Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Wake up call. Brr, it’s cold. Skype. I miss you. I miss you too. The hike was amazing. I walked a lot. Show off. Little Zo? Doesn’t want to see mommy. Heartbreak. Moving on.

Bus stop. On time? Nah. Before time. Brr, it’s really cold. Fall colors. Leaves ala Mohabbatein. Cars. More cars. Fast Cars. Cold winds. The fragrance of bacon. Stomach rumbles. No buses? Too early. Ooh, bus. Wave. Get in. Settle down. No conductor? Tickets? Driver! ‘No Twenties’. Ok. Where are the tens? Done.  Bollywood. Plugged in. Stare out of the window.

The suburbs. The trees. The lawns. Shuddh Desi Romance. More lawns. More roads. Coffee shops. Bagels. Donuts. Yum. Stomach rumbles. How long? Oh, Lincoln Tunnel! Look, Skyline! End of Tunnel. Bus Terminal. The city!

42nd Street. Gawking. Walking. Some more gawking. Subway? Walk? Ok Subway. South Ferry. Oh look, Statue of Liberty! So far away.  So tiny. Click my pic please? Oh thanks. Could you click mine now? Sure! Now? Oh yeah, walk north.

Trinkets, and souvenirs. The Bull? Wall street? Already? Ah well. Ooh, lane. Why’s there a crowd? Ooh look, mini bull! Let me see. What? ACTUAL Bull? This? Ah well. Click my pic please? Walk on.

Wall Street. Gawk. Done. Ground Zero, let’s go. Long queue. Turn around. Brooklyn bridge! Walk on. Where is it? Where is it? Oh, I am on it. Damn it, no view. Well, whatever. Call The Dude. What? I will reach Queens? Oh no. Walk back.

Walking on. Lost. Dude, I am on some Canal street, now where do I head? Take a right? 6th Avenue? And then go straight? Ok. Excuse me , which way to the 42nd? Take the Subway. By walk? You want to WALK? Well, straight. Ok.

Starbucks. Free wifi. Coffee? Salted Caramel Mocha? Yum. Here. Uh oh. Frappuccino. Ice cold. In the cold. Bah.  China Town. Washroom! Mc Donalds. Ah! 7th street. Walk on I guess. 42nd can’t be far? Buildings. Tall buildings. People walking. So many buildings. So many people walking. This is easy. 5 hours. Nonstop. Walking on.

Empire State Building, 34th street, 5th avenue. Where is it? Why can’t I see it? Where is it? Hmm. Hmm. What is this I am standing in front of? Oh! THIS is it? Why isn’t it standing out? Why? Oh well. Hey, Chrysler building. Suits. I love Suits.

Crowds. Big stores. BIG stores. Macy’s, wow. Victoria’s Secrets, ooh. Toys R US, lovely! Aw, I miss Zo. Ooh Smurfs! Picture? Sure! Now tip us. Er. All of us. Er. NOW. Run away! Hersheys. Chocolate samples! M&Ms. More samples!

Broadway. Kinky boots. Chicago. Wicked. 4 PM. Should I sit now? Yeah. Click my pic please? Done. Return favor. Sit on the stairs. Stare at the lights. The wonderful lights. The very bright lights. And the crowds. Such big crowds.

Time passes. The skies darken. The lights look brighter. The crowd gets bigger. The eyes get wider. The air gets chillier. The sounds get louder. All alone. But not alone. At all.  Saturday Night. Times Square. New York City.



24 thoughts on “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

  1. Log in to wordpress. Scroll down reader. Notice blog post by DI. Hope it is while she is in US. Read. Yeay! US Post. Make a face. Think why can’t I go to US?. Comment.

    1. Hey RM! Yeah, I am! I didn’t mention it kya? 😐
      Been here for a week, and there until tomorrow 🙂 I will be back in Pune, but then off on a vacation until 27th.
      But again, will be back before your marathon. SO proud of you btw! Very very cool 😀

  2. I should print it and paste it in my travel diary. It covers everything I felt in my first visit to NYC. And Time Square is another world altogether.
    I bet it is cold there right now and people are walking around in their smart jackets and blazers. Enjoy 🙂

    1. Oh yes! 😀 Different is absolutely right!
      Yeah they are. Looking awesome! Did I mention my Zara coat purchase ONLY bceause I wanted to mingle 😉

    1. Thanks Preeti! Oh you will have so many chances now that you are in the beeg bad corporate world 🙂
      Is it nice? I cant see comments, where do u go to comment?

  3. I just happened to read this too! You have the travel bug in you, I didn’t know. Yaayyy to that. Hope to catch more blog posts about travel in the future 🙂

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