Sunday evening blah

As a rule, I never blog on weekends, but today, I was on an only fruits and salad diet, so if that can happen, this can too. That happened, and then Zo slept early today, which might seem like a nice thing to you non-parents and lucky parents whose kids sleep a lot, but honestly in my case is a little scary, because this means she might want to wake up and do a US shift, that too West coast. But I realised that I did not want to watch Red October, which the Dude needs mainly to survive through the same diet ( that he willingly chose), and Sunday evening (which is inevitable).

Anyway, after a lot of contemplation as to whether I should utilise my ‘free’ hour lazing on the bean bag, playing endless rounds of Ruzzle (check it out if you’re a word game nerd and jobless), or reading ‘Inferno’, or pinning my hair in all possible ways and try ‘styling’ it, I decided to make a comeback on the blog. So I picked up an apple, my mac (also Apple, albeit with a capital A, I notice, what a coincidence yes?), and have now settled down on my other bean bag in the balcony of my 19th floor apartment. The view is nice, city lights and all. But the apple decision was not too ok, my hands are all sticky, and I don’t know where to throw the core, and I am too lazy to get up now.

The view I mentioned, for those who care
The view I mentioned, for those who care

Where was I the last whole month? Since none of you asked, I thought of asking myself. I was once again caught up in a lot of life-related things. In the meantime, approximately 10 new people followed me on the blog. This is not a show off statement, but a serious sense of wonderment I have gone through before, because this happens everytime I stop writing for a long time. I have been offended in the past, because this is just like saying ‘we like when you shut up’. But this time I am choosing to ignore what my brain tells me and plodding on.

I also realised that I am not built for twitter. A woman (Oh my God, I am SO old!) of many words, the 140 word limit suffocates me. Plus there is just too much commitment involved. You have to be around all the time, or you’re out. Also, I did stick around for a while and no one followed me anyway, so I quit. No, that’s not the main reason. Ok, it is. For now can we all collectively agree that blogs are way cooler?

Zo is a big girl now. And starting pre school tomorrow. And talks A LOT. I really mean a lot. I love it. Though sometimes it is tough to keep up a conversation, especially when she strikes one at 5AM in the morning. Yes, this little girl of mine, not only does she look a lot like her father, she has also inherited his unbelievable morning personality. Where does that leave poor mumma? Well, mumma has her priorities clear. For once, the mum wins over the lazy bum, and I have decided to ‘convert’ to a morning person. I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Also, for all the fitness, gym awesomeness that I was so proud of all this while, one hasn’t worked out since Feb. One isn’t very proud, but one is determined to get back on track. When is a different matter. Let’s just say a lot of stuff is in limbo, and it will take a while for all of it to settle down. Once it does, life will feel much better.

That I am assuming is enough for a Sunday night. You guys have some stuff to read on a manic monday morning, if you have the time that is. Good enough? I am hoping so. So you guys go ahead and battle the week. I have a game of Ruzzle waiting for me.


18 thoughts on “Sunday evening blah

  1. See, you and Twitter got something against?
    But that blog still does not explain where you have been all this while!


    I think the problem is Hyderabad summer! It has been a killer this year.

  2. Ah! I am the first one to respond; an unlucky mom whose dotty does not sleep till her clock strikes ten (read as when she is sleepy). But welln have learnt to tap this one till she notices and calls for her command!! Nice pic!! And welln apples are finger licking good so u u wud have fig out a paper nearby to serve as a temp trash!

    1. 😀 10 is good! As expected, Zo was up from 11 until 2! Couldn’t get worse 😦
      These kids I tell you, get too much on demand! And yeah, the apple core was trashed in a paper, till I had to move from the awesome place!

    1. NO NO NO. No one likes me on Twitter. I am not going back. Sad Sad.
      Yep! There was an awesome breeze alright! And a pretty view too 🙂 Far until Osman Sagar! And the ORR 🙂

  3. Err I did not ask where u were last month, bcoz I was not around in the blog-world too 😉

    And Zo starts pre-school? Already? OMG! And i haven’t met u girls till now!!

    1. Yep! 🙂 It does now! We even have Residential Towers which are 40 floors high now ! But yeah, all this has happened in the last 3-4 years!

  4. I somehow assumed that you live in B’lore. I liked (not the FB like, okay) your twitter updates (the ones that appear in the side panel).

    I never took to twitter. I am a cavewoman, probably!

    1. 🙂
      Thank you, you’re nice. But no one else likes me. But I will tweet for you’all ok?
      Twitter is what I would call a fun early morning alternative to the newspaper. Nonsense and news.

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