Hunger games etc.

Lately, I have been digging my way through the archives of a couple of blogs I religiously follow. These bloggers are terribly, horribly regular. And they are interesting, very. I am usually amazed at how they find something interesting to write about all the time. But when I read more and more of their posts, unable to stop, I concluded that it is not that the stuff they write about is interesting, it is just that they have the knack to write so well, that even chicken curry* becomes interesting. And no, not for the foodies alone.

Enlightenment aside, I have decided to post more often. This might explain why I am here 2 days after my last post. The disclaimer being I cannot for life make chicken curry interesting, no, strike that, I cannot even make chicken curry. What I can make is a good rasam. And I can make it all the time. Every couple of days, that would be the aim. The cool part of it is, I am sure there are people out there who like rasam. And once they get bored, and there are no takers after a while, I will drink it up myself.

So yes, for starters, the nose is better, much better. This might be the cold finally wearing off, or the fact that it is Friday tomorrow. It is amazing what wonders the mere thought of the day can do to one. And if it is a Friday leading into a long weekend, I guess that would define bliss in the true sense. Which is what I am experiencing right now despite the fact that today, which is still on, is packed with meetings.

Not wanting to jinx it already, but we might do yet another trip this weekend. Now as I already mentioned, this city might be full of roads which provide a full body rattle every time you pass through them, but what it also has is an abundance of abnormally beautiful places around. And if I, a beach person who feels all hills are the same can say this, there is some truth to it. What I have noticed however is, when the Dude mentions a trip these days, the first thing I check for is not how picturesque it is, or what are the not to miss places there, but what is that I can eat there?

Food. Somehow, after all the control exercised on food during the last year, my love for all things yum is coming back full force. In fact, my only issue with us heading out to the ghats every weekend is we are not getting to try the famous eating joints in the city. I am assuming a when the enthusiasm calms down a bit, we will start alternating between eating Zunka-bhakri at Singhad Fort and Lasagna at Arthur’s theme.

This kind of appetite will bring back the need to visit the beloved treadmill at the gym. Only, the gym in the complex where we live, has no treadmill. *Pause for reaction*. Are you as apalled as I was? I mean really, what sort of gym doesn’t have a treadmill? Also, our gym doesn’t have any cardio equipment. None. All they have is some heavy-duty muscle building equipment, and a collection of dumbbells, all of which I am assuming could be used for boinking whoever set up this ‘gym’, on the head.

But the city, and more specifically, the area I live in has something Hyderabad didn’t. Lush green spaces where you can run. So if you think about it, the world is my treadmill. Only, that is easier said than done for someone who has never run without a machine that ensures she falls if she doesn’t. So after a lot, ‘Ooh, but it’s raining, tomorrow perhaps?’, or ‘Let me settle down first and then think about running’, I finally realised that this was not an opportunity to be missed, and embarked upon a jog in the open mission. One which was highly successful for 4 days, after which the whole illness happened.

But hopefully, I should be back on track soon. Literally. And this time, without any long-lasting impact on my ageing body. Except that of losing weight, something I always want more of. Nothing as exhilarating as seeing the calorimeter show a number higher than 300.

Except perhaps a cheese Dabeli. Afterall, one needs to ensure there are enough calories to lose yes?

* Why chicken curry? Because I was reading a post on chicken curry when I decided to hop over and post myself.

16 thoughts on “Hunger games etc.

  1. Yeah , I was going to say that Pune has got quite some spaces to run 😀

    Rasam? Would you believe that I have till this day, not had rasam? Let that sink in a bit..

    Glad to know you’re doing much better, maybe you could have some sev usal as well

    1. 🙂 True!
      Also, no rasam? How ARE you surviving? I love rasam! Even what I make 😉
      Thank you, and I do intend to eat everything around soon 😀

  2. I see you are investing more time on your blog these days!! I wish I could too…

    Keep those lovely pictures coming, making me miss Pune and let me know once you exhaust all the places you can find on a map for some more secret locations 🙂

    1. It is the workplace impact. Apparently having no phones and a tendency to avoid tea-breaks and generally have lunch at your desk makes you crave newere ways of taking a breather. This is the best. Most reading is done while wolfing down a sandwich. 🙂
      Pune IS pretty , especially around! Will definitely do that. I also have another favor to ask of you, so will mail you immediately 🙂

    1. Oh it is! It is amazing how awesome two slices of pav, with some masala potato kind thing squashed and spread and then toasted in butter and covered with grated cheese can taste. Heaven. This city is a culinary delight! 🙂

  3. Dabeli..I will stop at that for sure. Sigh, I so want one right now!
    I was doing so good with my running till the stupid ankle twisting bit happened. Who knew these things take so long to heal. I am done with month 3 and it is still not at 100% capacity 😐
    Hope you get to keep all your plans. 🙂

    1. 🙂 To think I had never had it before!
      I always envied the fact that people abroad have so much scope to run in the open, fortuntaely this place gives you that liberty!
      Twisted ankle sounds bad, but I hope you get totally better soon and resume the running 🙂
      Thanks Comfy!

  4. Ahaan.. Going through your archives is something i have done. You, yes, you make me wonder how you can make the mundane sound so interesting. I do hope you continue posting often (though honestly, I don’t trust you enough to continue for a long time 😐 I hope I am wrong )

    And rasam? I am a huge fan, though I strongly believe making good rasam is not easy! Mine flopped the one time I tried. After which, I didn’t. My MIL on the other hand makes heavenly rasam. You mind passing on your recipe ?

    1. 😮
      Awww, that is the sweetest thing ever! Thank you Pepper, I KNEW my Rasam had takers! I hope I continue too, but honestly, it is the workplace scenario which might help me in this.
      Ooh, like I already claimed I make good rasam! I will def pass over the recipe, perhaps the only thing I will ever pass a recipe for 😦

  5. I can drink drum full of rasams…you making for me when we meet okay…(first wish of seeing that office wala cabin still holds 🙂 )

    I so want that cheese Dabeli myself 😦

  6. subbulakshmistoned

    Dear DI,
    Have mercy for me.
    And I ran for the first time (in my whole life) yesterday, for more than 2 minutes. It was super fun.

  7. Its already been 1 week since you posted this..We need more posts if you promise to be regular! 😀
    I too read through all your posts when I first landed on your blog. You made everything sound so interesting and dramatic! That’s what made me get into blogging in the first place! 🙂
    Did I mention I bought a cycle? After many days of “its raining, from tomorrow”, I went cycling for four whole days before I ran off home for a long weekend. Now, there’s no air in the tyres. #SameStory

    1. Hahaha! No air in tyres indeed 🙂 Go, get it filled!
      But I totally get you. I did not do anything this week also, but I hope I do soon!
      And er, ok, I have been trying to be regular, just not working 😦
      And awwww, my drama made you start blogging! 😀

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