Monsoon Wedding

The day of my Wedding, it rained. It did not rain the day before, or the day after. But on the day of the wedding, it rained like that was the purpose for which this world came into existence in the first place. It started raining in the wee hours of morning, when I struggled to ensure that my freshly washed hair dried enough by itself for it to be twisted into a French plait in time, because a hair dryer would only make it frizzier. It rained as I got into my pattu saree and fretted about how awful the drape was and almost burst into tears that nothing was working fine. It rained as the huge melee of relatives in the house took turns to have a bath and hogged the only mirror, while I was left glowering that no one cared if the bride got ready or not and hello, no bride meant no wedding, so what were they all in a hurry to get ready for themselves?

It rained as we quickly piled into the cars that would take us to the venue. It rained the whole way, while I worried that we would be late for the muhurat, forgetting that we had decided the muhurat to be ‘when the Bride and Groom would be around and ready’. It rained when I got off the car and started walking towards the mandap, and the photographer chose to protect his equipment from the rain so there are no pictures of that.

It continued raining as my aunt fixed my hair and the drape and I was secretly happy that the groom got delayed, but made up my mind to give him a talking to when he arrived. It rained as we sat through the 2 hour ritual, most of which had me grinning madly, or giggling away at The Dude’s incoherent rendition of the shlokas the priest was reciting. As the smoke from the agni got into my eyes, and the groom escaped the tears thanks to his glasses, I looked out of the window to our right, and it was still raining.

Once we were done the official wedding, all that remained was getting decked up for the Reception in the evening, something I had really planned to do, but the rain hadn’t stopped. The lady from the parlor I paid quite a bit for arrived late, because of the traffic jams in the city, thanks to the rain. The beautiful garden setting we had decided upon had to be hurriedly moved into halls because it wouldn’t stop raining. And since everyone else decided to delay their arrival to the venue until it stopped raining, the groom was running around doing all the work as it rained. The lady finally arrived and started her work, only to announce that my hair wouldn’t settle down because the rain and humidity had made it too frizzy to style.

It rained as I went through the whole make up ritual only to realise I hated it. It rained as we walked around the hall, and even across the wet gardens to meet the guests because the groom wanted an atypical reception. It rained as my heels dug into wet earth, and my frigging expensive lehenga was dampened on the edges. It was still raining when I took one glance at one of the photographs in the camera and immediately went to wash the goop off my face. It rained as we posed for photographs, the groom bright and happy, the bride glum, make-up less, plain and frizzy haired.

It wasn’t raining as much as we wrapped it for the day, and the guests were leaving. It had completely stopped raining by the time the family left for home loaded with the gifts and the bouquets, the groom settled the bills, and I finally sat down to remove the heeled shoes which had blistered my feet.

Ever since that day, every year I would look out to see if it rained on the day of our Wedding. It never did. Anniversaries came and anniversaries went, and however much we were in the midst of monsoons, on that particular day, there would never be a drop, not one single drop.

Until yesterday. 6 years since that day in June, yesterday,  it rained. Continuously, heavily, the whole time. Just like that day. And it was beautiful.

Just like that day.

57 thoughts on “Monsoon Wedding

  1. First thing I’ve to tell you…yesterday was my wedding anniversary too!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Only…I completed seven years of my marriage this year. 🙂
    Oh yes I get what you’re saying. It rained on my wedding too. It was bad. The make-up, the hair-do, everything was a waste since humidity just doesn’t agree with well made-up brides. 😦
    I loved and enjoyed the rain yesterday too…it was great fun! 🙂

    1. Wow! Wish you a very Happy Anniversary too! 😀
      I HATE to think about how I looked at my wedding, mainly the after-party! UGH is the word. But the day in reflection was imperfectly perfect 🙂

      1. We can make an imperfect moment absolutely perfect just by letting go our idea of perfect! 😀
        Some moments are better enjoyed in their spontaneity and unpredictability.
        Happy Anniversary to you too!:) Forgot wishing you in my last comment. 😛

  2. Aaaaaaaah… Probably you didn’t enjoy the moment when it all happened, but don’t these imperfections make perfect memories that we keep recounting year after year!
    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thanks! True that! My mom read this post and said I had played down my tantrums that day :o! So you can imagine! But nonetheless, it was good! 🙂

  3. wedding pics please, share kar na DI or lemme see should I contact Dude for he is the pic dept head in DI household? 😀

    your post made me think, I guess it has never rained on our anniversary (or wedding day) 🙂 🙂

    Loved your post, especially the summing up did all the magic 🙂

    1. NONONONONONO. No one gets to see my awful wedding pics. Eep!
      Lucky you! You don’t know how it feels to tip toe around in the puddles when you want to look your prettiest!

