Zo – now with extra Talktime

Today, when I was feeding Zo her breakfast of bread, eggs and cheese, while she sat at her usual spot on the  Kitchen counter, next to the OTG, she looked at me, smiled, pointed to the OTG and said ‘Isme kya banta hai?’

Before I could respond, she said ‘ Isme Cake banta hai. Mummy cake banayegi na? Kyunki Zo ko Cake banana nahi aata’. As I was standing next to her my mouth going open and shut like a Goldfish, she added ‘ Jab mai badi ho jaoongi, toh main isme cake banaoongi’.

Talk about guilt, I mean, seriously. It’s been 6 months since we moved into this house, which has an OTG, but I have never used it ever. And honestly, I hadn’t planned to either. And now this little thing, who is so little, comes and makes statements like these. What is one to do, I ask? Just what. Nothing, but bake a cake, I am assuming.

Yes, so that’s Zo version 2.3 for you. The house is forever filled with chatter, most of it Zo, asking the whys and that whats and whens, and The Dude and I and her grand-mom trying to answer to the best of our knowledge. Sometimes it’s only Zo, chatting away to glory with the Hannah, (the Cabbage Patch Doll), Winnie (The Pooh), Babu (the Spotted Dog), and the rest of the animal kingdom, with an unhealthy majority of Teddy Bears ruling it. At other times, she is busy chatting with the fan, or even her feet.

Zo is a fiercely independent kid, who will mix with just about anybody. There are bouts of attention seeking when she wants you ‘Get up, sit properly, and play!’. Else she is in her own world, where you could choose to be an active participant, mere audience, or at times, even unavailable. But she does her things her way, and quite often, wants her things her way.

Like every story has to begin with the quintessential ‘Once upon a time.’ A rule which we religiously follow. But the time has come when Zo is the one who tells the stories. So she makes all her toys sit in a circle around her, and picks a book. Only, this is not a story book. It is the alphabets. But she doesn’t let that deter her. So she starts.

‘Once upon a time, there was an apple.’ Wow, my storyteller is here. ‘Once upon a time,there was a ball.’ Erm, ok, and then? ‘Once upon a time, there was a cat.’ Aha. Now we know where we are heading right? Yep, this happened 26 times, and then the story was over.

You have to give it to Zo for Creativity. And improvisation. Ok you can give to me for creativity, and her for improvisation. Case in point, our scooter song. Everyday, when I drop her to day-care on my scooter, I sing a song, so that she doesn’t fidget. It goes ‘Zozo (not Zozo, her actual name, buta that has 2 syllables, if I write Zo, you will not be able to sing the song yourself. Assuming you would want to) rides the Scooter so well, scooter so well, scooter so well, Zozo rides the scooter so well, she goes Brumm Brumm Brumm’, This is sung in the tune of the hymn ‘ I will make you Fishers of men’ for the first line, and ‘let’s all have tea’ from ‘Polly put the kettle on’ for the second.

Now she sings this along fantastically. Now when we got bored, she said ‘ No! Zozo drives the car so well!’ Then we added a stanza for car, which would go ‘Beep Beep Beep’. Like that she made me add bus, plane, horse, train etc, and now we have a full fledged song. If this not be improvisation, I mean what be?

I know I sound like one love struck mommy who adores whatever Zo does, but then she really is a cool kid. And I am a love struck mommy alright. Ofcourse there are times when I get really really mad, at her, and she knows it. If I tell her that I am not talking to her for being a bad girl, she will sidle up to me, make big round eyes and go ” Mummy angry hai?  Mummy not talking to Zo? Zo bad girl hai?” And now you tell me how do you stay angry with this little imp of a child who can say just the right things and SO cutely, so I promptly pick her up and we move from angry zone to ‘Konjal zone’ in a jiffy. I know, my tagline has a big L on it, but I cannot help it.

But honestly, whatever I write out here, cannot for the life of me be even a percent of what the real thing is, or feels like. Zo, is turning out to be this awesome little person, whose sole motive in life is to shock me everyday. Sometimes with what she does, or what she says, or sometimes just by showing how much she grasps and understands now. At times I love it, and at times, I am super scared about how fast time is passing.

Anyway since I am all gooey and mushy right now, I will leave you with a pic from one of her story telling sessions.

Some day, she will give me ideas on what to write on the blog. And I don’t think that day is too far away.


22 thoughts on “Zo – now with extra Talktime

  1. Oh my God! she is cuteness overloaded…I have to come to Pune just to meet her..

    Its wonderful that she is content playing by herself..in R’s case, she ALWAYS wants people around!!!! its such a pain at times 🙂

  2. where our parents fail in making us do some work, i think our kids succeed 😛 😉 abhi k bachcho ka ye haal hai toh ab se 3-4 saal baad k bachcho ka kya hoga.. i’m super scared for my future kids 😛

    Zo is a darling… muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Zo 🙂 😀

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