I love being pampered. ‘Who doesn’t?’ One might ask. ‘Exactly’, would be my answer.

But, I am also lazy. ‘Who is too lazy to get pampered’? One might ask again. ‘Me’, would be my answer.

‘That doesn’t even make sense!’ One might say. To which my answer would be one tight slap to this annoying ‘One’ character.

Point is, yes, it is possible to be too lazy to lift your lazy ass off the sofa, switch the TV off using your lazy hands, and then walk your lazy feet to where your lazy self can be pampered. Heck, it is too tough to even put the damn TV on mute and fix yourself an appointment. This would explain why I find it tough to maintain a regular pedicure, hair spa, massage regime, because it is so damn hard to get there. And at the end of the two hours which could have meant prettier feet, or softer hair, more relaxed shoulders, I am usually left muttering angry curses at my lazy self which is still veg’ing in front of the same TV. But lately, I have been trying to change myself for the better.

So when Sakina from the Marketing team for Four Fountains Spa called me to ask if I would be interested and trying out one of the therapies they offer, I was like ‘Ooh! Would love to!’ Here was a chance to redeem my lazy self, a self-booked appointment, where all I had to do is show up, and get pampered. Plus, there was a branch very close to where I live, so technically, there was hardly anything I was doing.

After a couple of reschedules from my end, which I have to mention they managed with no issues whatsoever, I finally made my way to this spa, after a reminder call in the morning, though I really hadn’t forgotten this time, and in fact needed a session like this badly. This branch is situated in the gymkhana area of our locality, which means it is in the same boundary as a gym (a kick-ass one, which made me feel unfit, and miss my gym days), a pool (pretty, well maintained, and sparkly on this Saturday morning) and a Beauty Salon.

As soon as I entered, I was greeted inside by a person at the neat, small reception, who introduced herself as Dr. Aparna, which made me sit up straighter when she said she would need to know a few things about my lifestyle before she told me what therapy to go for. I am in awe of all kind of doctors. She also ran me through what the place offered, de-stressing therapies, beauty therapies, and immunity therapies.

It was easy to choose the ‘de-stress’ category, because we all know how stressed I am in general. Now, one might question whether I truly deserve to be stressed, but One will not, because one clearly remembers what happened the last time one asked silly questions like this. In any case, as she told me about what each therapy did, I had already made up mind for a 60 minute Swedish full body massage, which by the way is the only ‘massage’ I have had before, and quite liked. One might wonder why I did not choose something else, but One can keep wondering, I have no answer to that. She asked if I wanted to add a head massage to it, and I nodded away. We chose some nice sounding oils which promised to make my skin glow. And I was a happy person.

After a short question session to judge my real stress levels (which I answered as honestly as possible, all the time worrying if this was going to end with, ‘Er, what exactly are you wanting to de-stress again?’) and my background of health, we were set to begin.

My therapist was introduced to me, and I walked into a small room, not unlike the ones we have at beauty salons, for all the facials and waxing. I was asked to change and wait.

Now here is where I need to make a couple of comments. My last ‘Swedish massage’ was a complimentary one I got because we were members at one of the Five-Star hotel chains. The ambience, like the rest of the hotel was exotic. There was mood lighting, lilting music, floating aromatherapy candles and a jar of pistas and almonds. And all this, in the waiting lobbies for heaven’s sake. Yep, extravagance personified. I did not mind the 15 minutes I had to wait. I loved every bit of it. Once I entered the therapy room, there was an attached shower, a whole range of toiletries, a plush robe and slippers, and enough space for 5 spa beds.

This was different. First of all, I did not have to wait at all. And I was led into my therapy room, which was as realistic, neat as the rest of the place. But I could not help but do a mental comparison. It was clean, space was utilized well, just enough for my spa bed, and for the therapist, and an additional chair. There was a pretty lamp in the corner, and there was soothing music. The sheets were crisp and clean. There was a bottle of Vaseline placed near the lamp. And a pair of rubber slippers. Nothing out of place, but nothing extraordinary.

Which is when the therapist began her job. And in the next 5 minutes, all my mental notes went out of the window and I settled down into one of the best pamper sessions I have had. Let me just say, phew. As she worked her magic on my back (which I had mentioned was a trouble area for me) I realized that the notes had been taken and implemented. And for the next hour, in fact a bit more, I just soaked it in.

By the time it was over, I was in this half asleep- half awake mode. I think the therapist realized it because she asked me to rest for a while. I do not know if I would have woken up if she hadn’t come to ask if I was ready to shower.

I wasn’t. Honestly, I could have just slept there because of that’s how relaxed i felt. But I did, or they might have had to resort to meaner means of throwing me out. Reluctantly, I went ahead and washed all (not all, I swear some of it is still on) the oil off me, and went out.

Here I provided feedback, and was handed over a couple of booklets, one a guide for stress free living, and another a dietary and exercise regimen on the basis of what I had shared. And then, a small box of stress relieving gel to apply under the feet, each night before sleeping.

Before I left, I also checked out the other therapies which sounded interesting. They asked me when I would want my next appointment. I told them an approximate date, and the best part, I know I can actually ensure that I make it. Because their pricing is good, affordable. Plus they have Happy hours on weekdays where you get additional offs. There are combos you can opt for. And the list of choices, well, let me say it would take quite a while before you actually try it all.

It was a Saturday Morning well spent, I would say. I stepped out into the sun, to continue with my day. I smelt of all those exotic oils they had told me about. My back felt relaxed. My feet said they were ready for what was coming up (Shopping. We all know how tiring that can get).

Overall, I left a happy person. And that I believe, is enough said.


18 thoughts on “Spa-ed

  1. Read your post yesterday and went straight from office for a relaxing facial!

    Had been thinking to get it done…your post and Diwali coming up made me go for it!!

    I also was in the half-asleep-half-awake mode!

  2. momofrs

    I must’ve been living under a rock all these years in Pune 😐 !!
    Just found out the FFS nearest to my place and hopefully, will drop by there at the earliest 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Di 🙂

  3. I belong to the ‘I am too lazy to be pampered’ category too. Honest. Which is why I am most offended when Mint does naatak to give my neck and shoulders a good massage. 😐 It is so much easier to not have to move a muscle, simply make a request. Doesn’t always work though.

    And so, when I feel too sore, I do go and get it fixed professionally. But that is only because I am really achy and sore. Most times, the laziness overpowers the desire to be pampered.

    This place sounds good. No extra frills, just good service. My kinda thing!

    1. Exactly what I liked. The first place gave me a green tea and chocolate after the massage, as if the pampering was not enough 🙂
      But here, it was all about the actual thing!
      Go ahead. Even I am trying to get myself in a routine for this once in a while 🙂

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