Sukoon ke shikaari

Serious Question: What is worse than;

– A bad hair day everyday for a whole year, which is full of important presentations to the management every week?

– Realizing that the weighing scales were screwed up all this while, and what was showing was actually 10 kilos less than what it was supposed to show?

– Shopping for jeans and realizing that you do not fit into your usual number? AND the one after it?

– Having a colleague return with ‘Swiss chocolates for everybody!’ the morning you swear off junk and decide to go on a diet?

– Hearing the baby wail the moment your favorite scene in the movie, for which you watched the whole damn movie in the first place starts (and no you don’t have Tata Sky Plus)?

– Finding that dress you bought last month at 50% off at the Sale? Especially since you haven’t worn it out as yet?

– Changing queues at the Billing counter to the shorter one, and realizing that the guy in front of you is having a huge row about a discounted item, and they need to get the manager to settle it?

– Getting stuck at the Red light, right in front of that guy in the car, who thinks honking will miraculously make the traffic move?

– Having no ideas at all to post about, but an ego which will not let you quit the Blogathon?

Answer : Mondays

Unless ofcourse if you are in one of those Arab countries, which will mean your Sunday is like Monday which doesn’t change anything much because Sundays are sucky too. Ok, Sunday evenings are, but whatever.

Who else thinks we need the weekend already?


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