23 going on Kill me right now

So I was looking at the Visitor statistics for this blog (I do things like that, quite often. Sometimes I wonder when I will grow beyond these material things and move into a more Zen mode, but then I realize I am actually most Zen when I am surrounded with the moh-maya of the world, so there is no point in going beyond all this. Really, this is a real conclusion. Anyway, back to the sentence.), and I noticed that my visitor numbers this month ,are double of my biggest monthly visitor number EVER (I am talking since 2010, when we moved to WordPress), and it is still only the 23rd of January. I mean, how awesome is that?

NOT. So basically, this is what I need to do get my visitor numbers up, huh? This? Write EVERY-effing-DAY? How sadistic can you be boss? God. I know there are other methods by the way, like cutting down the preview of the post on Reader. So people have to click on the link to actually read the post, and they get added to my materialistic visitor count. Na-na-na-na-na-na. But I don’t do that because of the goodness of my heart. Also, because I realised how bad it is for people who have crazy restrictions on internet at work, when I was (am) one of them. One reason I had to let go of some blogs I love by the way, They ticked the “limit preview on Reader” box in their settings.

I am facing a very “In your face!” situation at work right now. So I told somebody yesterday, as serious feedback that there was no point saying you are spending time to come up with ideas, if none of them finally take shape. And today, I have been staring at some material to come up with something (yes, the same thing I was supposed to ‘try again’. God, this daily posting is making this a diary. And you guys know way too much about everything now), and I do have some idea about what I want to do, but I cannot put it on paper. Cannot. And in my own words, there is no point to it till I can. Very bad Karma, I thought we were friends.

I am having my daily Orange right now. I know I already did a post on oranges, so I won’t get into details but I have one basic observation. Isn’t it weird that the variety of orange, which has this greenish, wrinkled peel, and looks quite unappetizing is actually the tastiest, easiest to peel, and has the least amount of that annoying fibrous stuff sticking to it? And that brilliant orange orange, Naarangi or Satrangi, no should be Naarangi, Satrangi doesn’t make sense, looks so nice, but it quite bleh on the inside? I mean, if I were a philosopher, I would be deriving conclusions on inner beauty, and all that glitters is not gold from this astounding piece of information, but since I am not, I will just say what I already did, I find it weird.

So I got back to work, and now I am back to complete this post. I still haven’t found a solution to my ‘how-do-you-get-this-on-paper’ situation. In other good news, I have finished my bottle of water for the day. What was happening was I kept reading about the importance of water, drinking 8 litres of water and all that so much, that I think in an attempt to get into the water drinking mode, I stopped drinking water altogether. Seriously. Not a drop throughout the day at work. So I gave myself an internal goal of a bottle a day. And so far, I have managed this, It’s been four days. And I visit the loo only like 400 times because of this over-intake. Seriously. I don’t want to do a gross input-output ratio but it is most definitely bizarre (lovely word this by the way, ‘Bizarre’).

That being that I should really get back to work again. Not that a brilliant idea struck me just now, but I doubt typing out this kind of a post is going to aid me in that. So for now I will go back to staring at some slides instead. Wow. Whatay life, I must say.

It’s not as bad as I make it sound by the way. A little worse maybe. Oh well.

8 thoughts on “23 going on Kill me right now

  1. If you will believe me, I do not drink any water through out the day. I don’t know why I don’t feel thirsty at all 😦 Not just during work hours, even at home, I have half a sip after dinner and that is my only intake for the day.

    When I read this post, the first thing I did was gulp down some water after going over the ‘everybody realises the importance and I am the only one stupid’ thought passed. So thank you for that.

  2. Lol@ increasing traffic for posting everyday! 😀
    How long will you go on posting everyday! Will be hard to keep up! 😀
    BTW, did I comment on your Oranges post? I don’t think I did. Let me tell you a secret.. ((((I hate oranges. I hate the smell. Its too tedius to eat. I gulp down the juice in one go.))))
    Please dont stop visiting my blog because I said that..We have other things in common! 😦 🙂

  3. LOL, it’s true for me too!! My blog had highest no.s of page views in this month.
    Last year when I got really busy and hardly logged in, I read the post that were delivered in my mail box, on my phone. After that I went and checked that I too sent full posts in mailboxes and readers 🙂

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