Not Zo simple

But of course we are back to normal programming by which we mean last moment posts to ensure we do not break the streak that has lasted 11 days already.

Anyway, we are back to Pune, and the Dude, and in short, life. If all goes well, hopefully also back to healthy, controlled eating, decent hours at work, and working out a bit. The travel was alright, and exhausting only  Zo decided she didn’t want the seat belt, and wanted to sit on the floor in the plane and do ‘Potty’, right when we were about to land, which meant I was kinda pukish, and my ear was blocked and hurting, and the air hostess was repeating that I either had to hold Zo on my lap, or belt her, and I was saying I knew that but seriously what can I do, look at that thing, you think I have any control over what’s happening help me!

Anyhow. We landed. Alive. And the airport was a happy place with Zo loving her ride on the luggage cart. For once, our luggage was not the last one to arrive (the last but one perhaps, but not the last, and that’s a big deal), and as soon as we got into the cab, she fell asleep. Phew.

I think having Zo, if not anything else, has made me way thicker skinned than I ever was. By nature, I am someone who embarrasses very easily. And get way to apologetic in general. Take this for an example. About 12 years ago, we were at the famous annual exhibition in Hyderabad, and while walking past the numerous stalls, the sellers would call out to us. And I distinctly remember saying ‘ No, Thank you’, ‘Sorry’, to almost all of them. Very very silly, if I think back, but that’s just one exaggerated and unfortunately very true incident.

Otherwise, I am very particular about not being a nuisance, even indirectly for anyone. I usually choose seats in a corner, where no one has to pass through, plug in my earphones, or get engrossed in a book, only to look up when really needed. I always choose the window seats, because then no one has to ask me to move. It is mostly for my own convenience, but also because I just don’t want to be anyone’s path. So much so, that during international flights, if i need to visit the washroom, I wait for the person at the aisle to wake up before stepping out. Or in case he is watching a movie, I kinda try to guess if it is some super interesting part he wouldn’t want to miss, and then decide to excuse myself. Seriously.

But with Zo, things have changed. Zo is a hurricane. An unstoppable, energetic, relatively loud hurricane who doesn’t care a bit about what people around her think. I know, it is the same with most babies, but in this case, it is much more obvious, because she has a mom who flinches at the thought of some random person’s thought bubble saying ‘Oh, what a pain!’. While I understand that it is possible that said person might be thinking ‘Oh, poor woman! Look how her little monster is troubling her!’ (and no, I wouldn’t like that either), but I usually assume it is the former. In fact, at first, even the cutesy things Zo did publicly, if they were even a little loud, I would look around giving sorry looks to people. It doesn’t help that The Dude is exactly like me in this.

But over time, I think I have come to accept these things. And pretty much let things be. By which I mean every time Zo creates a mini-ruckus, I block all sounds and thoughts from my head. Today Vertigo helped, but even otherwise, the best way to go about it is to act like you are home and you are trying to calm Zo down, and not bother finding faster, more effective methods because there are people around, because come on, as if that would work.

And that itself is a massive achievement. But I really hope I get better at this, and handle such situations more comfortably in future. I mean, one does get used to things right? And the more often you face a situation, the more used to it you get? Either that, or I wait for Zo to grow up and out of all this eventually.

I think I have a fair idea what will happen first. And it is not making me feel any better.


17 thoughts on “Not Zo simple

  1. Frankly I end up feeling bad for the mum 🙂 I have seen moms struggling in train to console their crying kids. I mean they try so hard yet the kids won’t stop screaming. I have seen them passing embarrassed smiles at co-passengers. This mostly happens when their husband is not around. But then they are kids after all. And one day you might be telling Zo stories about what a hurricane she was 🙂 Good luck 🙂

    1. 🙂 You know, I never judged anybody, buit I always wanted to be someone who would manage a bratty child well. Zo isn’t Bratty really, but there are moments of absolute tantrums when I am totally worked up. It is SCARY when you are alone! I faced it for the first time in this trip, hence 🙂
      Oh, I will definitely tell Zo! That’s what this blog is for 🙂

  2. I am like you much like you..get super embarrassed and then keep saying sorry sorry..but after R, even I have just gone into the zen state….as long as she is not troubling anyone, I just let her be, and I pretend my book is more interesting than my child 🙂

  3. I miss Numaish!!

    Now coming to your post, don’t worry…kids are point getting embarrassed!

    Once while travelling to Mysore, Oviya kept shouting at the top of her voice that she had to go to the loo..i convinced EA to take her…i knew it would be a false alarm(mommy mostly knows!) and when EA came back frustrated, i gave him a big smile!!… and the cycle repeated once more!!

  4. Gosh, can’t tell you how much like you I am. I do crazy things to save people trouble. Even in movie theatres, I try and walk on my toes so that I don’t touch anybody’s feet while getting in to my seat. If at all somebody moves a leg for me, I say a million thank yous. I end up going to the other extreme as well. I’ve said sorry to people who stepped on my foot! Yes, they step on my foot, and I end up blurting out a ‘sorry’. I hate this about myself, but it just comes out involuntarily.

    Mint is the exact opposite though. Nothing embarrasses him. He doesn’t think twice before asking somebody to move. Neither does he think twice if somebody asks him to move. I often ‘dare’ him in public to test how far he can go without getting embarrassed by his own antiques. And so far, my dares backfire because I end up embarrassed because of something he managed to do. So now I refrain from all of that.

    Oh well, will be interesting to note how the two of us cope with a child around. 😀

    1. Hahaha! I know EXACTLY what you mean about the stepping on the foot thing! I do that all the time too! Sorry is a like an unavoidable word 😐 It is quite silly and unfortunate!
      The Dude is as bad as me, but he will take the blow when needed. As in, if we do have to asl someone to move, he will do it even if he hates it, because I just cannot!
      Why would you take chances 😮 with Mint! And yes, a child will definitely bring some interesting situations to the fore 🙂

  5. Hi! Have read you blog before, always been a lurker though. ‘Bout four years ago I thought I had a lot in common with you, and now I see that our lives have taken different turns. Enjoyed reading your updates!

      1. Even I am intrigued by this blogger! Must go check! 🙂
        So cute Zo is..Although I can imagine what it must be like to be in public with a hurricane like that..:)
        If its any assurance, I personally dont judge moms, ever. I mean, I judge a lot of people for very very very normal things, but not for having active kids! 🙂

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