Shudh Desi Romance*

One of the pluses of having a cabin at work is that you can ensure that the air conditioner is set a temperature fit for humans and not penguins, or packaged matar. Now if you think this was a sly attempt at casually slipping in the fact that yours truly now has a designated cabin at work, you won’t be too far from truth. You will still be away, but somewhere in the vicinity. Oh, while we are at it, the cabin also has my name plate on it, so there.

Anyway, the need to ensure that I am not frozen at work has arisen from my sudden extreme sensitivity to the weather. The city, which disappointed me immensely in the first 2 weeks by being wet and slushy and pot-holey, I guess took offence at me not talking about anything but it’s wet, slushy, pot-holey situation. So it went ahead and got cleaned up. Quite well I must say. So the past few weeks have been incredible weather wise, by which I mean we get to see the sun every morning, and not hate it. Zo might have a different point of view because she hates everything bright (Sun nahi chahiye!) and has the makings of a vampire, which doesn’t work very well for me, because, come on, if you have to compare, Edward ranks way above Jacob in terms of the Ugh factor.

That diversion apart, the weather got me pretty ill last weekend, and while I did recover after sleeping through 3 whole days, while The Dude kept Zo from jumping on the bed, and the sofas, and on my face, it seems to have left behind a nasty sinusitis like situation, atleast that’s what the internet says. And currently, I am trying ways of toning the impact down by doing things other than stuffing my face with medicines. Which for me means Combiflam. It is working ok, but could be better.

Which brings me back to the whole ‘Oh-look-I-am-so-cool-I-sorted-my-Inbox’ declaration I made in my last post. This by the way, is also why I do not put any effort whatsoever in organising my life, because some people are meant to be disorganised. It is the universe’s way of maintaining a healthy balance. Where I am coming from is, last monday, when I took the day off, my only saving grace was that I could check my mails on my Blackberry (This is not a plug, I would have said this first, and then talked about the cabin if I really wanted to show off), because hello, even in vacation mode, actually specially in vacation mode, my paranoia attacks double, and I start thinking of myself as the most indispensable, wanted person in the world, without who, no billion dollar company can survive the day.

Anyway, so I sent out ‘Out of office’ mails with grand declarations of being reachable on phone and mail. Only, the day passed, and I got no mails. ‘Aw, my considerate team’, I thought. After a couple of hours, still no mails. Now the ego was hurt, they didn’t even care if I was informed about anything. Finally, I got ONE mail from some unknown person, and I was all like, ‘At least some one thinks I should be mailed’.  So I read it religiously, trail mails and all, and when I scrolled down, I see a couple of other mails, all sent today. With me marked.

How? Well. Remember the ‘rules’? Which would auto forward all mails to their folders? Yeah. So apparently, Blackberry does not show those mails. Only the ones in the Inbox. Awesome huh? So end result, we are back to no rules, no auto forwards, a messy Inbox, and empty folders which I do not have the heart to delete.

Other than that, the weekend saw us visit Singhad Fort, which I thought was beautiful. Add to it the fact that there was a mini land slide, so no cars were allowed up. Which in turn meant some additional kilometers one had to trek, baby (and stroller, and The Dude who was actually managing all of it) in tow. But the end result was magnificent. The view, the clouds, the greenery. This, I have to give to this city.

The weekend also had us finally set up out Home Theatre/ Music system after some serious research. This in turn means we now watch movies not for the movies themselves, but for the extent to which the sound effects would show through the multiple speakers. Which I am glad to report are, as expected, awesome. Also 24, Season 1 was finished, and I need a break before starting on Season 2. That being said, when are the new seasons of all those Sitcoms I watch going to start?

Now that you have a good enough idea of where we stand (or sit, the cabin, remember?), I will put a stop to this update post, and  get back to the more important things that have been begging for my attention all this while.

My sinusitis ridden nose to begin with.

* The title was added right at the end when nothing else could be thought of, and the song refuses to leave the head.


20 thoughts on “Shudh Desi Romance*

  1. hahahahah! you smart phone wale have it really bad na? RD is so so addicted to the phone that he spends 3 seconds not staring into it and I am worried, baap rey…iska health bigad raha hai 🙂

    and oh oh!If we ever meet (I may drop into your town some day) then show me your name plate wala cabin pleaseeeeee! you are one of the very few people I know who have name plate wala cool eh?

    and oh oh! Zo is my opposite eh? hates the sun eh?

    That song is catchy kya?

