This is tough, so we’ll let it be

I knew there was something very good about taking up this post a day thing. I just knew it. And now, I know what it is, kind of.

Thing is, since I started writing, everything I look at, forms a sentence in my head. Not a regular ‘Look, there is a bird!’ sentence. Let me give you an example. So yesterday, when I woke up, the first thing I did was drop my brand new, very beautiful phone, smack on the ground, face down. What would a normal person do when this happens? Pick it up, check it for issues? I did that. I even did some other stuff not all normal people do, but the ones with OCDs can vouch for. Like I thought I spotted a crack, and then proceeded to remove the screen guard to see if the crack was on the screen, and then confirmed that it wasn’t, so I stuck it back, but then decided to double check, so I removed it again, this time pinching the guard in the process, just to see what I already knew, no crack, but now there is a permanent air bubble I can’t fix.

Anyway, the point was, that all the while I was doing that, in my head, I was involuntarily forming the starting sentence of my ‘never would see the page of the blog’ post about something as mundane and regular as my phone falling on the ground. Yes, this is a thing. It is for real. And the fact that I am supposed to be writing everyday will ensure that you get such delightful updates from me. Yay you.

But on the whole I guess, having one sentence formed in your head doesn’t make up for a post. It’s more Twitter material, where my existence is an #epicfail.  And I don’t want to do a bullet post. Right now I mean, I am pretty sure that’s where we are heading, and I am not even talking about the end of the month. But let me stick to things I can more than bullet-fy for now. I know you think I can do that to anything (and I know that’s not a compliment), but well, whaddya know, even I struggle at times.

So moving to Pune had this big disadvantage of losing my awesome Building Complex Gym. I have been to 3 gyms before this. One was a gym close to my first job, where I paid for 3 months. The gym instructor looked like (and perhaps was) the cashier who doubled up as an instructor during ‘Happy Hours’ (11 AM to 4 PM) because there would be no one working out. Except for ofcourse me. I lasted there for a 1 month I think. And there was no impact. Then the second gym was one I joined along with the Dude right after we got married. Here we got an annual subscription. The instructor was mean, and useless, and would smirk because I was never good enough. And he would make us do some couple-y exercises, like we would stand back to back and pass one barbell, or a basketball to each other. All that was missing was some 90s song in the background, to make the situation perfect. I am thinking ‘Aaya mausam dosti ka’ (Ok 80s song then). I lasted here for a little more 2 months. Again, no impact.

The third gym was at my work place, and I loved my routine there. Firstly, I had the company of my beloved work friends. The crowd was all people we knew and would eventually have nicknames for, and joke about (I know, very horrible human beings we are). Secondly, this was not in the morning, which is perfect for lazy-ass people like the self. Thirdly, I pretty much had nothing better to do at that time because I would wait for The Dude to pick me up. The alternatives were Farmville, Scrabble on FB.  Fourthly, the gym instructor, Vishnu, was really good. I continued the routine he chalked out for me even when I stopped going to this gym. And though he too would think I wasn’t good enough, his smirk was not as mean. Lastly (but not leastly), this was free. I lasted there for 8 months I think, and then I had to stop ‘cos  Zo made a grand entry, or rather we got to know of her grand expected arrival in 8 months time. Oh, and the awesomest thing was how ALL but one of my workout buddies stopped working out almost immediately, because I was pregnant. Nice no? So much support.

Then there was my Gym no. 4 at our building complex. This gym was not as posh as the other gyms, but it had the basic equipment, a couple of instructors who would not bother much, but the biggest thing, it was just downstairs. So here I went for a little less than a year, 10 months I think, starting the day Zo turned 6 months old. Because that’s how long they said you had to wait after a C-sec to work out. I was severely over weight, with all the baby weight, and couldn’t wait to get started, and at this point I would want to mention that anyone who leaves me anonymous (or named) comments about how my priorities were all wrong, or ‘Ooh, what a mother!’ will get a virtual sock in the jaw, no space on my Blog comments page, and a curse which will make you a constipated buffalo in your next janma.

