Blogathon 2014 Version 2.0

If you took a peek into my head right now to see the thoughts floating around, which I can pick from, make into a post of sorts and publish out here, you will find nothing. Yep, that’s right. However, that in no ways provides an acceptable excuse for having given up on the Blogathon. I mean, you know me, when has the lack having anything to say stopped me from posting? In fact, in most cases, that’s been the prompter if anything.

Not today though. I am struggling. There is this post I wanted to do yesterday, even wrote half of it, but eventually left it midway. Not unlike the Blogathon. I am not proud of the quitting part though, only, I had a vague sensation throughout Saturday, going by the way it was progressing, that I would eventually skip posting. And I did. No attempt even to avoid it. A drifting thought of putting up a picture floated by as I munched through a muchly scrumptious dinner at TGIF, but it melted away like those layers of ice cream in my Mocha mud cake.

Anyhow. Does this mean I am out or something, from this Blogathon thing because I will be very angry. I know I was missing for 3 days  but at the moment I am like totally doing a post right? Or is it like a notice period, where it gets extended by the number of days you take off in between? But it is not notice period, that would mean never returning. Aw. I can’t do that. Especially since I would be hitting the big 10 in a couple of months. Can you imagine this? If I am still blogging next year, I would have blogged for 11 years, which would frigging be 1/3rd of my life. Eep. For two things. I am going to turn 33 in two years time. Eep. Also, man there haven’t been many things that have stuck around for a third of my life now, have there? So this be big, very big. But we are rushing ahead of ourselves right now, because for now it is about the big 10.

Or not, that pretty much dies with the last para. Back to what missing 3 days of posting means. So Saturday I missed because it was an abso-frigging-lutely busy day. BUSY. I was doing something right from when I was up at 9:30 AM I think? Until when I finally crashed at 12. No naps in between. Can you imagine that? And Sunday, to make up for all that I did Saturday, well, I took naps. Yep, pretty much the essence of my Sunday. Plus, this flow break thing is not exactly good. I was like, anyway I missed Saturday, how does one more day hurt? Then on Monday, I thought, God! I missed the whole weekend! And now people are getting angry about it (people did, I swear. They pinged me and asked me what was wrong, and when I told them nothing, they asked me what was wrong with me in that case. I know, mean). So might as well prove it’s not a weekend thing, by bunking on Monday.

And that was pretty much the gist of everything. I know I have totally lost track of what the whole post was about, which was ‘what does missing 3 days of posts mean in terms of the Blogathon’? Am I in or not? Have I lost the game? (Was this a game, Oh My God was it, because this means I am not winning HELP!) Should I be starting from the start? (Haha, fooled ya. You think that’s an option?)

In any case, since this whole thing was started by nice people who just wanted lazy people to get off their asses and post (no sense at all, if anything posting makes me sit on my ass for way longer), I know they won’t chuck me out so unceremoniously (Please, please don’t). So I will ignore the fact that I gave up after TWENTY FOUR days of continuous posting, in sickness and in travel, for absolutely NO reason at all. And just continue like nothing happened.

Or just say, ‘It happens’.


16 thoughts on “Blogathon 2014 Version 2.0

  1. Blogging on weekends is very tough! So yes, it happens!

    You know I completed 10 years of blogging last year. I started in 2003, after I started reading Mint’s blog. I used to blog on this site called Don’t think it even exists now. My biggest regret is deleting that blog, and all my teenaged blabber. That’s the reason I don’t make a big deal of my 10 year completion, because I don’t have archives to prove it (Don’t know what it is with me and my need to prove 😐 ) My archives start from 2006, so perhaps I will celebrate it 2016. 🙂

    PS – I retyped this long comment, because my comments on your blog always have a way of vanishing.

  2. Of course, we overlook three days of not blogging right? Please dont stop now…its just three more days that you need to type out those super awesome posts of yours…so dont stop this blogathon after today…go on and type your heart out till the 31st 🙂

    and 10 years of blogging..baap rey!!! thats so so long! *falls at feet of DI*

    then looks up to Pepper’s comment and falls at Pepper’s feet as well!

    1. RM! I don’t think I have done justice in terms of number of posts even close to what you have! Plus you know what I like, your comments. The fact that you take time out to acknowledge other’s posts! For that I have fallen multiple times at your feet 🙂
      But yes, 10 years and the page is still alive, Phew!

  3. 3 days toh chalta hai! I mean, wow! You managed to write for 24 days..That’s pretty awesome. And the whole reasoning for the 3 days miss was so so so genuine. I do the exact same thing when I have to go walking in the morning. Weekends I don’t go and then on Monday I think, there’s no continuity anyway, so why waste my sleep on this! 😀

  4. LOL at version 2.0
    Blogging on weekends is indeed difficult and now it’s becoming more difficult to blog on weekday hence I am posting more and more recipes 😉
    10 years of blogging!! Congratulations..

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