    1. Arre RM, this is one silly office BB, I really did not expect it to be this weird! Plus, good I have it, nahi toh I will login to the laptop, VPN and then check, and that is worse!
      Done 😀 I will show you! Right now, cant even take photo! Bah, restrictions!
      And Zo is pakka no sun type! I love the sun too. I think I am reaching your level of disliking baarish! 😮
      The song is nice 🙂 The others are even better, this one is very catchy though! Do listen.

  2. I like the sun when it is cold, and it gives warm rays which I can soak and sleep in.. Then I ask it to shoo away..

    Congratulations on the name on the door, it is a definitely a matter of pride.. Maybe even a precursor of things to follow 😀 All the best for that .

    Get well soon

  3. First up, congrats! Thats something getting your own cabin and all. Big people. And looks like Zo and I will comfortably get along. Sun haters that we are. Snhagad is beautiful isn’t it. Esp when it has rained and there is green all over. Infact places near Pune are all really beautiful during rains. Ah! nostalgia. Now I’m missing all that.
    Very fun post I must say. Good to get the updates. Do take care of yourself. Steam with vicks inhalation might help.

    1. Ahem, thanks thanks!
      Honestly, I was so prepared to dislike Pune, but the places around are making it tough. Let me see iF I feel the same way when it is summer?
      I was a sun hater too, until I realised that there is something like too much rain, and that too sucks!
      Thank you 🙂 and steam inhalation has definitely made it better!

  4. Congrats for the personal cabin…I know if I get the cabin, i’ll work only the needful and spend rest of the time doing ‘time-pass’..hehehe
    I lived in Pune for almost 1.5 years and despite the pollution and pot-holes, I loved the city. It is the city I would gladly settle in.
    and yeah I like this song as well…it has that catchy jingles-like feel to it and now, it is stuck into my head, all thanks to you…’Sharam na aaye re’ hahaha

    1. 😐 Unfortunately, there is no scope for time pass here. They take the ‘ cabin comes with responsibility and a LOT of work’ seriously. But I sure hope work gets better!
      Exactly my point! It is a super cute song indeed 🙂 Danced to it the whole morning today!

  5. Ohhhhh you big lady ( in terms of age and now position 😛 ) didnt know you will turn this BIG 😀 jokes apart hearty congos for your name wala door 😀 enjoy… so I think if i’ll ever drop into your city and specifically your office.. i’ll have to knock knock your name wala door 😛 is it?????????

    How old is ZO? Sun… ammm I hardly get to feel and see it… morning when i leave, sun used to have his morning tea and when i come back it goes to bed.. so i hardly get to see it.. but love it during winters 🙂

    “Title of the post” that’s what i was wondering ki dono mein koi relation nahi hai 😛 but we are we.. we can correlate anything 😀 😛 😉 maine abhi tak sirf gaane ko hi apne kaan farmaye hain.. will try to listen other ones too…..

    1. As long as it is not size, it is fine! Yes, yes, you can door, and I will signal that you can come in through the glass 😉 Unfortunately I can’t order tea 😛
      Zo is almost 2, will be 2 this October 🙂 Winter sun is the best ever!
      But ofcourse, forget title and post, generally mere blog me hi koi correlation nahin hai! 😀

  6. Cabin reminds of a hilarious story of how my boss is getting his cabin! He got promoted and needs a cabin, but because of lack of space, they are making a cabin around the place where he sit. Somewhat like a Security gaurd house. Or Anarkali in Mughl-e-azam. 😀 Aaaahahahaa! 😀
    Sorry for the digression. Congrats for the upgradation! *while I shiver here in penguin temperature*
    Hope you are better now! And Zo updates too please! 🙂
    I kinda clicked on this post in the reader because of the title, because I thought its something about the movie, and I am really looking forward to it for some reason. Before you I read a whole post on Firstpost about things I didnt know about Sushant Yadav. So you know the flow.. 😀

    1. Oh God! That’s so funny! Mine is a proper glass cabin thought 😀
      I too am looking forward to the movie, Parineeta I think is a very dependable person, if nothing, she will be good in the movie 🙂
      The music is also quite hummable yes?

  7. Laila

    You went to Sinhagad!!! I love that place… lots of memories from my initial days in Pune. During monsoons, these places look absolutely beautiful.

    1. I was mighty impressed! For once, I wanted to walk around as much as I could 🙂 Forutnately I am here right after monsoons, so the greenery is intact.

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