What I learnt from the Mumbai trip

In no particular order –

Reading has potential to make a comeback in my life – Or, I still like reading. I know that is hard to believe, going by my pathetic track record recently, but I realized that give me a good book, and leave me somewhere Zo-less, and I go back to my old ‘Just-this-chapter-and-then-I-will-sleep-I-promise ‘self. That being said, I hate being Zo-less, and would never have such phases if given a choice, so not much reading is happening in the near future. But it did make me feel good when I finished my book in two days flat. Of which the first half I spent in shameless TV watching.

Shopping alone can be dangerous – Actually, letting me shop alone can be dangerous. Because apparently, I am a shopaholic, sans the Dude. What has happened is, within a year of me starting to work and making money, I started seeing The Dude. Now I distinctly remember making rash, impulsive spends in the first year. But since then, I have been alright. Not good, alright. And this Friday, when I was in a mall in Mumbai, with 4 hours to while away, no Dude, and empty trial rooms, I pretty much went berserk. It was like I was on a rampage and all I could see was clothes, clothes and more clothes and there was nothing I seemed to not like. So I shopped away. I however think it is important I mention that I do not regret any of the buys, which balances out everything else, not.

Coffee shops are overrated – This did not however stop me from buying myself an ‘indulgent’ (as a friend put it) Vanilla Latte, and later a White Café Mocha at the Gloria Beans Coffee outlet, sipping it and sitting for close to an hour, each time, reading a book and observing the people go by. Only the indulgent coffee was meh, not bad, but meh. And I do not sip coffee; I gulp it, because who wants lukewarm coffee? And also, there was no observing people go by, because I was diligently reading my book like my life depended on it, fervently hoping the café guy would not ask me to leave, and intermittently looking up to see how laughed so loud, or whose heels were going clippety-clop, or wondering how kids these days have so much time while away, and why all women in Mumbai seemed so impeccably dressed, for shopping, on a weekday. So, the experience was, I wouldn’t say bad, but not so romantic either.

Fish Fillet can be tawa fried fish (with extra salt) – Or, while in Rome, order Roman cuisine. Or a sandwich, that usually works everywhere. Don’t go about getting over-excited and saying ‘Oh, let’s try Italian aloo ka paratha and lassi man!’ It will suck. Like my Fish Fillet did, in my very basic, local official hotel. With its meh Lemon sauce; which was a lot of lime juice in butter. If you’re hell bent upon fish, order Fish fry, or Goan fish curry. And steamed rice. It might work better. Or better still stick to Dal Tadka, and Aaloo jeera.

Your Sabudana wada might not be what you think it is – It could be cutlet. Your second round, because you already ate cutlet in the first round when the guy from the Pantry was selling it. Now this new guy got in at this station and will get down before the next, so ensure that when you order sabudana wada, you open the packet and see it is that. Else it will be Cutlet, which is not bad, but you already had enough cutlets. And before you can protest, the guy would have disappeared. So you are left with Cutlet round 2. And since you don’t waste food, you will have to eat it anyway.

Train-rides are underrated – Because I love trains. And in good weather, there is no beating them. From the constant ‘Khatak-khatak Khatak-khatak’ of the tracks, to the continuous rocking, to the views from the window, to the inflow of yummy, unhealthy goodies, to the dim lights just enough for some reading, I like it all. The star of my trip this time has to be the ‘garama garma cheese toast’ which is a cheesy, oily, sinfully tasty ‘bread and cheese thing’, which I wish I could have gotten back for The Dude, who loves junk as much as I do.

Some friends are impossible – And crazy. Like this one, who travelled 3 hours, in the (stupid) Mumbai rains through all the nonsensical traffic to spend some time with me? I had long back given up on meeting her, and even told her she could go back, because honestly, that’s what I would have done. I might not have even started. But she didn’t. She came, we chatted, for a third of the time she spent travelling, and at the end it made me feel very happy, and also very-very selfish. But like I said, some friends are crazy, and I am very sane, and selfish.

