Counting up to New Years

I got back on time today, by which I mean the day isn’t’ about to end in another 15-10-8 minutes, and by that I mean that you might not be treated to an atrocity like yesterday. I am really sorry about that by the way. That was an unbelievable disaster.

Anyway, today while I was passing through my very own streets of Hyderabad, I was as always, reminded of the good old days I spent here. And of the seven New Years that we brought in together here, me and The Dude. And ofcourse, how we brought in 2014, which by the way, if you noticed, I haven’t mentioned here as yet.

Starting 31st December 2006. Picture this. Girl’s family meets guy’s family. The guy’s place. The house is set up, there is Bismillah Khan (?) playing in the background. The families are sitting around and doing small talk with not-so-subtle, cliched statements like ‘It’s whatever the children decide. Their happiness is aaaall we want right’. The girl sits shyly, in her green Salwar Kameez. The guy smiles and looks on. The Evening progresses. Pleasantries are exchanged. Food is had, dates are talked about (not fixed, they were fixed a long time ago on phone). And it’s time to go. But what’s this? The parents and sister leave the girl behind? The time, 9:00 PM. The girl walks into one of the rooms carrying a hitherto unnoticed plastic packet. In 10 minutes, she steps out, wearing a glittery red top and a black skirt, her most daring outfit till date, grinning widely. They party until 1:00 AM at Dublin that night, and the song that’s played at midnight is ‘Aaj ki Raat’ from Don, their current favorite. It’s awesome, and just the beginning.

On 31st December 2007, we had been married for 6 months already, and had a lot of partying behind us. But New Year’s Eve partying was a given so we decided to go our usual haunt ‘Bottles and Chimey’. It was an unlimited food and drinks deal, which we thoroughly enjoyed, and returned well past midnight, drunk, happy and high. We were also celebrating the fact that we had won the trip to Japan a couple of days ago.

31st December 2008, we decided to spend at home. Not because we had outgrown partying, but because we had just returned from an amazing party week at Goa. It was like we were trying to detoxify ourselves for all the evil we had indulged in the week before. And an unlimited alcohol deal would only kill that. We did party at home, but relatively soberly.

31st December 2009 is the black mark in my history of partying, drinking, New Year’s Eves. I think I have mentioned it before, but my memory of the night includes the following- a lot of mixing drinks, feeling claustrophobic on the dance floor, as ‘Dhan Ta Naan’ played in the background, forcing The Dude to leave the place before it struck 12, sitting with my head in my hands as he ate through the huge spread, including a massive cake (which I couldn’t even get myself to look at, making The Dude stop the car 5 minutes after we started, stepping out, and throwing up. The Dude says it struck 12 right then, and there were fireworks in the sky as I puked my guts out. The next thing I remember is waking up with the mother of all hangovers at 10 the next morning. Not my idea of a good start to the year. The Dude’s favorite memory ever. Bah.

31st December 2010 was the year of sobriety. We got entry into a pretty nice party, where nothing was unlimited. So we decided to behave ourselves and stick to a couple of wines and beers. The only issue was I hardly got high, and was up until 4 in the morning. The highlight of the night was the 2 year old son of my Bro-in-law’s friend, mistaking me for his mom (who was at the house party), and not letting me go. He fell asleep holding to me. I think that’s when I decided I was all set to have a baby.

31st December 2011 was my first New Year’s Eve as a mom. I had been off drinks for the whole year, and this is when I broke the fast. We got back to one of the unlimited everything parties that night and had a great time. Highlights of the night – I did not fit into any of my pretty clothes, and complained about that, and two, I woke up an auto driver sleeping in his auto, as we walked up to our car, asking him why he was sleeping when business would be awesome. He didn’t respond then, but in a few minutes, he was right behind us. He sounded quite offended. That’s when he clarified that he wasn’t an auto driver and had just snuck in a few zzzzs after drinking. And then we went back, I am assuming to sleep again. Much fun.

31st December 2012, The Dude and I went to our favorite hangout in Hyderabad, the unfortunately named ‘Heartcup Café’. It’s a lovely place, and as always, we had a lovely time. I didn’t know at that moment, that we wouldn’t be in that city the next year. Not sure if we would have done anything different if we had.

Which brings us to this year. We had decided to go to a nice place we liked, with no intentions of doing the unlimited thing this year. So The Dude called TJ’s, this brewery close by we love. They told there were no reservations and that we could just drop by. I told The Dude, that the next year, I would want to stay home, cos Zo might start understanding the concept of New Year’s and might also want to be awake. He said ok. We went to TJ’s, and guess what, it was full. Just like every other place we tried. So we picked up food and drinks and headed home.

The Dude set up the lights and the music. All of  the music, my kind, but the stuff he had approved of at some point of time in the last 7 years. And that’s how we brought in 2014. We woke up Zo at 12 to wish her, to which she squirmed, and said ’Waaaaaa, Happy New Year nahi chahiye’ and went back to sleep. We were up till 2 I think. It was perhaps one of the best New Year’s Eve ever.

Why am I writing all this? Well, for one, it took me a long time to remember what we were doing a couple of the years. And when I did remember, I just had to note it down, before I forgot again. It wouldn’t be right.

And two, the beloved (not) Blogathon. I am hoping you guys are happy. You better be, this is a lot of effort. But I do have to say that I smiled quite a bit as I typed out the post. So that’s my plus.

It’s Goodnight for now. And there’s a whole hour to midnight. Yay me.

19 thoughts on “Counting up to New Years

  1. Firstly, I can’t believe you’re actually saying sorry and calling your earlier post a disaster! It wasn’t, stop calling it that. I really loved them, you know? 🙂 You write so well, I would never have been able to do anything half as decent in just 8 minutes. My mind would have blanked out completely, and I would have written just a one liner, or put up a picture. I think you are a brilliant.

    Secondly, what a delightful post this is. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The last one ofcourse, was my favourite! I could almost hear Zo saying Happy New Year nahi chahiye. You have such a doll with you 🙂

    1. Pepper, you are super sweet! 🙂 We should form a mutual complimentary committee, cos I love what you write too! However, I was not fishing when I said my last post was a disaster! It was a heartfelt comment, I mean really, WHAT did I write!
      And I agree most with your last comment, Zo is a doll indeed! 😀

  2. I have had only one (ONE!) new year’s with daaru 😦

    You have such wonderful memories 🙂 You met the dude ka family in Dublin? Or is that the name of some pub?

    See you puked with such perfect timing.. throwing out all the unwanted stuff to welcome the new year.. No wonder it is the dude’s favorite memory.. 😛

    You woke up Zo to wish her New year? That’s such a wonderful response she gave 😀 So might be my favorite kiddo for this..

    1. 😮 You are a good boy looks like!
      Erm, Dublin is a pub, but the families didn’t meet here, we went there after the families met!
      And no we wont talk about puking again 😦
      And thanks! She was quite adorable, and very pissed 😀

  3. Wow..thats a LOT you remember, I actually dont remember any of my new year eves..except the past couple of ones, which were EXACTLY the same. Go to building party, get terribly bored, eat food, come back!

    Super nice…Loved your 2013/2014 new year celebration the best..including Zo going Happy New YEar nahi chahiye..super cute 🙂

  4. Why do you keep calling your last minute posts disasters??
    They are great but not as great as this one! 😉 I loved this post.
    You remember a LOT inspite of the unlimited drinking! 😛

  5. The Other Side of Life

    Whatay nice, sweet post! 🙂
    Loved it..i am definitely not the party person but your post gives me the hope that from next year, my new years wont be boring for sure! 🙂

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