Food Food

“The next time I see you fill your bottle at the water cooler and then stand right in front of it, to drink that water, and then refill those gulps you just took, I will SLAP you.”

Oh hi. Didn’t quite notice you out there. In case you are wondering, that, right above this, was my thought bubble some 5 minutes ago. No, I didn’t say it. Yes, I mean it. No, I don’t think I have the guts to actually do it. What I would actually do is roll my eyes conspicuously, hoping someone notices, because that girl won’t anyway, she’s drinking water right?

Let’s move on to the nicer things in life now, shall we? Like a very good one, that happened today. So we went to this tiny eating joint right across my workplace. 3 of us did. Of the three, technically, I am on a healthy diet on weekdays. So I tell them I will order healthy, soup perhaps. So we go ahead and order Nachos with cheese, cheesy pasta and one sole paratha (for one of us three, who doesn’t like anything but Indian food. Not me, never me.) Anyway. So like replacing my soup with a cheese overdose was not enough, the guy from the joint came over and said that they were launching pizzas next week, so would we be kind enough to taste a pizza they would serve? And give feedback? For free?

Yuh-huh. We did ofcourse. My friend thought it was because he thought we were ordering way too less and so he felt sorry for us. Which doesn’t make sense but fact of the matter is I had a very very unhealthy meal. Partly free. Totally Yum.

Now that we are talking of food, I guess we should just continue. I am not sure if I have mentioned but I am one of the rare (I think) pure vegetarians turned non vegetarian kinds. As in, till I met The Dude, I was very particular about my Tam-Brahm roots which pretty much do not even allow eggs (though I had always had that). I even had an incident which scarred me for a while. But when I met the Dude, I think it was my introduction to how carnivorous human beings can be. I mean, this guy, he has to have meat to call it a meal. He genuinely feels sad when people spend money on vegetarian food, when some thing meaty is available at the same price. I mean, when I say ‘ I will have Subway Aloo Patty’, you would think he was a 5 year old who was told he would get only spinach for dinner for life. And I am talking about what I am ordering for myself here. He honestly believes that vegetarians are missing out on something big in their life.

So yes, I never felt the need to try non-vegetarian food, and was pretty ok, and actually loved my Baby Corn Manchurian, and veg spring rolls. Still do. The Dude made me try chicken once, but I pretty much wrote it off as Paneer. I know, I can pretty much imagine all the non-vegetarians have a stroke, but that’s the fact. Chicken for me, was Paneer, which I don’t like by the way. Only more chewy, and on top of it with bones in it, which really doesn’t make it better.

Then this one trip to Chennai happened, when The Dude and I met up with a bunch of his friends in Mahabalipuram. We went to a pretty exotic buffet lunch at a nice place, Fisherman’s Cove was it? Will confirm. Anyway. This place had ridiculous junk in the name of vegetarian food. I distinctly remember the hara-bhara kabab, which was neither hara, nor bhara, nor a kabab. More like day old, stale daal wada which I don’t like fresh itself in the first place. Yeah, so at that moment, everyone was talking about how awesome the prawn curry was. I mean, come on, we were in Mahabaleswar, and this was fresh sea food. So, finally, I gave up, and got myself that.

Prawn Curry. There was that day, and there is today. And I don’t think there is any menu where I don’t check for Seafood first. Some people find this weird, theory being Seafood is usually the last thing a vegetarian would like because of its considerably strong scent? But guess, I think I love it no questions asked. I never took to other meats, Chicken I like in some extremely unhealthy forms read KFC, or sausages,  but everything else is still taboo. But Seafood. Ah Seafood. The Dude still thinks Seafood doesn’t really classify as hardcore meat, as it doesn’t ‘fill’ him, but I think that’s the best thing, it is light, yum, and technically, good for you if cooked right. So I am an out and out Seafood person now, much to the delight of The Dude who I guess was worried he would end up having to eat leftover crispy fried vegetables (another thing I love by the way) after every meal for the rest of his life.

So that’s my food story. Our food story actually. This change that I chose to make, honestly added a different dimension to our travel too, one we love, one where we try cuisines from all places we travel to. We still have reservations about a few things I think (I doubt and sincerely hope that The Dude will not want to try Dog, or Alligator, or fried bees, which my bro-in-law did, along with steamed larvae, yes, you are allowed to have a stroke now) but those are far and few in between, and I think the openness to meat in general gives you a huge variety to choose from in other countries.

Also, we are very particular to avoid Indian food whenever we travel. Heck, I don’t order Indian food in any restaurant unless it’s a Dhaba meant for North Indian food, or a Kamat/Udupi restaurant for it’s idli-sambaar-wadas. By the way, yet another thing The Dude and I have exactly the same thought process which basically means he doesn’t have to finish up his steak with the the Navratan Korma I did not finish.

Wow, that was some ramble huh? I don’t think I have written a tenth of the stuff I can when it comes to food. And guess what, all that talk, has made me crazy hungry now. But good girl that I am, there will be no eating until dinner, which is still atleast 2 hours away. Till then, all I can do is wait. And wait for the healthy food back home, that is. For the junk, there are TWO whole days to go. *Gulp*

Koi weekend ko bulao yaar. Please.


30 thoughts on “Food Food

  1. subbulakshmistoned

    DI, you are one of the very few Tambrahms I do not turn my nose at. (don’t hate me, but I haven’t had pleasant experience with that sect)! I wuvvv you and your Zo! Next time you go to the US, try Bubba Gump. Lovely seafood, VFM and Forrest Gump quotes all around.
    I think food is a deal-breaker in any relationship. Luckily for us, we found the right ones eh?

      1. Hehe. It eez very very simple actually. I will provide. I religiously followed it during the good old weightloss days, though now I am pretty ok cheating. On FB maybe? Remind me, I have become useless on all sites except WP these days!

