Zo vaada kiya woh, nibhaana padega

In two months from now, ickle Zo will turn two. Does it seem like a big deal to you? Does it? Because it is.

Which is also why I decided to finally do a zopdate, instead of telling you all about the other interesting things that currently rule my life. Like potholed roads, and never-ending rains, and extreme peace and quiet, and a lack of routine, and bad eating and no work-out, and potholed roads. Also, I am very worried that if I do not keep up my promise of giving regular zopdates, you’ll stop reading me. And that will make me sad.

So what has Zo been upto? Other than being a regular almost 2 year old? I would say nothing much. Or I could say a lot, only I am not too sure what regular two year olds are supposed to be like.

I only know my Zo. And she is an adorable kid. If you ask me how adorable, I can just say remember what an adorable little baby she was, she is just as adorable and a 100 times that. You might brush my observation off by saying that I am being a typical, moon-eyed, my-baby-bestest mother, who is saying this because her two year old isn’t currently clambering all over her and in general for attention, but to that I say, genius. You’re pure genius, and absolutely right.

Zo is a clever little thing. And also dangerous. I realised this when I hit my head against something and said ‘Oh’ and then stopped myself from saying the next word, and she calmly completed the sentence for me. Twice. Basically, she’s made mummy mind her tongue ever since.

That was some months ago. Currently, Zo has upgraded herself to breaking stuff, or picking up broken stuff, walking to the clueless Dude, shaking her index finger at him and saying “Why ARE you broke it Papa? Timeout.” And yes, her grammar finick (not Nazi) mother loves every bit of it. Oh, just to add to the scenario, if said Papa makes a sad face, she will fix things by saying ” Ok, come here, sit” and pat him on the head with a sombre “Good Boy”. Yes people, that is Zo version latest for you.

Apart from that there are endless rounds of singing. Now she sings, which is good. But then after a line she wants Mommy to sing. “Hat Song”, she says, while her mommy starts her rendition of “Red hat, red hat, sister’s wearing a red hat”, the ‘next’ button is pressed. “Hat song nai, balloon song”. And then mummy starts “Red Red balloon”. The change requests keep coming in, and in case you are wondering, these are real songs.

Which doesn’t mean these are the only songs, there are random requests for Bangle song, cat song, fan song, and while in a non-exhausted creative hour, Mummy might actually make a song (yes, music AND lyrics, sensible lyrics), other times we do Ctrl+H. All of it works.

Zo knows her new ‘dresses’ now. God forbid if mommy’s wearing a new ‘dress’ and she isn’t, there will be a huge ‘Zo noo drech chaiyye” fit, until we get her into a new dress, or wrap her in any cloth she hasn’t seen before. She also will wear a pony only if mummy does, wear a jacket only if mommy does, and wear her hoodie when mommy wears a helmet. Which is cool, because mommy is flattered.

Which brings us to out scooter rides. So for 2 months now, I am Zo’s official pick up from daycare. And for the last two weeks, her drop also. And we have our little scooter rides, where we do singing sessions throughout. Fun stuff. Up until we reach home and Zo wants ‘Godi’, so mommy does a super woman, by godiing the brat, while putting the helmet back, picking up the laptop and her day care bag, and walking to the lift. But I am cool like that, superwoman, like I said.

Zo loves her ‘cool’, touchwood (this ‘cool’ has no connection whatsoever to the ‘cools’ in the earlier para, this is Zo’s version of school. If you already guessed, skip ahead and read the rest!). Except on weekends when there is no ‘cool’ and Zo is Zo, so ” Cool jaanna hai”, which means Mummy and Papa have to think of new ways to entertain her. Her mode of communication is pretty much English and Hindi, which is what we had anticipated anyway, except sometimes she suddenly says ‘ naadi’ which is telugu for ‘mine’ but I am thinking that is one word she will learn in all languages just to make sure that no one touches her stuff.

 Zo has her phases just like we all do. So while at times she is busy with her renditions of “Happy face”, “Sad face”, “Angry face”, Scared face”, “Shocked face” and most recently “Dirty face” (you scrunch your nose and say an exagerated ‘Eeeyew’, yep, like mommy), at other times she is rolling on the floor, bawling away, her face red, while we stand and stare, clueless about what ticked her off or what could fix it. The latter is as tough to handle as the former is aww-inducing, and so we have phases too, ranging from mush-filled grins to ‘Oh My God why is this happening to me’.

But  mostly, I am filled with a sense of wonderment, as to how this itty bitty thing, that I have had for close to two years now, is a whole person now. How all of this that we see, actually makes her up. The angry, the funny, the happy, the sad, the tantrums, the crying, the singing, the dancing, the hugs and kisses, the rolling on the floor and the pushes. That’s what makes our little Zo up. It’s all her, all of it. And by that equation, it is all mine.

And how can anything that’s mine be short of awesome? It isn’t. And in this case, it is even better.


38 thoughts on “Zo vaada kiya woh, nibhaana padega

  1. Ickle Zo? Reminds me of Harry Potter when the twins would call ickle Ron..

    Does little zo share her mom’s love for eating?

    yes, it IS awesome that she is so excited about school.

