Before Monday arrives

Boss I cannot do this anymore. I mean, weekdays I still get but not weekends. How are you supposed to write after a day spent shopping, waling around, eating out, feeding Zo, entertaining her, and in general having a good time? How are you? More importantly, what are you supposed to write?

Ok, so notes from the weekend then.

– Pet Trade fair does not mean ‘Pet’ Trade fair. If you want to enter anyway, go ahead, but do not assume that you will get to see a variety of animals, birds, fish for sale. The place might have all of 2 pups, both up for adoption, extremely cute, even if they’ve peed right before you pick them up, but that will be it. The rest of it is going to be stalls for pet food, pet grooming, pet vacations (yes! In India!) and very very weirdly, utensil cleaners. But yes, Zo will be happy looking at the few aquariums on display so you will return happy.

– While checking out Sales, go to the Pantaloons, Westsides, Centrals first thing. And then follow them up with the Zaras, Vero Modas and Chemistrys. There is a reason. You see, the more you delay the visit to the former, the longer the lines at the Trial rooms are going to be. Then you will stand for 15 minutes to try 2 shirts, both of which won’t fit you, so basically time has been wasted. The latter, will never have crowds, queues, and probably even clothes in your budget, but atleast there is no waiting.

– ALWAYS carry Zo’s stroller. ALWAYS. So day 1, she will decide to sleep right when you reach the mall so poor Dude will carry her around everywhere. Day 2, you will leave after her nap time, but she will want to be carried around just because that’s how they work, these two year olds so poor Dude will carry her around everywhere. Again. End result, a tired Dude, with terrible backache, and a guilty you.

– Do not assume Salesgirls know everything about their shops just because they are supposed to. So Body Shop branch 1 says the sale is for members only so you think Damn, why did I wait this long to buy my stuff because looks like I have to pay full price anyway, but The Dude will say let’s see, so you’ll walk away. And the next day when you check Body Shop branch 2, everything is on sale for everyone. Thank God for small miracles. Oh wait, thank The Dude lack of trust on Sales people.

– Work out. Please. You can talk all you want about ‘fitness’ and then if you keep taking ‘work travel’ break, ‘ vacation’ break’, ‘Holiday season’ break, ‘Visit to mom’ break, and now ‘sickness’ break, well the only thing that’s going to break is the weighing scales. Bad joke, but totally the truth. Please work out.

– Bullet posts are lifesavers. If you remember I mentioned that I wouldn’t resort to Bullet posts until things got real bad here? Well guess what, this is what real bad is like. Phew.

Looking forward to Monday anybody? I am not.


12 thoughts on “Before Monday arrives

  1. Wow! This must be really hard – posting everyday! :-/
    I didn’t buy anything this sale season! So proud I am. And so true about trial room queues. I hate the stares that women give each other here. If someone takes an extra minute looking at themselves, everyone stares her down. 😀

  2. I know, right? This posting on weekends is HORRIBLE! I wrote a post between 11:50 and 11:55 pm on Saturday. Yes, a 5 minute post! Just a few lines. And Sunday I resorted to a picture post. Phew. Dunno how to keep it going. Lol.(Though secretly, I am glad I am doing it. Makes me record all the happy moments)

    Eating out, shopping, your weekend sounds very much like ours. But did you mean to say you spent part of Day 2 shopping too? Wow. That is some enthusiasm!

    PS – Are bullet posts suppose to be bad? :O I use them so many times! Not only do I find them convenient to write, I also enjoy reading them when others use them. Your aversion since the beginning is making me wonder if bullets are a sign of shabby writing.

        1. 😀
          Ok, go to your archives and count how many bullet posts you have. I am sure >50%
          Go to mine, and you will be random rambles being >50% of the posts, basically posts about nothing.
          That’s how those are you, and these are me. By sheer majority and number 😉

          1. Wait! What? What? I was going to argue the logic and bug you some more, but all was lost when I saw the numbers! > 50% of my posts are bulleted?!

            *Sobs* *wails* and *Sobs* more. DI does not read my blog at all!

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