Oh well we’re back. And no, we are not any better, thanks for asking (I am assuming you would’ve asked, giving you the benefit of the doubt), in fact, I think we are actually slightly worse off. But I have had enough of ‘Poor you’s and ‘awwww’s, in the last post, so I will not bother you for a while, and will try to move on.

I am in the living room, and the TV is at my favorite channel, MTunes HD. Zo is playing ball with the Dude in the bedroom. And surprisingly, wi-fi is not behaving like it’s usual self, and is working perfectly fine here. The Caps Lock key however, isn’t.

The promo for Yaarian is on right now. I am confused about one thing from the trailers. Who is this chap’s mom in the movie? Deepti Naval, or the other lady? Smita Jayakar I think, her name is. They are showing both women when he performs at some sorta Rock Concert, and sings a song called Maa. While I am all for the mommy emotion, this is a little, just a little too much. I like the song, by the way, just at a Concert, and a Rock-ish Concert, er. Anyway, to each his own.

We have moved on to a song from Murder 3 now. Good song, but really, Randeep Hooda is someone I could never warm up to as an actor. But I am really looking forward to Highway. Have you seen the trailer? First of all Rehman, boss. That pretty much is a selling point of it’s own. Then Imtiaz Ali, but he made Rockstar, and I could never get beyond Nargis Fakhri’s Donald Duck pout to actually appreciate the movie. But here, I like Alia Bhatt, she is cute! And Hooda suits the rustic truck driver character pretty well I think. So fingers crossed for a nice movie here. Back to Murder 3, who is that woman? Seriously, who is she?

This live blogging for Mtunes is working for me, the channel folks should pay me. But this song is not ending. Aiyyo, some rubbish dialogue is also there in between. Kill me, now. One haveli type house it seems, and the guy lives there alone, and she pretty much invited herself in to make out just now. Bah. Bored. Next song someone?

Aww, Shuddh Desi Romance. Tere mere beech me, not the title song. I love the title song. Anyway, we will adjust. So, this Parineeti Chopra is some actress huh? Have you seen Ladies vs Ricky Behl? She is like the only good thing in the movie. So funny, so spontaneous! She totally upstages Anushka Sharma. I don’t like Sushant Singh though, not hero material, this chap. Plus before I could like him, he came in  a Men’s fairness cream ad. So that was all strikes in one.

Of the current lot, I like Siddhart Malhotra, and also Arjun Kapoor. The former for his very very dreamy looks in that song ‘Zehnaseeb’. It might be the song itself, the set-up, situation and all, but he is good. The latter, on Koffee with Karan. He was hilarious! The perfect example of straight faced humor. My favorite episode on the season so far, despite Mr. Overacting Ranveer Singh.

Oh God, Jai Ho. I CANNOT stand that Daisy Shah I swear! Before I saw her with Salman on the promos, I read some statement she made about how Salman was like her father or something. I mean really, what better way of killing the little bit of chemistry you might have managed to show on screen. Father? Ugh!

Anyway, now it is break time on the channel, so it is break time here as well. Only, the music will resume in a few minutes, but the blog will return only tomorrow. Trust me, it is a good thing. For all you know, the next song might be from that Karle Pyar Karle, with that horse faced guy, who just has to be related to the producer, no doubts about that. I mean, I get family and all, but you can’t want to torture the public who has watched all your moves till now right? For the sake of humanity atleast?

Anyway, for now, have a peaceful, musical night, till we meet again tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “iListen

  1. Waah..Whatay coincidence! I just posted on my blog and was lurking around Reader and you also posted. Something’s really wrong with my blog. Not showing up on Readers. 😦 So worried I am.. 😦

    Anyhoo..I have to say, this was the most creative post on Blogathon so far. I can imagine it must be so hard to find something to write everyday. But finding something to write from tv is genius! 😀 I went to watch some movie yesterday and realized people were actually excited abt Yaarian. Meh. Why? Did I miss some point?

    1. Thank you! It was pretty impromptu, for a moment I even muted the tv to think what should write. It didn’t work so I got back to the tv 🙂
      I like yaariyan’s music, but the movie seems downright silly! Will check if your post shows on my
      Reader. Good going with the regularity 😀

  2. This was awesome 🙂
    I am still stuck at ‘Sunny Sunny’ from Yaarian. I sang that song (wrong lyrics, though) all day yesterday.
    Looking forward to Highway, it looks interesting.
    Loved Arjun (and Ranvir too) on Koffee with Karan. To me, Ranvir seems to be OTT warm guy. I like him.
    Daisy Shah, meh! Siddharth or sushant- not interested yet.
    Parineeti – same old same old
    And that girl from Murder3, who is she?

    1. Haha, that song should NOT be sung for the lyrics! Highway looks very nice, the first song is good!
      Yeah I guess I was okay-er with Ranveer thins time against the last when he was annoying!
      No clue about what that girl is 😮

  3. LOVED this post! Had a hearty laugh too 😀
    One must learn the art of writing such an intersting post out of a no-topic…

    Ps: I know everything you are talking about- heard the songs, seen the shows and found Arjun Kapoor being supremely cool while Ranveer Singh trying a bit too hard. On that note, the Farhan-Vidya episode was so boring that it made me sleep :/

    1. 😀 Seriously, I keep missing out on such obviously important things while writing 😮
      I am SO proud of you Divs! Very very proud of you. You have your priorities just right 😀
      Farhan-Vidya was quite boring right? I felt even Priyanka-Deepika was quite sad, but they made up for it in the last round!

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