Point being, MAN! It worked! And how! I mean yes, this time I did the whole jing-bang of counting what I ate, sticking to my 4 days a week routine (especially weekends) and bam! In 2 months I was at pre-pregnancy weight, losing almost 10 kilos. And then some more, and then some more, and very soon I was I think the lightest ever, the thinnest ever, and definitely the fittest ever, running 20 frigging minutes on the treadmill without stopping. And for someone for who sports hour memories from school are those of sitting on a bench under the tree talking about which guy from what section was hitting on who, er, well, it was big. It is big.

And then, 2013 happened. And all that I wrote in my last post happened. And here we are, exactly a year later, eating 3 cream filled donuts (ok that was New Year’s Eve, so it is allowed I guess), struggling to fit into those size X jeans which we so lovingly picked up in the January sale. And to ensure that we do not go to this year’s sale looking for a wardrobe that fits (again), drastic measures need to be taken.

Gym is out. Running in the cold is tough and just not rewarding enough. So for now we are treating ourselves to this. We have managed to go 13 sessions so far, and what remains to be seen is to ensure that this 13 goes on to 30 and then what next is decided upon and followed before I explode out of my current set of clothes Oh My God what the hell is wrong with me. By the way, it’s quite good, so give it a shot if you’re looking for something short, and apparently effective.

Anyway, wish me luck. I am not making resolutions but being fit and looking thin is on my priority list and it doesn’t matter if you think I am mad. Also, I am just glad I got started, and I hope it works.

I am also glad there is no word limit to the posts on the Blogathon thing because I think I just exhausted enough blah to last you 3 days. I don’t know what today’s prompt was by the way, I think it was rain. Enough for now I guess.

See you tomorrow then?


16 thoughts on “This is tough, so we’ll let it be

  1. Well ‘Rain’ is a reason why you can’t run outside no.. You don’t want to come back wet with the water splashed on you by a car that zipped by. Nuh uh..

    This reminds of a post Revati wrote:

    I have a bunch of friends who are thin, no matter how much of what not they eat. THIN. They just don’t put on weight.

    I did join a gym for some weeks, two or so years ago.. My energy levels shot up, and I could run more , felt lighter.. had to leave it due to a temporary work commitment, but have not been able to join again on account of being a lazy ass.

    1. Sigh. Tell me about it. I get into lazy ass mode all the time myself.

      I have promised myself that if I ever get splashed by a car, unless it was absolutely unavoidable (like if the whole road was full of water), I will throw a stone at the car and crack a window. I am serious.
      I don’t like thin people, I have said that before.
      And I wish I loved working out for the experience, I think I do it only to lose weight 😦

  2. ROFL at the constipated buffalo!!
    Having a gym in your society is a boon!! If we shift from our current home, I would want our next home to have this facility!
    Though I prefer a badminton court more. In Hyderabad we had that in our society and we loved it!! Every morning we played badminton with friends and even tried to come back early from work to fit in a match or two!!

    1. I meant that curse by the way! I mean, I had such mean comments when I wrote my happy weight loss post some time ago? Some one even wrote about Shilpa Shetty being a good mom :o! Who cares!
      We had a nice tennis court, a swimming pool, and a gym, and a library, and sports area in my awesome complex in Hyderabad. Sigh. I miss it. Oh well, like I said, it is about concentrating on the good for now!

      1. Seriously?! people said that? It’s really mean…Hugs.
        Yeah they deserve the curse!!
        Hmmm…I think in Hyderabad a lot of importance is given to sports and related facility.
        Concentrating on good is a great idea 🙂

    1. 😮 Did you really miss a train?
      Anyway, thank you so much RM! I had done two back to back realistic posts, so needed a breather 😉
      Also, glad you found it funny, and also, not so glad you missed the train. Caught the next na?

  3. Ahoy there! How have you been? (Btw, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t remember me!)
    Been reading your posts regularly; but I was too lazy to comment. Now that you are going to do more posts, here I am, to encourage you and all! 🙂
    Good post to begin with, waiting for more!

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