Zo says so

Zo turns two next month. And every time I think of that, I am all guilty about what a pathetic mommy blogger I have been. And guilt usually works wonders with me, especially to get things moving. Also, I have taken my promise of posting more regularly dead seriously. Which is why, you are the lucky recipients of an update on Zo’s latest obsession – talking.

Now the key word here is ‘talking’. Zo started speaking very early, and I sort of gave you a look into the Zoctionary a number of times here. But now she talks, converses, and how much!

I already mentioned that the first time she made a good relevant sentence, sans grammatical accuracy, was when she would repeatedly as The Dude why he had broken something, which in most cases she had. Other than that, she would come up with frequent requests to The Dude –  ‘Papa trouble Chaiyye’ where ‘trouble’ refers to The Dude tickling her till she cried, and eventually resort to complaints of ‘Mummy, Papa troubling!’ when he overdid it. But now the little lady has taken it upon herself to emulate everything we ever tell her, on us.

For example, she walks up to me a couple of days ago as I was peacefully sitting on our sofa watching Masterchef Australia 5 (which is awesome, why in the world I love it so much is still beyond me), legs folded under me. Hands on her hips, she looks at me and goes ‘Keep feet down’. I was too amused to be annoyed, so I entertained her by doing her bidding. She left, happy, only to return 5 minutes later and sees me back in the original position. And this time, goes ‘Mummy! Keep feet DOWN!’ with an unmistakable tone of exasperation. The Dude was grinning like a Cheshire cat throughout. Of course, I kept my feet DOWN.

She oscillates between Hindi and English, with her ‘X chaiiye’ to ‘I want X’, where X equals chocopie, chocolate, chocolate biscuit, sugar biscuit, ‘Lilly’pop, Tu Ti Tu, Po co yo, Maya the bee, Ninja Hatorri, Brown cat, White cat, Orange cat, Ben, Juice, Dudhu, clips, hairband, water, Ipad, phone, and ‘Aapoo game’ . There are also spates of ‘Nahi chaiyye’, but that’s usually for Mummy, aka ‘Mummy nahi chaiyye’. Yeah, I know, heart breaking, but that’s what you get when you say no to any of the ‘chaiyyes’. Also, she is in the phase where she refers to herself mainly in third person, and recently declared ‘Zo likes this.’ I am assuming it had to be for one of the ‘chaiiyes’ above, can’t remember which.

She has also turned out to be quite a Bollywood fanatic like her mother. She will hum ‘Bodyguard’, complete with the Salman Khan Bicep move. She will sing ‘Ishq wala Love’. And recently, when I said aloud (to myself) that I was going to play ‘One, two, three, four’, she said ‘Get on the dance floor’ and I think I fainted. I checked if I heard it right by continuing the song and she completed it with ‘Gimme Gimme some more’. So yeah, we have a Bollywood lover here. Since yesterday I have heard her croon ‘Disco Deewane (Aha)’, and ‘Badtameez Dil’. I know, tough words, but I used to make her say ‘Tentacles’ when she was 10 months old, so she is good for now.

Her hindi is quite strong, I am assuming doe to day-care, but she mixes her genders, albeit super cutely. ‘Paani gir gayi’ she goes, every time she spills water anywhere, which is every time she is in contact with water. I was assuming it is the tam blood, but then I thought my tam blood was super UP-ised, so has to be her 33 marks in in Hindi (in class 10th by the way) scoring father. ‘Paapa/Aaji push kiya’, and ‘Paapa scolding’ is also quite frequent. My favorite currently is the fill in the blank statement where I go ‘Zo is Mummy’s?’ and she says ‘Ammu Kutty’. I know; aww worthy. And that’s her only link to Tamil so far.

When she is exhausted (finally) at the end of the day, she comes to the room where we would be watching TV, and says ‘Na na chaiyye’, after which I ask her which pillow she wants. She responds with one of the options she has, which are ‘Kurt Cobain pillow’, or ‘Marley chacha Pillow’, or ‘Budhdha Pillow’. Which basically refer to our cushions, which feature exactly what she asks for, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, and Budhdha. Then she lies down, and falls asleep as I pat her, our eyes on the TV.

