2014 – For lack of a better title

So the earth managed to complete yet another circle around the sun without toppling off it’s orbit, or getting in the way of giant meteors, or sucked into a black hole some where along the way, while speeding through the massive space that is the universe.

Cool. Reason enough to celebrate I assume, so we will start with the nicities. Happy 2014 people, may this year get not give you much reason to complain about how very unfair life is to you, and you alone.

Personally, I like New Years. It’s all fresh start, clean slate, resolutions. While I strictly stick to my retrospective resolutions theory, it makes me all warm and cheery to see others talk about healthy eating, positive thinking, more reading, writing, travelling etc. I must take a moment here to mention what an epic fail my retrospective resolutions for 2013 have been because all I did this year can be summarised under ‘ Do everything impulsively, in the shortest time possible and then wonder where time flew. Oh, and yes, while you’re at it, OD on chocolates.’

This does not change anything, and I am still sticking to my no resolutions for 2014 until we enter 2015 theory. I however, am doing something new starting today. I am entering this Blogathon.

Funny, you think? I do too.  Imagine, me, doing a post a day. For 31 days. Which means that if I pull this off, I will finish my quota of blogging for the whole year, in the first month <I swear if there was anyone breathed a sigh of relief, they will not be spared>. I was so overwhelmed when I decided to participate, that I started my first post already on the 31st of December. Cheating, I know. But Karma, my dear friends, is quite cunning. And I left the draft in my office laptop, which I have no patience to log into now.

Which is why you’re being treated to this fresh, amazing, honestly-typed-on-01-01-2014 post right now. There are prompts, to help you out, and I am going to refer to them, as soon as I run out of stuff to blab otherwise. Till then, I will stick to atleast referencing them here. And by the way, the first one was ‘Resolutions’, which is why we’re here.

Quite honestly, I need all the determination in the world to push myself through this. And frankly you do too, to survive through a whole month of  ‘me, me, and more me’.

Let’s see who fares better now, shall we?


26 thoughts on “2014 – For lack of a better title

  1. Good Luck for that blog marathon 😛
    I would be looking forward to your posts all this month.
    I wished to join too but I am unsure about my availability as I would be travelling for 7 days in January. Maybe next time for me. 😀

  2. Eat as many chocolates without ODing on them sounds like a decent resolution to me. Waise, a friend got me a big bag of Lindors, and another sent a Chocolate cake and bag of chocolate cookies today.

    Such fun 🙂

    I really doubt that you’re going to run out of stuff to blab about..

  3. Avinash Bhat

    Been reading your blog for a year now.. And your blog’s been my all time favourite.. 🙂 looking forward to your posts this month.. 🙂 Oh yea.. Happy new year.. 🙂

  4. Ok, first of all, wish you, the Dude and Zo an awesome new year! 🙂
    And second of all, brilliant!! I was almost on the verge of declaring today on my blog, that I will post once a day from now on. But, I just stuck to a mental note, that I will blog more often. I did post on new years..So that’s a start! 😀
    Full force to you! I would love reading you more and more! 2014 already sounds like fun.. 🙂

  5. Tempting proposition DI.. but it almost always works that without resolutions for a month, I post almost daily with it, it just stays away for that period.. wishing the trio a very happy new year.. and a pleasant 2014, with lots of travels, and love..

  6. Ah well, it was all kosher till I changed jobs, and the new place doesn’t even allow reading them :(. So one in case of extreme boredom drafts posts on a word doc and mails it to post them from home. Sigh. Extremely neanderthal and very boring so it ends up making it all not so kosher !

  7. Oops!! I almost sighed in relief, Plz spare me 😉
    But you know it’s true for my blog too!! If i pull this off i too would have completed the quota of the year… I’ll allow you to sigh in relief, just because i did it too 😉

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