Why Zo?

While this is something I do ask little Zo often, in fact every time she showcases her creativity at finding newer and better ways of ensuring that I soon adopt the salt n pepper look, which I guess she believes is the ‘in’ thing, while I struggle to tell her that I am 30, not her great grand mother, this post isn’t about that.

Right from when I was a child, I always knew that I was going the traditional well-known path of life. Study, get a job, get married, and have kids. Yep, kids. I guess I knew I wanted kids when I was a kid myself, and derived great pleasure out of playing ‘ghar-ghar‘, where I would wake up ‘Dolly’ for school, feed her the breakfast I made, send her off, pick her up, feed her again, and then make her study and sleep. Side thought < I just realised I never was a working mother when I was playing these games, though the fact that I had to get a job someday was firmly planted in my brain at a very young age. Interesting, yes?> End Side thought.

Yeah, so I soon got bored with ‘Dolly’, what a sad name, plus I was fortunate enough to have a  number of dolls, and they all couldn’t be ‘Dollies’. They needed an identity. Which meant, names. Me and my sister would pick our dolls, or ‘kids’ and name them. These names would be revised once in a while, when we found a fancier option, or when we generally had nothing better to do. We would even name the stuffed toys. If you ask me now, all I remember is Dolly, Cabby (short for Cabbage Doll), Uneeda (the name was on the box), Teddy, Puppy, and other such amazingly different names. But all of them went through a spate of Misha, Bobby, Nikita and at one point even Kavya and Nitya. Yep, kill me. No offense to Kavyas and Nityas, those were names rhyming to ours, but seriously which doll would want to be called that?

Anyway, I realised I could name my future kids quite early on in life. I was also convinced I was having a son. Don’t ask me why. In any case, the oldest name I remember shortlisting was Vishwas. I also had Arihant, Advait (for the longest time ever!) and Abeer. For girls, I had Niharika, Nayanika, Madhulika, and other longish names stored away.

Eventually I met The Dude, and married him, so here was a guy who would have to have a say in the name. So I brought up my options. His varied responses included ‘ Do what you want, I am not interested’ , ‘ There is a long time for this, why are you thinking so much’ , ‘ You are kidding me right, HAHAHAHA ‘ to ‘ Aaliyaah? Guys will go Aila! when they see her, HAHAHAHA!'( I know, he thought he was being funny, I apologise on his behalf). Eventually I realised his only requirements, no names with A, because ‘poor kid will have a roll-number right in the beginning’, no long names, which I was fine with since my name is like super short, and no God names, which he didn’t say per se, but I think he vetoed all options.

Then one fine day, I read the Zoya Factor. Now this book is one I loved, l still love. It just makes me very happy. I went to him with my new options. Yep, very original again, I wanted our daughter to be names Zoya. And, if we had a son, it had to be Zoravar. He laughed himself silly, especially about the boy name I had chosen, but I thought I had him convinced.

And that is how, Zo, who I initially thought of calling Zee, was born. This was way before we even thought of a child. Between then, and when I was finally expecting, I went through a spate of other names too. Zoya/Zoravar were out. But in 2011, Zo returned. The year of the World Cup, I promised myself that if India won, which happened in Zoya factor, and if I had a daughter, I was naming her Zoya. Period. Zoravar was still out though.

Long story short, I didn’t keep my promise. Though India did win. We went on a different tangent of trying to blend our names et al, different story that. Anyway, I could not let go of it completely, so I started blogging about my baby as Zo. Zo for Zoya, Zo for Zoravar, whatever it turned out to be. Yeah, you finally saw it when Zo entered the real world. But there is more, most of it as drafts about how much I was puking and bloating (trust me, you don’t want to know).

And that’s that. At one point, I thought I would call her Zo at home, a nickname of sorts, but that didn’t happen. But here, Zo she will stay. Now, as I blog about how her favorite passtime is to juggle all things breakable, to later, when I blog about how she turned up home with her hair dyed a brilliant pink (and purple. I have a premonition about this one.), to eventually, when I blog about how kids these days have no time absolutely for their old ageing parents (who by the way I am hoping are on a world tour at that point, or atleast in Antarctica to see Penguins).

And that I believe, makes her more Zo than anything else.


23 thoughts on “Why Zo?

  1. hahahah! Ilove the name Zo, whatever Zo’s real name is…I love the name Zoya as well…I wanted to name R as ‘Naisargi’ (which means nature) but RD vetoed it saying ‘thats totally Gujju’ and she has enough Gujarat in her genes…Then when I got pregant the second time last December, I convinced RD that if its a girl, she is definitely ‘Naisargi’…RD and I had a lot of discussions on the name and he was almost getting convinced on the Naisargi bit :):) but unfortunately, my loss the pregnancy didnt go on 😦

    Errr..please tell Zo, that this masi is on the way to salt and pepper look thanks to the brat here!

    1. Wow! I haven’t heard the name at all 🙂 But sounds nice. In fact Zo’s real name is an extract from it somehow! I hope you get to use it 🙂
      I had R’s real name as a shortlist too, with a different spelling, but someone I knew named her daughter than just then 😀
      I am sure Zo will be thrilled that her ma and her maasi have alligned their looks :

  2. I am curious, why did you call one doll, “cabbage doll”?

    I have this idea that should I have kids, the boy’s name will be Karya and/or girl’s name will be Kriya. So that they are know only for their own actions.

    Pink and then purple hair? Reminds me of Tonks. I hope she gets her hair bubble gum pink then 😀

  3. Also,

    Side thought End Side thought.

    should be

    I just realised I never was a working mother when I was playing these games, though the fact that I had to get a job someday was firmly planted in my brain at a very young age. Interesting, yes?

      1. oh, that was me being sassy smart, and it backfired..

        Side thought End Side thought.

        should be

        “” I just realised I never was a working mother when I was playing these games, though the fact that I had to get a job someday was firmly planted in my brain at a very young age. Interesting, yes? “”

        using the tagging brackets like we do in HTML.. I think WP tried to process them as actual tags, and data got all eaten

    1. 😀 Trust me, our choices undergo a HUNDRED changes before we finally get there! 🙂 So keep thinking!
      Zoya has become overused now, I feel, every second movie has a Zoya 😦

  4. Oh! Now I love the name Zo even more! I absolutely loved that book. And in fact, have you read The Pricey Thakur Girls? I liked that even more. I might just end up naming my kids in alphabetical order, like in this book! 😀

    And shit! Dude’s joke on Aila was killer! 😀

    1. I have read all three of her books! Honestly, she is my idol when it comes to Indian chick lit, SO relatable and funny 🙂
      You are better off not getting to know the Dude’s brand of humor, trust me 😦

  5. I love the name ‘Zo’..it has a hep touch to it 🙂
    And Zoravar…really?? HAHHAHA…I am with Dude on this one.
    Ever since S-Man and I reached the phase where we could talk about our future kids, I was stuck on ‘Sidhhart’ for a boy and Sakhshi, Diksha or anything with a ‘ksh’ in the girl’s name. S-Man likes ‘Ritu’ though.

  6. and I love this one..Zo… sounds fashionable, short, cute and perfect 🙂 Just like the princess that she is in real.. a cute drama queen celeb style bundle of joy 🙂

    and do you know C’s daddy calls her Zo too irrespective of knowing her real name 😀 when we talk of her, she is called Zo wonly 🙂 so I guess Zo she is!!! 🙂

    p.s. why names ending with KA only? 😀

    p.p.s. your list reminds me what I had in mind when I was expecting: Alankrita…

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