The Hills are alive

One of the things that I miss terribly these days is my connect to music.

I have always prided myself for being updated with the latest music, mostly Hindi , at all points of time. I would keep track of Music releases, listen to Singles released, and form opinions about Sound tracks. Then I would download all of it, and  listen to it on loop till I got bored of it.

When I was with my first company, I mainly depended on my Ipod. And my 40 minute travel to and from work each day. The TV was my source of keeping myself updated with the latest releases because if you remember, my routine was pretty much work, home, TV, cut vegetables, and sleep. Awesome times. TV would always include atleast 2-3 hours of uninterrupted MTV/Channel V/Zoom. This would be followed by visits to Cooltoad where most of the time, a Prem Soni, would ensure he uploaded the latest Soundtracks on the day of the release. The only downside was the guy put his picture in the album Art for all that he downloaded, so my ipod flash his random face (still does) for his songs.

When I moved to my second company, my travel time increased substantially, but so did the generosity of my company, in terms of restrictions (actually lack of them) on the internet usage and access. We could stream music all the time, and while most did, I still stuck to my favorite routine of watch TV, like a song, download it, load it to the Ipod for travel, and to the Laptop at work. It works wonder, music, especially if you are a Finance professional, when there are times you spend so much time staring at colorful excel spreads, that the screen, the desk, the walls, and everything else merges into one gigantic mish-mash, and your eyes explode. Almost. At such times, A.R.Rehman makes things much simpler, and definitely more beautiful.

Then came Zo. This basically meant almost no TV time. I mean who wants TV when there is this alternative and much more animated source of entertainment yes? So my touch with music kinda went down. And now, the streaming option at work worked wonders. So would tell me what music was trending, and I would decide what I liked, and then go home to my awesome 15Mbps Beam Telecom to get the music for myself. The other thing that stopped was my commute to and from work, so work was where I would lose myself in the world of Amit Trivedi and Mohit Chauhan each day.

But now, things have changed. I am now at a job where you are not allowed phones on the floor, and this by default means no USBs, music players, nothing. So basically, my time at work is completely music-less. Also, I travel to work on a two-wheeler, so no music again. On a side note, these  people who ride bikes and scooters with earphones plugged in? They feature quite prominently in my ‘must beat with a cricket bat until they are extinct’ list. So all this, combined with the fact that Zo is much clingier, and attention seeking now, which means there is hardly any time for MTunes HD as well, means I pretty much have no clue what is happening in the Bollywood Music world. Atleast not as much. And of course, even if I did, there would be no time to download it, or listen to it on loop like I could before.

Pretty sad, I know. This week when I was in Hyderabad, and had to travel for almost 3 hours each day, this  was the only saving grace, and perhaps, even a plus point. All that time I had to listen to music. I was well prepared, and had stocked my phone with all the latest releases. And I think I did full justice to the Music Player. And it did not let me down. Staring at the halted Traffic at Jubillee Hills seems much more romantic, with the red taillights looking pretty much like Fairy lights (like Alec Baldwin says in one episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S), when ‘Zehnaseeb‘ is playing in the background,

Tomorrow, I return to Pune, and back to my routine. And in all probability I will get back to my state of no music. I really think I need to ensure I do not let that happen this time around, and some how, make some time for this one thing which I always feel visibly makes things around seem so much better.

Perhaps reviving my relationship with music should go right on top of my To-do list. I know we are, and will always be more than just friends.


6 thoughts on “The Hills are alive

  1. Does ickle Zo like music? A friend’s daughter (around 2 years of age) likes to listen beats waala music.. So her mom puts it on the player, and she is all smiles and goes all baby dancing to it..

    You can download the saavn app on your cell no?

  2. Was so happy to see the title! That movie was my first brush with English movies, good music, and so much more. Spent re-watching it so many times over summer vacations, in a dark room with the cooler whirring. 🙂
    Aaaaand back to the post – So true! There are times when I am so hooked to music..I can spend hours making a good playlist, actually download songs, etc. And then there are times when I just don’t care. When my laptop crashed, I didn’t even bother re-loading my laptop with music. That’s just so sad. And lately, lack of good music is really really off-putting!

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