About me – like what you know is not enough

Dude, seriously, are these supposed to be FAQs?

While the tone might suggest that, I would rather call it Qs. Because no one really asked me these, forget frequently. And I decided to do these Qs for some additional entertainment on this blog, for which I am usually awarded with, wait, nothing. Not even comments or a hello. But I am doing it anyway, out of the goodness of my heart. Also, this is going to be on my ‘ello page. Just that any updates there do not show up on the reader, so I came up with this brilliant idea of making it a post first. I know, clever me.

Really?  What are you about to tell us we don’t know already?

Ooh, lots of things. First of all, the fact that I am now 31. If you see the last ‘About me’ update, I was yet to turn 30, so this counts as news boss. Yes, I agree that I had already referenced this thing in my last post but somehow people did not catch the hint and wish me enough. So I am trying it again. So for all of you reading this today (11/12/13), I just turned 31, 3 weeks ago. And we are still accepting wishes. And gifts.

 I don’t have time to read your blog. So can you give me a gist of what you write about?

Stuff. Important stuff, I would say. Stuff that matters to the common man, stuff that can change the way you think, stuff that will want you return and read through all the archives, because it just adds so much value to your life. I can give you examples. I talk about things like how I put on weight, or how I lost it, and how I hate it, and how my 2 year old sprouted new teeth, and how I think it’s ok to watch Roadies even Splitsvilla but not Big Boss, and how it totally makes sense to record and watch Master Chef Australia and hate anyone who tells you who was eliminated that week before you have seen it, or about how women with skinny legs should be banned, but that would mean banning the whole world except for me? That kind of stuff. Like I said, important stuff.

Why do you do this?

This blog? Out of the inherent goodness of my heart. Hey wait, I just said that right? But that’s true. And for my readers. You may not believe me, but I have some. You for example. I do it for you. Eh, who am I kidding. It is mostly ‘cos I have the time, resources, energy, and this is free.

There is no theme to this blog. Why is there no theme to this blog?

Ofcourse there is a theme! What do you mean there is no theme? I am the theme. That might have come out as extremely self-involved and self-centered, but then that you know already.

Oh, so ‘You’ are the theme, but there is really nothing of a value add right? What do you hope to gain out of this whole thing?

Fun. This I am being very sincere about. I find writing all this so much fun. So much so, sometimes I am generally looking at things and thinking how they would sound in words. Like I had almost decided to do a post titled ‘There’s a pigeon in my AC window’ today, just because, there is. There is a pigeon and a nest and lots of tiny baby pigeons creating a ruckus every morning in my AC window, and I had nothing else to say about it but I thought that and I wanted to write a post with that as the title. It’s just fun. No?

Fun for you, you mean. But tell me honestly, you really think anybody else cares?

Ah well. If you’re here, and you have read this till now, I am assuming you do. Also, that hurt, just so you know.

Ok fine, enough with the drama. How do you want to conclude this?

I will say what I said before I guess. If you’re here, do come again. If possible, say hello. If you like anything, let me know. If you don’t, let me know anyway (or don’t. I don’t take criticism very well, and then I will not publish your comment and you will go all ‘Ooh look she publishes only the good stuff’ on me, and then I will not publish that either, and basically there is no point. Ok, on second thoughts, let me know, but politely). And always, always stick to the most important and basic rule of this blog.

Be Nice.


26 thoughts on “About me – like what you know is not enough

  1. Errr..you think people DONT read you….I always comment on your blog honestly…I LOVE IT! and waise bhi, stop being modest okay?you are one of the most popular bloggers eh?

    Belated happy birthday wishes…I would have given you gifts if we had met in Pune 😉 but unfortunately you werent around :):)

    I was thinking of writing a ‘About Me’ section on my blog..you are inspiring me 🙂

    1. 😦 No re! No modesty and all! People won’t say hi also! But then, I am as bad and as useless and don’t do it either. So I shouldn’t complain one bit.
      Thank you RM 🙂 The fact that you are talking of gifts is also good enough for me 😀 You’re always nice!
      And yes, About me is a must!

  2. Well I started reading your blog ‘mostly ‘cos I have the time, resources, energy, and this is free.’

    But on account of our love for chocolates, how lovely little zo is, reading about your life with the dude, and generally how nice a person you are.

        1. Aw. See, just that you thought of it is making me happy 😀
          Though I wont let go of a book opportunity, though I am not a reader anymore 😦
          Will share details 😉

    1. Awwwww! Ok now this looks like I wanted you all to come and say you like my writing, but I didn’t mean to do that. I do like it though 😀 So thanks Shweta!

  3. I re logged into word press to comment this awesome post!! Bleated birthday wishes..Ur writing is always awesome..By the ways.. if words are counted as gifts (Refer RM’s comment ) I can give lots..passport to moon, mercedes benz..and what else do you want 😉

    1. Patiamma, Words are gifts yes 🙂 And you had already passed that on when you spoke about the blog 🙂 No need for a Merc or a moon reference! 😀 Thank you for the birthday wishes also!

  4. Belated B’Day wishes, DI. This post wasn’t directed to me, as ever since I came to your blog, I have loved it and said Hi more often than not. But let me tell you I care for all the important stuff you write about and I will be by your side if you ever plan a ‘Dharna’ to ban the women with skinny legs. Can we also add ‘perfect skin’ to it?

    1. Yes Aarya, this was not directed at you 😀
      Thank you for the support on the skinny legs ban. I would want more detail on perfect skin, as to what constitutes it, because I may not be able to commit to it due to personal reasons 😀

  5. Hello!! I get your posts delivered to my mail box, i religiously read them but don’t comment. I am lazy, moreover i have a smaller phone with even smaller touchpad which means typing using that is a pain.
    But yes, I care 🙂
    Hey Happy Birthday.. Welcome to the other side of the thirties 😉

    1. Awww! 😀 I read you too, on my reader, but you have become very very irregular! Also, I am equally lazy at commenting, and NEVER do it pretty much, so I am no one to say a thing!
      And that means a lot, I know you care 😀 Just that I tend to overreact and dramatize stuff for want of attention and to keep a check sometimes 😀
      Thanks! I crossed over last year, but this year it is making more sense!

  6. I read your blog and comment religiously! In fact, even if I dont go to Reader (which I often don’t nowadays), I still come to your blog for sure, because I love your style of writing. And I realized, your blog is nice, not just because you write well, but more because, you seem to enjoy yourself so much while writing! Its almost infectious. *almost* (As in, I do go to my blog after reading yours and start a new post. But then, I give up.)


    1. 😀 Thanks Preeks!
      You know, I kinds get what you’re saying about wanting to write when you read somebody? And funny you would say that, cos I have 3 people in that category myself, you, Abi and Subbu! All of you make daily things so much fun that I am prompted to go write something myself!
      Anyway, you do need to come back, you really really do! 🙂

  7. Ok.. Responding just for the heck of it.

    1. Like the Blog.
    2. Fun to read,
    3. A Welcome distraction to the boring part of life, Work
    4. Always looking for updates on Zo (See the focus of your blog has already shifted & so has that of your readers :-D)… Zo taking over

    PS: Your gravatar needs some updation… I guess its close to a decade OLD.. >:-)

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