One week down

Guess what, I am still at work, it’s 12 minutes past seven;

And if all goes well, I’ll leave by nine (Atleast, it’s not eleven).

I will wade through roads full of cars, and trucks, and buses and bikes;

There will be honking, swearing, lots of smoke, and motion sickness (Yikes!)

I am hungry, but I cannot eat, it makes my stomach feel weird;

Not many words rhyme with the one above, that’s one doubt we’ve cleared.

But when I get home, however late, there’ll be mom and Zo (hopefully awake);

And hot dinner, and mindless TV, which I need for my sanity’s sake.

I will then realize, that it’s almost 12, the day’s about to end!

Oh My God, what about the post for today? That’s one rule I can’t bend!

Which is why you’re getting this, this lame-ass poem as your daily fix;

It was either this, or nothing at all, we all know I don’t do pics.

So, dear readers, the ones still around, kindly adjust with this, I pray.

I know, we have a long way to go, after all it’s just been 7 days.


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