If you’re happy and you know it, shout Hurray

2013 for me was the year of change, and no change.

What seems to have happened is, life saw so many changes in one go this year, Job 2 to Job 3, Hyderabad to Pune, 5 minute commute to 45 minute commute (average. My commute and The Dude’s), super fit to borderline fat, hyperactive kid who cannot sit in one place to hyper active kid who cannot stop talking OR sit in one place, work station to a cabin, and internet-at-your-service to no cell phone on the floor; that it deemed fit to take away all of my other change.

Chillar wala change. And then put me in an office with a cafeteria where every item on the menu is priced at 10x+1, or 10x+2. I mean seriously, dude, round it off. And no I am not tipping the round off amount every time if it is not on the rate sheet. I am cheap, deal with it. While I might sound like I am dramatizing the situation way too much, truth is, I really put my ‘no change’ situation pretty much at par with the other big things happening in my life.

Anyway, back to the change which was aplenty this year? The first half of the year was spent quite lavishly, a wedding in the family, crazy-ass clothes shopping for the ‘thin’ me, a trip to Spain for work, where the Dude finally decided to show up so we vacationed in Barcelona. Once we were back, I think the monotony bug bit The Dude again, and one fine day, just like that, we decided to move.

Moving is tough. Moving is SO tough especially when you have just settled down in this home you so lovingly bought, furnished and decorated. When that home is in the awesomest location ever, and has a view from the 19th floor that people mistake for a restaurant setting. When you have a job you like, friends at work you love, a commute equal to no commute. When everything seems ‘perfect’ to anyone who to sees it.

But decisions like these are made in a jiffy, and then things just happen. Sometimes they take longer, but in our case it was pretty much ‘you got a job, now you get a job, oh I got a job, let’s rent this place out, let’s rent a place there, find a day care for Zo, oh found it’ and poof! We were gone from the city which was home for 8 years, to a new city, and into the second half of 2013.

Which was a settle down, accept the change, and enjoy what it has to offer phase. The initial days were filled with comparisons, thoughts ranging from ‘Why did we do it’ to ‘This was a good decision after all’. But as time passed, we got busier living, and had lesser time to retrospect. Life has this amazing way of falling into routine on its own. And it did here too and very soon, we were following brand new schedule for the day with work, day care, travel, all plugged in , like we had been doing it all our lives. We had new weekend plans, with hills to drive down to, new malls to shop in, Music festivals to attend, and new places to eat at. Everything was new. Everything was normal.

And that’s why I want 2014 to be the year of no regrets. The year where we make most of what is offered; take away all the nice things and slyly step over anything that seems even relatively not good enough. To do all that we can in the time we have here, so that the next time life presents us with change, we do not look back and wonder why we didn’t do enough. That is all I want from this year, and even as I am saying this, I feel like I am asking for a lot.

But then, hope is a good thing right?

P.S. The prompt for today was Introspection 2013, and while I did pretty much stick to the theme, I forgot mentioning it, and then I couldn’t fit it anywhere. Gah.

P.P.S No the title is not related


14 thoughts on “If you’re happy and you know it, shout Hurray

  1. Eventful year for you no? I guess you are a very supportive spouse, I wouldnt have agreed if RD has suggested moving especially when things were so perfect for you earlier :):) You are very nice

    Err…you dont HAVE to follow the prompts. They are just given incase you run out of topics to write..hehehehe

    I loved the title. R is big time into this song now *rolls eyes*

    1. It was 🙂 Tell The Dude you think I am nice 😉 Hehe, but yeah, I guess at some point we both wanted some change!
      Oh, and no no, I know the prompts aren’t compulsary! Just that I had planned a round up post anyway and then held on when I saw it was one of the prompts cos I didn’t want to run out of topics 😀
      So, dont worry! Also, I think it’s ok to follow prompts because atleast that way my posts will not be random blah!
      Zo LOVES this song too! Oh God, she would love to be around R 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thank you again!
      Hyderabad had become a part of us, I guess, so many memories! So missing it is a given.
      Pune is nice too, and I am going to soak in all the niceness it has!

  2. Life has this amazing way of falling into routine on its own…
    Very well put that!

    Wish you, the Dude and Zo a very happy, healthy and travel-ful 2014! 🙂

  3. Wow! Such an eventful year! And normalcy is over-rated, isn’t it? I myself moved cities, after 25 years, full of fear. Started living alone, for the first time ever, away from family. It was hard, but now, that seems normal to me. Its so weird that it became normal!
    And I just went through the themes on Blogathon..Pretty cool and thought-provoking stuff! Would be fun to read you guys..Can’t do it myself though..Traveling a lot this month! 😦

    1. Well yeah, I agree with the whole normalcy being overrated point. You look back at all things that seemed big not so long ago and wonder what that was about!
      Arre I am not sticking to the prompts though they’re awesome. Too thought provoking 🙂

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