Kal, Aaj, aur Kal

We are pleased to inform you that we have been successful in reverting to regular reporting despite what the post from last night might have suggested. We are neither accepting or declining the content of said post, but would choose to refrain from making any comments. It would benefit us tremendously, if you could do the same.

We are reporting from Hyderabad today. It felt good, cruising down the ORR, staring at the ‘home’ and making moon eyes and a hurried call to the Dude, so we could together sigh, navigating through the traffic filled streets I know just so well, to finally come home to Mom and Dad, and hot dinner, and pretty much nothing to do.

Coming to Hyderabad also meant travelling to Hyderabad. With Zo. For the first time ever. By flight. Which means, there also was the cab ride to the airport (which she slept through). There was the walk into the airport, where she insisted she justΒ hadΒ to be the one pulling the Stroller which was approximately 5 times her size, and 3 times here weight. Then there was the check-in, where she couldn’t understand why ‘Uncle humara bag le ke jaa raha hai!

Then there was the long long queue for the security check, where she spotted her Dinosaur book in the bag, hence ‘Dinosaur book abhi chahiye!’. And also found utmost pleasure in going in the most random of directions as long as there was a barrier to walk under. Ofcourse, it also meant that there was me running behind her with a massive backpack, which was quite heavy, considering it was the laptop cum baby bag and I am in an unfortunate unfit state.

There was the wait at the airport, at Gate no 1 because it was the closest, and the check-in lady said they would announce the gates. They did not for quite some time, while I was trying hard to hear them over and above Zo doing continuous renditions of ‘5 little monkeys jumping on the bed’. And some 15 minutes before the take off time, while the monitor still said ‘Security-check’ for our flight, I finally heard an announcement. Only, it was the ‘last and final boarding call’, and from the Gate a floor above.

There was a lot of running too, Zo and backpack in hand, and finally there was a super late entry into the flight, with pretty obvious cramps in the calf muscles. Much fun, NOT. But it did get better, because finally Zo found the fact that we were amidst the clouds, and then above them quite interesting, so she settled down. Relatively. And the only couple of things Zo did, which in the past would have made me look for some sand to stick my head into, but now are like part of life, were poking the guy sitting next to us while he was asleep and asking ‘ Uska Thatha paati nahi hai na Hyderabad me? Only Zo ka hai na?” And for a dramatic finale, pinching my cheeks as we all stood waiting quietly for the doors of the flight to open, and going ‘Mera Gundu‘ with a grin. Pretty much part of life, but still nice to record.

And that was the happening day that happened today, and at the moment, I am quite tired. The fact that tomorrow is Monday isn’t helping things a bit. The fact that it is a working Monday, just makes it worse. That it is a Monday where I have to travel across the city to get to work, well, just facts of life we’ll have to accept.

But all that is tomorrow, and the best way to deal with what is to happen tomorrow, I have come to believe, is to let it be.

Until tomorrow ofcourse.


10 thoughts on “Kal, Aaj, aur Kal

    1. Gundu is a term of entertainment which can be translated to ‘motu’.
      I am always unfit re, I couldn’t even run.
      Nope, either he was too sleepy, or chose to ignore her.
      And yes, I am ok now, though Monday was mean to me. 😦

  1. I wrote a long comment, talking about how cute Zo is, and so much more. But now I don’t see it. Which means it is lost in space. Which means I am pissed. Hmph.

  2. hahahahah Zo is a sweetheart…my nephew is crazy about the five little monkey song as well..he keeps going to my brother and saying Appa monkey karna, Appa monkey karna :):)

    Glad you reached safe…I can understand travelling alone with a toddler is no easy task..so salutes to you πŸ™‚

  3. Hey I too do continuous renditions of 5 little monkeys.. Love you Zo πŸ˜‰
    Awww!! you are in Hyderabad!! Awww!! again at staring you home..I so want to do that (I mean stare at my home in Hyderabad)..
    With Zini I too have similar experiences on flight. I have recorded it somewhere on blog I think…

  4. Haha! Zo is sooooo cute! Reminds me totally of my niece..Even she keeps singing 5 little monkeys. In fact, even I do, when I am around her!
    And her in-flight antics were so cute! πŸ˜€ :^)
    Staying with parents => All the work and travel maaf hai, nai? πŸ˜€

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