Travels are experiences to cherish – However short, to wherever, even if you are alone. Now this is downright bullshit. Because I know that if I am travelling alone, it always sucks, however exotic the place, however short the trip. But I am saying this here only because it is possible that I read through this someday, and I am too busy to go into the detail so I skim the heads, and the first lines, and I am like ‘Oh look, I enjoy travel, even if it is alone’ and go ahead and live through the torture, and later get back and smack my forehead wondering what I was thinking. Because there might be travel (alone, of course) coming up in the near future and I need positive thoughts.

Blogs are fun – This was not something I learnt from Mumbai, this is something I learnt right now. No seriously, not that I did not think this before but it has never been more relevant because I mean, if not for you readers, who else do you think would sit through so much hogwash? For that alone, I hope you have a short week ahead. Also because I already have one.


20 thoughts on “What I learnt from the Mumbai trip

  1. You like trains??? Try Mumbai Locals at 9 in the mornings or 6.30-ish in the evenings!!! LOL
    And please tell me what book are you reading??? I need some idea for which book to pick up next!!!

    1. Ooh! I should have mentioned. I like trains where I have a reserved seat, next to the window, and non one trampling all over me. Mumbai trains are not trains, they are war! 😮
      I finished ‘Cuckoo’s calling’ by Rowling? Pretty nice! Now reading ‘And the mountains echoed’ by Khalid Hosseini.

  2. DI, what all you shopped for? Can I get a glimpse? I am asking for a reason. Some time ago I was going through your profile pics (Don’t ask me why 😐 ) and I noticed we had the same top. Same colour, same style, ditto same. It got me so excited, I pulled out my top from my wardrobe and showed Mint your profile pic and said, ‘See! Same top!’. He didn’t seem to think it was a very big deal. Then the other day, I happened to see another pic of yours and I almost screamed again – Same top! 😀

    Also, another one time I read on your blog that you happened to shop from Chemistry. Chemistry has always been an absolute favourite!

    So, in conclusion – I think we have similar taste in clothes. I’d like to think great minds think alike. So if you shopped so much and thought all the buys were worth it, I’d really like to see 😀

    PS – This has to be one of the most vain comments ever! Lol!

    1. Hahaha! I would be just as excited! 😀 Perhaps we do.
      Chemistry is awesome, I agree, especially if you get a good deal! I went to Debenhams, but found it wayyyy overpriced, especially since I was looking for more formal stuff. So stuck to AND and Annabelle this time. More volume 🙂
      And yay for clothing related vain comments! 😀
      P.S. Mint might have thought you are mad.
      P.P.S. I go through profile picstures of others ALL the time.

  3. subbulakshmistoned

    So much wisdom, dear DI. When are you coming to the US and which part?
    I guzzle my drinks too- hot or cold. I just cannot get myself to drink with style. I louuuuuuuve trains. The joy is unparalleled, especially if you’re travelling alone. Happy short week! I miss Gandhi Jayanthi.
    PS: the latest photo of Zo alongside a helmet is ADORBS.

    1. I know Subbu, age does that to you.
      I come to the New Jersey, which I usually don’t say, I say Manhattan, and the song from English Vinglish plays as a background music.
      Hmm, I do like travelling by train if it is alone, I realise 🙂
      Awww, no Gandhi Jayanti for you no? 😦
      And thanks! I will let the ADORBS kid know of the comment 😀

  4. Well considering that I didn’t care about my jet lagged state when I rushed to cuddle the 2 hour old Zo, no amount of rain could stop me from driving to be with you. You know I louueee you right. ok that is the quota of louueee exhausted for this year – let us resort to being sarcastic before we die of diabetes 😛

    1. Eh well, you are mad, that’s anyway a given! 😀
      Zo, I know is very highly rated in terms of importance, was good to know I am around too! 😀

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