Foolish, Fluish

I have a pretty bad cold at the moment. So bad, that between the last sentence and this one, I sneezed thrice and then blindly fumbled around for a tissue in my desk and finally found one which was weirdly stuck to a spoon, and had to be torn away, but in the process got way to badly torn to be used.

I know you didn’t need the detail but I had to put things in perspective. So if you ask me (do not get cocky and say you did not ask me, trust me, you did when you decided to read the blog, despite knowledge of the fact that I am going to post every day), at the moment, there are a few things that might make me feel infinitely better.

A horizontal position. My head is heavy, and I feel woozy when I move it. My eyes are watering. All I need is a pillow of medium softness, and my bed. What will help in addition is a jar of Tiger Balm. I would love to smear a lot of it on my forehead, my nose, and then sink into a menthol smelling state of oblivion and only wake up when, wait, not wake up for a long long time.

Tea. Hot, ginger tea, with an overdose of ginger which would pretty much burn my throat. That hot, and that ginger-y (?). And a whole mug of it. Along with some magic which doesn’t let it cool down ever and I get to consume the whole of it at constant temperature. Constant, very high temperature.

A dark room, with the curtains drawn, and only slivers of sunlight escaping through the gaps. The bright lights are hurting my eyes. Really hurting them, and while I do intend to close them for most part, even if I pry them open for some unavoidable reason, fighting with the menthol and the drowsiness, I should only see a nice cozy, dark room around me.

Music. No, ‘Sunny Sunny’ at the moment. I need soft music, preferably instrumental. Music with lyrics will wake me up and want me to listen to what the guy or girl is saying and ponder whether the song makes sense, what the meaning could be, and when your head is full of cold, trust me you don’t want to clutter it with more thoughts, and most definitely not with more words.

Hot food. I am thinking very hot, white steamed rice, with piping hot Sambar, or Rasam. Pepper Rasam. And some fried vadams, or fryums to go with it. Fried right then, not packaged. And aloo curry may be? Or Okra? Stir fried?

So basically, all I want is some hot food , which I will eat in my dark room smelling of menthol, instrumental music playing in the background, and when I am done, sink back into the covers and fall asleep. Then I will wake up to some scalding hot ginger tea, gulp it all down, and then go back to sleep again. And then, when I wake up, I will be fresh, happy and totally rejuvenated.

But for now, will sit here, in my air-conditioned cabin, sniffling, coughing, sneezing and waiting for the day to get over, so I can go home. Going through endless pages of reports, looking for bugs, and celebrating the fact that I am almost done. Drinking the the slightly-too-sweet tea from the chai-wala in the cafeteria. Feeling good about the fact that in an hour and a half, I will be home. Seriously, that’s the silver lining to my otherwise blocked nose existence. Sucks right?

Totally does.


12 thoughts on “Foolish, Fluish

  1. subbulakshmistoned

    OMG DI, your blogathon is too much for me to handle! I say that in the most complimenting way. Also, people are writing absolute trash in the name of blogathon. So glad that you are maintaining high quality writing 😉

    1. I would want to believe that your standards have sunk too low, or that you are ze mocking me. Did you see my 8 minute post? And drunk post? Did you?
      But I am being very very good, and persistent. Let’s hope for the sanity of all that this month ends soon 😀

  2. Get well soon, DI. I hate cold. All my systems shut down and all I want do is lie in my bed and just sleep all the time. But then my body starts aching and I have to leave the bed but I can’t walk around as I feel dizzy . I can’t read or even watch TV for time pass as my eyes and head hurt. At work, it’s so embarrassing; disturbing the people sitting around me with my continuous sneezing and snorting. Bad memories, shoo!

  3. Ooh pepper rasam should do the trick. I really miss mom’s rasam whenever I’m sick. I have this ready made paste thingy that gives you instant rasam, but like all instant stuff, it’s never good enuff. I wish something would motivate me enough to learn proper cooking! Get well soon DI.

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