  4. This was so sweet! It rained that way on the day of my wedding too! Walking in heels during the rain, wetting my pattu saree and finally eating my wedding biriyani, some memories are mean to last. Happy six years to you and your husband! 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary..Jeez! you guys got married in rainy season..most people would call it romantic..and total nutcase like me would call it having loads of guts :):) Big hugs to you and the Dude

  6. Happy Wedding Anniversary DI 🙂 I’m sure you must have enjoyed the “romantic” moments of your rainy wedding 😉 😛 n yesterday’s rain drops would have made you recall all those moments 🙂

    1. Haha! Yeah, romantic rainy wedding indeed! I was so grumpy, The Dude could have actually run away or something!
      And yes, yesterday’s rain did remind me of that:) Thanks!

  7. Mom , grandmom keep telling me that if I eat from the vessels in which food is cooked then it will rain on my wedding.

    Just saying, did you do that too? Should I add a line to request gues ts to bring umbrellas in my shaadi ka card?

    1. Oh my mom said that too! And I did eat stuff off kadhais when I was younger. So all the best to you!
      Perhaps you can have umbrellas sent with the invites, these days people do those fancy gift invites no?

        1. Hmm, good idea. I guess you can mention that guests need to get a change of clothes because I doubt people will be ok getting drenched in their finery!

  8. Where’s my comment? I did leave a wish for you here y’day, am pretty certain of that. Anyway here’s wishing you again a very happy anniversary! 🙂

      1. Arre I had read your post from my phone and commented about the rain-drenched wedding you had! Had loved it so much because it evoked memories of my own wedding which took plAce on a rainy day too :D. Argh, commenting from the phone is so not a good idea! Lesson learnt 😀

  9. Happy anniv DI 🙂 Oh combination of rain and wedding is not good at all. Guests usually skip because of all the slush and water and there hangs about a gloom in the wedding hall. People can’t spring in and out of the hall like they usually do. And plan gone awry. I can imagine the worry of parents of brides and grooms of monsoon 🙂 But if you can look back at the event and it still brings a smile, then it is a success nonetheless.
    Rains are otherwise (if you’re not in a heavy silk saree that is) romantic and beautiful.

    1. 😀 In our case ALL the work was done by us, and the parents were only there to meet and greet guests! Pah! In fact, all work was done by the poor groom!
      Sigh, I know, not the best weather for anything where prettifying takes so much effort, but otherwise rains are beeyootiful! 😀 Thanks!

  10. Congratulations 🙂 Wish you a very long way to go! Not sure when I will get to meet the Dude 😦

    My wedding was in winter, but it had rained on that day, unfortunately, sending a lot of things for a complete messy toss!

      1. No guilt trips 😦
        Yes, Winter Rains are terrible, especially when you’ve invited hundreds of people, done the catering arrangements in a lawn outside, and a wedding ceremony on the open terrace of a building! Sigh
        Winter Rains are terrible except for in Enya’s song!

  11. Lovely post! Could relate in some ways….minus the rain, thankfully 🙂 And the last line made me go ‘aaaw’
    Happy wedding anniversary…belated…and say hi to the dude!

  12. Did you use the fingers to lick off the pots clean as a kid? That did not come out right and I don’t know how to say this so i’ll explain-my mom says that if you lick off your plate or the pan in which a curry was cooked or milk was boiled, it rains on your wedding. I see no connection but I have seen it come true. My mom had rain on her wedding, in November. My younger sis had light drizzle on her wedding in May and yes, they both have this habit of licking off the food from pan 🙂
    Happy Anniversary to you guys and monsoon wedding ka ek pic toh share karna banta hai 😀

      1. see…exactly that’s what I wanted to say and had to explain for lack of better words 😦 you know why it rained…and ‘thrrbbbt’ to you for not sharing the pics 😛

  13. Vidhya

    Hi Divya,
    During that time it was a only a week since I had joined Cognizant. Nimish was my boss. He said you must definitely come for the wedding. I was totally new to the city and I could not make it because it was raining so heavily:-):-):-(

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