades and thoughts 🙂

    Nine is my favorite number, so here’s extra love for you. May you eat all what you want, not gain even a milligram of fat and never ever see the main door of the gym 😉

    1. That is the best wish ever! 😀 Wish the same to you!
      I know, when I read back I am surprised at my own decisions, issues and priorities 🙂 Things do change huh?

    1. Thank you Thank you! You have no idea how many times I have patted myself on the back for this, especially being me, sticking through anything for this long is BIG 😛

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