Party abhi baaki hai

This post is being issued in public interest owing to the extremely high probability of not being in a post-able state for most of tomorrow, as the day’s plans include (after paying the electricity bill, and The Dude getting a haircut), extreme shopping, by which we mean a visit to Phoenix Market City, which houses the best set of stores, most of them announcing Sales, real or otherwise, followed by an evening of ordering in and eating and drinking and watching nonsense TV, and listening to music till we are dead tired and all that we’re capable of by the end of it all is, crashing, till it’s Sunday morn.

Or what we usually call ‘Saturday’.

It has come to my knowledge that way too many people, view our life, mine and The Dude’s, as one constant party. It is you know, to a large extent, especially if you are like checking my usual updates on Facebook, and not really bothering to click on the link that comes up every time I update the blog. In that case you are most certainly going to believe that Oh My God The Dude and DI are all about partying, and more partying, and vacations, and eating out, and drinking, where do these guys work, when do these guys work, and poor Zo, what about her! And why the hell are they showing off so much! Do they really think we will believe this i what their life is all about?

Erm, no. Fact is, Facebook is my weekend blog. And prior to this Blogathon drama, the Blog was my week-day Facebook. Facebook tells you all the fun I have had, and am having, because of all the slogging I had to go through over the week, which you will know if you pick your nose from those exotic vacation pictures I just posted, and look.

Look here, at me, at this blog. I will tell you why we post all that partying, and only that. Facebook has all my friends from school, college, and the entire paltan from my earlier jobs. You think they all want to hear about the bad coffee I get here at work, or snot-nosed Zo who will want to go to Potty at the worst of times and also announce it to the world? Or the number of times Zo woke me up last night because she was cold, no she was not, she wanted the blanket, no she didn’t, or Goofy was taking her Teddy, or ‘Abhi Thatha Paati ke paas jaana hai’?’ You think? No they don’t. You think I want to tell them all that? NO, I don’t.

Which is why all I give them is happiness. Mine of course. So when I check into ‘Malaka Spice’ and put a picture of the bright decorative stars, and the fish we are having, it really doesn’t mean that I am saying that our life is only made up of all things bright, and starry. No, it doesn’t mean ‘Look, my life’s better than yours, I am eating out!’. No it doesn’t mean any of that. It only means what it says. That ‘I am eating at ‘Malaka Spice’ and the fish is awesome, and their outdoor setting is gorgeous, and the wine is super cheap so we’re kinda tipsy and clicking pictures so, Ooh, let’s put one up on Facebook.’ Period.

That was fun. For the second post on Friday it really was. When I started, I really had no clue what I was planning to write about, but it panned out quite well I must say. And pretty coherent too! Proud of myself, sometimes, I am.

I will not be publishing this today, it is ideally meant for tomorrow, so perhaps sometime in the early hours of Saturday you will get to read this? Hope you have a great weekend.

I? I will obviously be partying away with The Dude, as always. In any case, you should be getting a Facebook update about it.


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