    1. Food is so important in a relationship! I thank my lucky stars that my husband isn’t fussy when it comes to food. Apart from the face that being fussy is annoying, it also helps that he eats whatever I make!

    2. Thanks ma, very grateful we are, me and Zo. I am quite a pseudo Tam Brahm honestly, though that doesn’t change anything really. Bubba Gump you say? Wow! Sounds good 😀 My best experience of Seafood was in Barcelona where it was ALL about seafood everywhere!
      Erm, I don’t know about the deal breaker thing cos when I met The Dude, I was still all vegetarian, strictly no meat kinds. Yep, I did change though, so that worked out 🙂 The poor chap was worried I would want him to change but I have never cared! Lucky you though, if it already a perfect match !

  2. True, it is rare for shudh vegetarians (or egg tolerating ones) to convert to consuming meat. Mother of mine eats only eggs, and sometimes I fear what will happen if I marry someone who doesn’t eat non veg and cringes at the thought of it.

    I gorged on the prawns and mushrooms at BBQ nation last night!

    1. Hmm. You know somehow food is a starting point for most convos and perhaps you wouldn’t fall for someone who has extreme hatred towards non vegetarian! While I say that, I know way too many couples where one person doesn’t allow non veg to be cooked at home, and the other eats out, it works for them. For me, if I had continued being vegetarian, I would have had no hassles with The Dude having it, even at home, as long as I was not involved. Truth is, even today, I don’t look at raw meat, let alone cook it.

  3. Also, did you read about the incident in China.. There was a recall, because people were supplied fox meat instead of donkey meat. imagine that. On second thoughts, don’t

    1. No I didn’t! Theek hai yaar, donkey meat, fox meat , all the same I guess 😛
      The Dude often irritates me when I have a particularly large piece of KFC chicken, that looks like it’s some other bird, ostrich and all. Annoying.

  4. A post after my own heart! I come from a family of proud foodies. And subbulakshmistoned above and I, have spent many a gtalk chats lusting about food! I tried vegetarianism for over a year, that came to an end sometime last year. Lets just say, that one year of being a vegetarian wasn’t the best year in my life so far 😀

    1. Hehe. Before I respond about the comment, I went to your blog yesterday and did not realise for a while that you’re are the Revs from revs Joie de vivre 😐 Why the change? And when? Anyway, yes, back to food. See the only reasons I can think of for quitting non veg are health, animal cruelty, and actually disliking the taste. In my case, it was pretty much religion and upbringing, so I guess I had to try 🙂 But great to have you back 😀

      1. Ha ha. Quarter life crisis happened I think. So blog change also happened! 😊 Just figuring out my way again in the blog world and finding my old favourites 😊 And, none of those 3 reasons for not eating meat applies to me! So I think I’ll continue to be in my merry meat eating world!

  5. I have probably had horse/donkey meat. What – it was the biggest scam in this country. They sold it labelled as beef everywhere.

    AB and I follow a no-Indian food while traveling rule too 🙂

    I love seafood and can eat anchovies out of a can. AB feels nauseated looking at me. For a long time I couldn’t eat seafood that had eyes (or food that looked at me). I overcame that too. I talk to the poor thing on the plate looking at me and inform it that it is very tasty.

    1. Oh 😮 I don’t even want them to tell us about scams! Aiyyo.
      Haha, I am glad therea re so many people with the No Indian food rule! I love Indian food, but I love trying the new stuff!
      Also, I remember my visit to Kovalam with my Bschool friends, and they were all having fish, ofcourse, and I was all OMG no way. And they found entertainment in talking about the fish’s eyes, brains and what not to annoy me. I did get annoyed too.
      If they see me now, chomping my way through a fish, expertly finishing every bit of flesh off the bones, they would be scandalised. Ooh, time for a reunion!

  6. Oh my Appa is a Tambram who believes very firmly exactly like the Dude that we vegetarians are missing out on something in life..and he too, is a sea food fan…loves loves loves his fish and prawns…he is really enjoying the sea food in Goa…gives amma a break from the daily cooking and gets some seafood home..and now I realised why he married Amma, so that he could go to Calcutta once an year and gorge on Macherejol 🙂

    1. Goa is heaven. literally. Which is why I am still struggling to get rid of all that weight I put on in 4 days! Fish fish fish! And LOL about marrying aunty for macherejol! I have always wanted to try authentic Macherejol. I am dead sure I will LOVE it! 😀

  7. Ahem..Coming from the non vegetarian clan..I quit chicken and meat last yr.. Paneer is the new chicken and no regrets..I still lust over sea food… prawns, fish and crabs…Pity we do not get the good quality ones here in Gurgaon..By the ways I have a new theory..Non veg puts on weight..Am becoming more obsessive and regressing now..Thank you D for giving food for thought and a space to write. 🙂

    1. For red meat it is true it is not so healthy. But chicken and fish are good no?
      I am very obsessive myself so this might be the place you can say it w/o worrying! 😀 Hyderabad did not have great sea food, and Pune seems slightly better. But coastal areas are awesome for their abundance of all things water!
      Prawns perhaps are my favoritest thing ever. I had a huge allergy once, which scarred me (more like swelled me) for a while. But we are back now 🙂

  8. I can so see myself writing this very post, 5 years from now. :-/
    The Subway incident, with Aloo Patty being frowned upon? Happened with me last week too. But I LOVE Aloo Patty Sub. 😦
    Incidentally, I am not a fan of paneer either. So Sherlock is often seen banging his head on walls when he goes out to eat with me. I think I have even detected an apologetic smile to waiters, when I order veg food in non-veg settings. The brahmin roots thing doesnt work for him. He wants me to try chicken and not have it again, only if I dont like it. