The 8 minute post

I swear this is the only time I am getting myself into anything like this. It is 11 52 on the clock and I am here to churn out a post in the next 8 minutes. Wow. I booted up my laptop 10 minutes ago, and it gave me a low battery sign just when I started typing and died on me. AND, I don’t have a charger today. So I am typing on a desktop, clicktying- clacketying away. Like I said, never again.

Anyway, there is still 5 minutes to go. I have nothing to say. But when have I right? But looks like if I continue with the noisy typing, I will definitely have a cranky little Zo up, and then we’ll have a whole night of sleeplessness to look forward to.

Will that count as tomorrow? Or today? What defines our day? Is it when the clock strikes 12? Or is it when we fall asleep? Are we Cinderella? Why does our chariot vanish at 12? What good will it do? Why should I leave my slipper behind? Is it worth it?

Anyway, I don’t make the rules, the blogathon does. So I will abide by them. I am still wondering about the deeper meaning of things really. Like life. And whether it all makes sense. Tell me, really…

Oops, 12. Bye.


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