Babies are as entertaining as they are exhausting. And if they are yours, they would swing between extremes, super-annoying or super cute. In any case, fun. We are enjoying this phase with little Zo, trying to get her to talk as much as possible, because it is just so cute. Even when she is busy doing her own thing, we tend to ask her the same questions, repeatedly, just to hear her answer them, respond, talk.  And she obliges. Happily. Very enthusiastically.

And I sincerely hope for my sake, that we have some of this enthusiasm left 10 years later as well.


29 thoughts on “Zo says so

  1. I want Zo! bus.. she sounds like such a munchkin. When I read these posts, I go back and tell Mint, “Let’s have a baby. They’re soo cute! We’ll have one to play with all the time”. And he keeps telling me, “We can’t have babies just because you want cute dolls to play with.. they are more work than that. Let’s wait for some more time”. I suppose he is right. but posts like these make me not comprehend the work .. I only go awww! 😀

    1. I do rent her out for free once in a while, esp to enthu couples like yours 😀
      Only condition that applies, no returns before time 😉
      Trust me, babies are super cute, and super tiring! I do try to keep the facts around in my otherwise mushy Zo posts!

  2. Gee..she speaks A LOT for a 2 year old no?

    Guess her Hindi is pretty similar to Rs..at least her’s wont be corrupted by the Mumbai lingo :):)

    LOL on being a Bollywood fan..I think I should make a trip to your place soon. R and she will get along like a house on fire eh?

    Sigh! she is adorable DI 🙂

    PS – Dont laugh, but masterchef comes in which channel and at what time? I really want to watch!

    1. Oh she does! I wonder how it will be when she is slightly older?
      Her hindi is FUNNY! But yeah, no lingo yet. I am dead sure she will LOVE R’s company! She adores slightly older kids and if they can take her running around, she is the happiest! 🙂
      Thanks RM, but you already know how it feels to have a chatterbox daughter! 🙂
      Also, PLEASE watch Masterchef. I mean, see I am not into cooking at all, but there is something about the show, that is so much fun.
      Monday to Friday, 9 PM, Only on Star World 🙂

  3. Birthday wishes to Zo!!! 🙂 She is gonna hit her terrible twos??? Yeah babies are full of terrible work and super duper fun moments..Dont worry Zo there are lot of maasis to teach you Tamil though Hindi is your roti dal existence !!!Continue bossing Mom Dad..Lov!

    1. Hi Patiamma! I think she is already there to an extent! 😦 Hope it doesn’t get too tough!
      Ooh, I like the idea of outsourcing tam to the numerous maasis! Hmm, now to get a logisitical plan in place 🙂

  4. Jupe

    After days/weeks/months of waiting to see & hear if she was ever gonna show us the litta Tam in her, all I get is a Ammu Kutty …..not fair, NOT FAIR….mehhhh 😦 😦

    * not to mention the secret hope I had for her to laugh AT Santhanam and mimic Rajinikant *

    There’s still hope though. If your travels can take you from Hyd to Pune, Chennai can’t be far away :-p Padma Seshadri and Mylapore/Besant Nagar await in eagerness for Baby Zo !!!

    PS: Any trips to B’lore on the horizon or are we only considering Amrika, Yash Chopra land et al…

    1. 😀 The tam-marathi training shall begin soon, when the little one has a grasp on communication in general!
      Chennai is out of question though 😉
      How are you training the little one though? Work will only take me to all place exotic, but otherwise, Bangalore has happened a couple of times, and will happen again! 😀

  5. Oh my, my. Quite a Bollywood lover you have there. 😀 I remember how some song from an obscure Salman Khan film used to be MY SONG when I was a kid. Makes me go red every time I think of that now. 😀

    1. Hahaha, which one again?
      Zo’s current obsession is an incorrigible item song called ‘Gandi baat’, which she sings, actions and all!
      Not cool at all! But I am being nice and enjoying it anyway 🙂

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