Star Struck. And some more.

Last weekend, I was whiling away time, by which I mean walking around trying to understand if my almost 2 year old wanted to walk, eat, be picked up. or generally create havoc by pulling at everything on display and reachable to her (or even unreachable, did not matter as long as she could stretch and knock it off its shelf) at one badass massive mall in our city.

When I saw 3 cool dudes walking towards, doing what cool dudes be doing on a rainy Saturday morning; nothing. I glanced towards them, when the one in the middle caught my eye. I scrunched my eyes, hopefully not very obviously, and pretty much stared, in a manner I have been very comfortable with since the day I started seeing The Dude, because I am like ‘Dude, I am taken, so I get to stare all I want without bothering to worry if you thinking I am checking you out, because, come on, my kind don’t do those kind of things.’

Anyway, I am sure it wasn’t obvious, because there was this 11 kilo thing hanging off my neck screeching about the injustice of the world which did not allow her to pull, or break things randomly. But I did use a couple of minutes to wonder if this was someone I had worked with? It was definitely someone I knew.

When it struck me. And I was left gaping, and mouthing soundlessly to The Dude.

‘Arijit Singh!’


‘Hello! Arijit Singh! He sang most songs from Aashiqui 2’, I said mildly diluting the whole celeb struck impact, because The Dude finds ‘Tum hi ho’ annoying. Talk about unromantic.

‘Oh. You are just imagining.’

‘Why would I! It is him! I know it! I recently saw him in Indian Idol Junior!’

‘Then why aren’t people following him? And why is he roaming around like some random guy in shorts and a tee?’

This, I don’t get. So if you are famous, you don’t get to wander around in shorts? But I did not talk of that. Instead I concentrated on explaining to him the fate of most playback singers today, that is, not many people would recognise them.

But I do, because, thanks to my love for Google and Wiki, if I like a song, I do an entire background check on it, including where the singer did his schooling, and how he refused payment for this first contract because the album never took off. I also discuss the kind of ‘human being’ the person is, since wiki-ing him almost makes him a buddy, sort of. And also you should know there are other people like me because I said ‘discuss’, not ‘wonder to myself’.

Anyway, he did not believe me. But I very happily whassaped my sister, and the other two of the trio which believes in such life changing discussions about celebrities behing human (no pun intended),  about my good fortune.

My sister said ‘Who is he?’

One of the trio responded with a more enthusiastic (ok, very enthusiastic!) ‘Go tell him we are fans! Ask him to sing for us!’

Ofcourse, I did not do that. Instead, I started a discourse on the various songs he had sung for the extremely uninterested Dude.

After a while, almost an hour later, while I was still whiling away time, by which I mean stopping my almost two year old from licking the floor, and the glass just because, The Dude came up and said, ‘There is your guy again’.

Now he is not my guy. But he is Arijit Singh, so I turned and saw him again, this time even more convinced that this was him.

‘I still think you are wrong, he is not even shopping, he is generally wandering around in a mall!’

Again, I don’t get it. Are singers not people? Don’t they want to generally wander around malls weekend after weekend because it is fun? Do they have to shop? Do they need to shop? Don’t big brands pretty much handover all their stuff to them because publicity? 

I was pretty much out of patience, so this time I googled images. People might know I have done this before, with Nithin, a telugu actor, who by the way came in one RGV hindi movie too. I spotted the one which looked most like how the guy looked today and showed it to The Dude.

‘That’s a very common face, anyone can look like that.’

I stopped wasting my 3G, went to Chemistry and bought myself two pretty tops on a pretty decent sale, all while The Dude was whiling away time, by which I mean trying to stop my almost two year old from climbing over his stomach, chest and head and doing a somersault.

We ate at McDonalds, and went home in the rain because it never stops raining in this city.

That, was the highlight of my first weekend in Pune.

And Arijit Singh, if you do read this, and were actually no where around Pune last weekend, don’t say it here. For my the sake of my creditbility. Or go ahead. I give that to you.

By the way, big fan.


32 thoughts on “Star Struck. And some more.

  1. It would have been nice to just go and thank him.. Not ask him to sing for you, but just thank him for all the wonderful moments he gave you by singing those songs.. Probably take a pic with him and send it to the sisters 😀 and give him a chocolate that you would have pulled out of your purse..

    All this while the Dude would be whiling away his time trying to stop your almost two year old from doing what ever almost two year olds do.