    1. Bingo! It has been flicked from there indeed 😀 sounds cute right?
      And well, she shares mom love for junk stuff, but she’s not shown enough enthusiam for chocolate, and that breaks my heart.
      I just hope the love for schools stays forever!

  2. U beat me to it Santulan, I clicked the “comment” option and was just about to type it.
    A ticklish read, just like all your posts and especially the song part :D. LOL, and wow time does run fast.

    1. No mention of my pwetty Pune potholes will be enough!
      Thanks Nansan, time does run super duper fast! 😀 I am thinking of launching a Zo soundtrack, with her mashup of songs. Ooh, is that what she is inspired by? These mashups that are so common these days? Ooh, food for thought!

  3. Oh my Gawwddd is this the 2hour old I held two years back? Gosh can’t wait to cuddle her and teach her some more Drama. N yes, she is just as adorable as you – no no not more, coz I am a mommy biased maasi 😉

    1. Awwww! Hugs Sags! Oh man, you should meet her RIGHT now because she is in her super cuddly phase. I should have mentioned it, but if you say ‘Do chikky chikky love love’,she will SMOTHER you with hugs! And I am so glad SOMEONE is mommy biased for once 😦 Poor neglected mommy.

  4. :^)
    So cute! My niece is also two now..I could relate to so many of these things..Especially the song part. Kids are so adorable at this age! 🙂
    And heh. Rains. Someone coming from Delhi, asked me the other day if it was still raining here. I said, don’t worry. Thats a background app. Chalta rahega till god runs out of water. Just ignore it. 😀

  5. Nodding my head at almost every point!!

    Cant believe Zo is 2 years old already!

    Oviya is going to be 4 and its getting tougher day by day to manage her!!

    1. not yet, still some time to go but yes!
      Oviya is going to be 4? :O Oh man! Now that is a long time!
      Btw, it never gets easier, does it?

  6. Wow, two sounds grand and big. Congratulations! 😀 This post reminded me of how my Dad would make a big show before my birthdays and say – “now you are x years old; we will have to chuck some of the nicknames and be all serious.” And then when the same statement would come every subsequent year, I would remind him of what he had said the last time. 🙂

    Here’s wishing Zo a terrific life ahead! 🙂

    1. 😀 The birthday is still 2 months away! I am preparing for the grand day in advance 🙂
      Thanks a tonne for the wishes! They do say right, that everyone grows old, but growing up is a choice? 🙂

  7. WHAT! already going to be TWO..oye..check your calculations again..your mathematics seems to be as bad as mine :):)

    Hugs hugs hugs to the little darling..and now we demand a zo post everyday till her birthday arrives..what say?

    1. 😀 I know! I did recalculations but everytime I get the same answer!
      Thank you RM, the hugs shall be duly passed. About a post a day? About Zo? Muhahahahaha!

  8. Laila

    I read you all the time, enjoy it thoroughly, but don’t comment often (did I ever, I am wondring actually :-)) Anyways, hugs to little Zo on the upcoming milestone.
    By the way, I am impressed that you ride around in a scooty in Pune… that too with Zo!!! I learnt riding one in Pune, but could never gather the courage to acually use one. Eventually, switched to a four wheeler and felt so much better.
    I am in US now, but in my last trip beginning of this year, I actually found the roads much better than they were a couple of years back. Which part are you in?

    1. Hi Laila! Glad you commented 🙂
      Thanks for the wishes! Honestly, the roads are a bit scary, but I live pretty much on the outskirts, in Magarpatta City. Zo’s playschool is nearby, so it is a 5 minute ride inside the township, which makes it easy. Outside, I doubt if I would dare to take her! But as of now, it’s been alright, especially helpful since I worm my way through narrow spots and get home real fast!
      I do intend to learn driving and upgrade to a 4 wheeler soon 😀 Where were you in Pune?

      1. Laila

        I am glad it’s a short scooty ride for you. Hope you have started liking Pune. I am not originally from Pune, but think of it as home now after having lived and worked there a few years.

        My husband and I have a couple of flats in Bavdhan. I don’t know how familiar you are with Pune, but Bavdhan is near the NDA area and it’s very pretty (hills and all). Both of us are hard core Bavdhaniites. That’s where we are whenever we visit. We bought a place in Wagholi too which is much closer to Magarpatta. So, in a nutshell, we are now all over the place :-). But, Bavdhan is still our first love.

        1. Pune is alright, I am a finicky person who hates change 🙂
          Not been to Bavdhan! Hardly been anywhere actually 🙂 But nice, you guys seem to have loved the place to invest so much!
          You should tell me the must visit places in Pune 🙂

  9. I’m telling you DI, these little fairies are soul sisters… ditto on mostly all that you’ve written about Zo here.. Chirpy does the same, the other day I was getting ready, wore my jeans and for her I had taken out a frock, to which she refused bluntly asking to be dressed up in Jeans ONLY…

    I’m waiting for the day when these girlies would meet, hehehehe it is going to be a riot 😀

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