Retrospectively speaking

Its January 19th, and by this time next month, our final term would be over. Thats something really big!! Well, the scary part would still be left, as placements start around 4 days after the term ends… but I choose not to think about them. People have started preparing for the finals, and that really scares the hell outta me!! The worst thing is that every day, I tell myself , that I am going to start reading, but its never consistent and so never really happens. Pretty sad, just hope I dont end up facing the repurcussions of this whole attitude.

Baffled? You should be. That was 9 years ago. Which means I was 22 when I wrote that. Oh My God. I cannot remember the time I was 22. Anyway, because I am out of awesome stuff to say, I thought I should do this series I am going to very originally call ‘Reflections’. Wow. How nice. Apart from the missing apostrophes, and the multiple exclamation marks, I think I sound pretty much the same right? You know the whole, ‘I think I should be doing this but I am doing something else only I don’t know what Oh My God Oh My God Worry Worry Worry Ooh chocolate.’ So the plan is I copy paste the first bit of the post from the day closest to today for each of the 9 Januarys before this that I have been blogging for.

We finally found a video library near our place. Not exactly near near, but around a 15 minute walk one way, and right next to my old college. But seriously, it’s been so worth it, especially since we had been pretty disillusioned by the fact that we were so unable find one before. Which is damn weird considering we stay right in the centre if the city.

We here was me, my flatmate-turned-BFF, and another flatmate. The only thing I can notice in this bit is that fact that my repulsion to punctuation seems to have reduced and don’t see too many red underlined words this time. Phew. I feel better really. Anyway, I do remember very well the Video library I have written about here. The place from where we would pick the mushiest, cheesiest Rom-coms and chick flicks, and drool over the good looking men, and cry over the soppy scenes, while gorging on Subway sandwiches, sitting on a couple of old broken plastic chairs, or the floor in a massive, empty living room. Good times, I have to say.

Ok. Gult movies are officially hilarious. Actually not the movies per say, I haven’t really seen any, but the names of the movies, more importantly, their so called tag lines, are so astoundingly funny! I mean take this for an example: ‘Rakhi – Highly inflammable’.  What does one make out of it? I could think of a few interpretations. 1. It’s a brand of petroleum probably, and the tagline basically is a statutory warning, ‘Rakhi petroleum – Highly inflammable’. Or 2. It’s this lady named Rakhi, who is extremely short tempered, or well, inflammable. That too highly. But no! The poster has the picture of a typical gult hero, with a dozen Rakhi’s tied on his wrist. So ok, we get it, it’s the story of this universal brother, who is by the way highly inflammable. But please, please, could we do something about the title of the film here?

That by the way was me trying to be funny. Sarcastic funny, if you didn’t get it. I remember that I hardly got any comments on this one, and I swear it broke my heart. Sob. But then that was before I understood that if there is one thing people can be very stingy and lazy with in the blog world, it is comments. Yes, I myself am.

Between the last post and this one, I have learnt quite a few things. To begin with, I now know that I am lazy enough to postpone writing a new year post for as long as 21 days till after new years. It is also possible to have around 20 incomplete drafts in your folder, none of which will ever see the light of the day (rather the page on the blog). I also know that it is no use ‘giving myself time’ to decide upon the New Year’s resolutions so that they are more accurate and not impulsive, because the end result will be no resolutions at all, as is the case now.

Ooh, more of me! Things like this and I know I haven’t changed much. But I want to tell this me from 2008 I think, that girl, you’re going to make up for this delayed post in January, by writing a post every day in January. Really. Just wait 6 years! Then this laziness will seem all justified.

What do you get when you combine the following?- Last few days of break before joining new place of work (which by the way are weekdays)- Lil Sis’s visit to the city- Exclusive previews of End of season sales for the club members at all awesome malls in the city. Aw, those were some fun days.

This was right after I and The Dude visited Goa together for the first time. What a trip, what a trip. The only New Year’s Eve we spent at home too. And then shopping with the Lil Sis! Like I already said, good times.

No, I am not reviewing the movie. Oh come on, it released like 5 years ago? But instead, I am going to talk about the one topic which I have mentioned time and again out here, but then this post from S ‘n’ S has forced me to do a full blown post.

To provide some reference to the context, this was my ‘Baby’ post. Everyone was writing about babies, so did I. And this was before Zo was even thought about. Hmm, motherhood does stuff to you.

It’s got to be true love you know,
Nothing else explains the way I feel,
When you’re here, life’s a bed of roses;
And gloom descends, the moment you leave.

My love for Sales. This stands true till today. The good thing about January, perhaps the only good thing, because other than that I can only think Year end reports, preparing new reports for the New Year, working weekends, weight loss resolutions after the holiday binging, and other depressing stuff. Sale shopping remains the highlight of my Januaries.

To be very honest, I was not to keen about reviewing this book. Reading, absolutely keen upon, but reviewing, not so much. Because it is not very often, and in my case, never happened that the author is also a very good friend. And I wasn’t very sure how I would be able to express my honest opinions about something that was my friend’s baby.

This was a toughie. Reading and reviewing my friend’s ‘baby’ as I called it, while I was struggling with my own baby, all of 3 months. Plus, I vividly remember typing this on my rickety College desktop which was then lying at my parents’ place. Knowing what my friend is writing about this time, it might be a while before I review her again.

A day has 24 hours. Before you say that you know it, I will clarify that I am not being a know all who is claiming to spread enlightenment by stating a fact the world knows. I am not. I am just reiterating this to myself because apparently, I did not know this. Actually, a more logical explanation would be that I  knew it, but looks like I did not realize it. Till now, that is. These days however, this basic fact has taken it upon itself to make me aware of it’s importance and inevitability. And the whole “24 hours in a day” rule seem to be too much of a constraint for me to be able to fit my life into it.

Oh my reading cribbing. Nothing’s changed by the way. I still don’t read. But I have definitely gone less harsher when I judge myself for choosing Candy Crush over Khalid Hosseini. Ah well, someday.

Anyway, that’s the post for today. You might think it is a cheat post, but think about it. I sifted through the archives, copied pasted the first paragraph and then added my vishesh tippani also. So technically, it aint a cheat post.

Eh who am I kidding. Cheat post it is. So sue me. No don’t. I know you won’t.

It’s Friday after all.

8 thoughts on “Retrospectively speaking

  1. Surprisingly First !!!!

    Have been reading all the Blog posts the past few days.. Real fun distractions from the normal. 🙂

    This one was awesome by the way. 😀
    Seems a peg or two, really brings out the creativity. 😛

    And that last statement was a hurtful reminder of times being spent alone. 😦

    PS: Wanted to finish each statement with a Smiley.. Friday cheer 😉

  2. I *LOVED* this post! 🙂 🙂
    What brilliant use of creativity, your old posts and everything. Loved it! And seriously, you haven’t changed much, except for the punctuation..:D

    And wow! 9 years is so long..It so cool that you managed to blog for 9 long years. \m/

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