    1. I should have no? He is awesome, that is true! Did you see him Indian Idol Junior? He was SO down to earth!
      The Dude later said I should have atleast said hi, big fan, because apparently it would give him a morale boost 😐

          1. what was that ShahRUkh said in OSO.. Agar kissi chees ko dill o jaan se chahte ho, tu puri qaaynat usse milane me help karti hai.. or something like that 😀

  2. Maybe if you had gone and asked, he would have retorted saying “Nahi main Arijit Singh nahi hoon”. Read that in some interview gave. So, let’s just believe it was him. 🙂 He has got an amazing voice and I like most of his songs too. 🙂

  3. I love the songs in Aashiqui 2..i know they were sung by Arijit Singh but wouldnt have recognised him in public!

    Reminds me of the time i saw actress Sridevi in Kumaran Stores and was too shocked to react!:)

    1. 😀 See! That’s cos you’re not a wiki freak for this background info! 🙂
      I remember you talking about seeing Sirdevi on the blog. You went and said hi too right?

      1. not a wiki freak but do read up stuff when bored at office!

        I didnt have the guts to go and say Hi to her…i should have gone and told her we share the same name!!

        1. 😀 I don’t know why but I thought you did!
          Sridevi is big, as in big enough celeb to go over and say hi, esp since you cannot mistake her to be someone else.

  4. I got super excited once when I saw a part time actor at a bus stand, who always plays the bad guy who gets beaten up 😀
    Started bumping into stars eh, looks like the city has started entertaining you 😉

  5. Ah!! That tum hi ho is good and well I saw tht episode too! Ur dude or any guy tch tch not for them!I once bumped into prakash raj once at the airport and mustered enough courage to say a hello and address him as prithviraj!!:p

  6. The said ‘sister’ has a pic with Rana Daggubati on the same weekend 😛 and few people asked “who?” 😉
    Thank God you didn’t embarrass a tee-shorts clad down to earth singer in a mall 😀 or rather yourself if he hadn’t turned out to be arijit 😛

    1. Hence proved that some people cannot help being useless forever. What do people do with theor free time!
      Also, hello, I am 99.9% sure that was him! His is face is not THAT common!

  7. Aah reminds me of the time when I saw Karishma Kapoor. D came and asked, ‘who is she, I think I have seen her before’. Once I told him, he asked, ‘aur hero kon hei?’ because they were obviously shooting, as it was in the middle of no where, she was decked up in layers of makeup and had a saree on, all of this on other side of the globe from where India is. When I pointed out the hero to D, he had his mouth opened and said, ‘that guy? He was in the restroom when I went. Does not look like a hero at all’. Sigh that is what happens when you see Sanjay Kapoor 😀
    I should go dig out that picture some time and post here :mrgreen:

    1. Hahaha! Sanjay Kapoor! I cannot question D for that 😀
      Karishma Kapoor has had her good times so I can still agree. But you’re right, the makeup might make them unrecognizable directly right?
      And you took a picture? 😦 Man I should have atleast said hi!

  8. But really Di, you should’ve atleast confirmed if its him. You could’ve taken a pic with him no? And as Dude says, it would’ve given him a morale boost too. Poor chap roaming around with no fans to follow him.

    1. 😐 He is awesome man! I like down to earth celebs like that. In fact, I am sure he would have been embarassed and run away. Like Arch said, he might have denied being him! So, I will assume I did the right thing 😀

      1. Yea, after you’ve done it, it should be the right thing 😉 And apparently wiki-ing has made you two friends so you obviously know that he would’ve felt shy 😀

  9. Oh I love his songs too. In fact, to go one step ahead of you, I used to watch him in this stupid reality show called Fame Gurukul. He was not so cool then. He used to fake sickness and all and I was supporting some other contestant, so I hated him back then. But when he did become famous, I switched loyalties! Good for him, though! 🙂
    And seriously, does it ever stop raining in this part of the country! Fed up. Totally totally fed up.
    You settled down in Pune?

    1. Ooh yes! I read about Fame Gurukool! Not bad, you’re like age-old pals!
      Right now also I am looking out of a window far from where I sit and wondering if I will ever see blue skies again. THAT depressed.
      Settled is a long way to go 🙂 Unpacked yes. And kinda back on track with some sort of routine!

  10. Rahmat.

    Zo ki grammar per tippani! And you write “For my the sake of my creditbility.” Good. Keep it up. Don’t even bring up auto-complete or spell checks. Waise – I had read somewhere that if you want to know how young children perceive things, then try and trace a curve by looking at the curve from a mirror. Helps you understand how kids see the world. Good thing is that their learning capacities are way higher than adults. So watch out for what you do/say when they are around. Adds to your “creditbility” 🙂

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