Friday afternoon Zen Vachan

It is alright to be depressed because you put on a whole kilo. Even if it makes you sound extremely shallow when ‘come on, you have such a perfect life, job, husband and baby’ and those are the important things. Please, can you atleast get to choose what you want to get depressed about now?

It is alright to go on a crash diet to make up for the binge you went on last week. Even if your mother thinks that you need to let go and enjoy life (and food). Only you know that the chocolate bar will last all of 10 minutes, but those slim jeans you bought for 2K will not magically expand to fit you.

It is alright to not want to talk to anyone even though everyone wants an update, and think you’re too full of yourself , and selfish not to make an effort. Because you don’t want to talk. Because there is nothing to talk about. Because there are too many things happening.  Because just like that.

It is alright to wish (even though it was just for a short half hour) that you were alone with no social responsibilities of any kind, even towards those who matter the most otherwise. It doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘you don’t care’ . And if it does to anyone, well to hell with them.

It is alright to be rude to someone who is rude to you, even though you think that’s not you. Because honestly, keeping mum about it and letting it fester and regret saying anything at the right time feels worse. And is probably even more ‘un-you’.

It is alright if you’re unable to keep everyone around happy, and concentrate on what you want, because atleast the latter can actually happen. And the fact that the world might think that’s what you do all the time anyway doesn’t matter.

It is alright to complain instead of ‘being thankful’ for all you have, because you feel like. If it bothers anyone, they can always tell you find another recipient for the rants. You can find those easily.

It is alright to make drastic resolutions about work, life and anything such, and also alright to not keep them. It is also alright to keep them just in case you were thinking otherwise. And it is also alright to modify them. In short, do what you want.

It is alright to watch TV while playing with your daughter, once in a while, even if it makes the time you are spending together ‘not quality time’. Making a project out of ‘Quality time with my daughter’ will only make it worse. She understands.

It is alright to tell someone who says he feels sorry for your baby because she goes to daycare, that you feel sorry for his because he has to see just his mom the whole day and get bored. Also, it is alright to make disgusted faces at people who think your husband is a ‘poor soul’ because he has to take care of your baby while you go out for dinner with colleagues.

It is alright to choose playing Ruzzle over reading ‘Inferno’ because you’re lazy and addicted. Also, come on, it’s Ruzzle, it’s awesome.

It’s alright to get annoyed at someone at work, and make it known to them because you cannot be nice and smiling all the time. And some people need to be taken down a notch or two. Even if it sounds (and probably is) horribly evil.

It’s alright to take a half hour off work to write this pseudo vent out because if you didn’t, you know nothing useful is getting done today. So breathe in. Breathe out. Get back to work.

Happy Friday.


37 thoughts on “Friday afternoon Zen Vachan

    1. It IS awesome right!? So much fun!
      Er, I will not give my opinion on the status report 😐 That is a tough situation alright!

  1. Ok, for some reason I read the whole thing as “Is it alright to…….” instead of “It is alright to……” and then had to go back up and read it again when I realized I was reading the other way round…

    I really need to try Ruzzle out, people are going gaga over it..

    Umm.. Do you still get chocolates at work?

    1. Ooh, actually that would be a more ‘thought filled’ post! But I just declare. Thinking is not my cup of tea 😉
      Ruzzle is fun 😀 I am grateful for it’s existence.

      And yes, Swiss companies ensure a never-ending Swiss chocolate supply! I am on a diet though, so.

  2. Ab ye Ruzzle kya cheez hai, dekhna padega…have caught you mentioning it over here as well as Twitter 😛

    It’s alright to read these ‘terah zen vachan’ when you are getting extremely bored in the middle of a conference call 😉

  3. Aww hugs Di. Ofcourse you can do whatever you want, including the rant 🙂 Because we are here to read and hug you and tell that its fine. Go ahead be yourself. Not that you won’t otherwise 😀

  4. Someone asked me what gift I asked from D on my Birthday. I replied, ’30 mins to myself, without kids, work, husband, housework’. I got a confused stare. I shrugged and moved on.
    If people don’t understand the need for doing something for oneself then my explaining anything would help anyways.
    Rant away DI we are all here ranting right alongside you. 🙂

    1. 🙂 I might have stared too, a couple of years ago! Right now, cannot think of a better thing to ask for and want!
      Yep, I usually find solace in the fact that there are so many of you right alongside me, feeling the same!

  5. Loved It! It was fun reading this one! And yes, even I sometimes feel the need to be left ALL ALONE! Your post made me just happy that my ‘feeling’ is absolutely ‘normal’ and I don’t really need to be guilty ’bout it! Geez; Thanks! 🙂

    1. Oh yes it is! I know we don’t accept it always, and that’s probably why I wrote it too. Perfectly normal. And very essential!

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  7. What a relief… to read this 🙂 I guess.. most of the time, the mind is caught in dilemmas.. and we forget that it’s really okay to let it wander once in a while!!

  8. Even I downloaded Ruzzle after reading your post..Very addictive!
    Friday rants are justified..Because you have a whole weekend of family time to smile and make yourself feel better! 🙂
    But I really don’t get how its anyone’s business to judge you on anything..I mean, I do judge people, but meh. Never at such a personal level!

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