Nostalgia and all that Jazz

Friday night is here people.

What do we talk about today? I realized that I haven’t been checking out the prompts at all. Do you suggest I do that? Ok, give me a sec.

Ok, that took more than a sec. And also, I couldn’t decide. So I am back to where I was, the state of cluelessness. What do we write about? What do we write about?

While I think about that, I will tell you all that I can see around me right now. I am sitting on a bed, which is covered with toys and dolls and little Zo. These toys are actually mine. Mine and the lil sister’s. My mom has chosen to store it all, and my daughter is actually playing with them right now. That’s something I wouldn’t have really thought about when I was younger, but right now, it feels quite nice to see her play with the stuff I played with at some point of time. Some of the toys, in fact, I had forgotten ever existed.

To my right is an old, rusted bookshelf. Now this has stuff I always wanted my mom to keep safely. Books from my past, my childhood. A huge collection of Enid Blyton’s, of which Malory Towers and St. Clare’s were perhaps my favorite reads of all times. Somehow, I always wanted to keep these safe, and also ensure they were kept at my parents’ because that’s how, when I had a daughter (if I had a daughter, or even a son, though he might have preferred my sister’s collection of Famous Fives. Stereotyping much, but well, it’s up to me right?), she would get to read them during her vacations when she would spend hours here. Yep, I planned all that a long time ago.

Anyway, while I was typing this, and running out of material, I decided to do something that I don’t commonly do. Put up a couple of pics. So I clicked the pile of old toys on my bed. And then I went to the bookshelf, but guess what, NO Enid Blyton’s! Blasphemy! Apparently they were all under the bed. So I asked Amma to pick the mattress and the lid up, and clicked a pic for you. Nice of me yes? Also, it reminded me that another guilt reading love I had in the past was Archies comics. I was a huge fan! Betty, Veronica, Archies and Jughead. I loved them all. Also, I was never the Tinkle kind. Comics meant Archies in my case. Ooh, ofcourse, this was when I was slightly older. I started with Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, and Pinky, which by the way, I still think were hilarious!

Ok, here are the pics.

20140110_213856 20140110_214004

Anyhoo, all this nostalgic posting made me realize that I have one another treasure I can paw through. Photographs! Wheee! I love doing that and giving judgmental comments regarding how weirdly my mom would tie my hair back then. And how it was so unfair that my tiny eyes were always over smeared with Kajal. It’s fun. And annoys her immensely.

So I will proceeding to do just that. And before I leave, I will leave you with yet another awesome pic.

Little DI

No, not Zo’s. Mine. Bah. This is my favorite baby picture of myself by the way. My dad says that he pretty much fought with mom and did not allow her to put kajal in this pic. Which is something I am glad about by the way. Because all the rest of my baby pics are fully kohl eyes, and ‘drishti bottu-ed‘. Safe maybe, but cute, absolutely not.

Also, I still intend to keep the no pics of Zo policy out here, but I just broke the no personal pics policy, so you never know. Keep watching the space. You don’t know what frustration can make one do. And there’s no frustration like a Writer’s block, and we have another 21 days to survive.

That was a lot right? Do we need a real post now? What? What did you say? This itself is a real post? Oh, you are so nice. And I completely agree. So that’s all it is for today.

Have a fun weekend folks,  You will, I know, afterall you’re allowed to not read my weekend posts until Monday.


14 thoughts on “Nostalgia and all that Jazz

  1. Ickle DI looks so lost.. wondering what stroke of luck managed to get no kajal on her 😛

    You have a pikachu too! I like that little buzzy rat

    You have your MBA ke zamane ki books also saved 🙂

  2. Wow…ur pic is so cute!!

    LOL on the fact that your father didn’t allow your mother to put kajal..its the other way around here-my hubby wants to put a big bottu to ensure Oviya looks like a “proper Chennai girl!”

  3. Tat is such a cute baby pic..I grew up with the same set of books that you did..Enid blytons and Archies..Lovely trip down the lane..Again congos on running this marathon and churning out good stories..I complain of having so much to read now!

  4. oh you are so so so cute :):) loved that picture…seriously 🙂

    and your mom is super great ma threw away all our stuff… 🙂 saying kachra zyada hota hai hehehehe

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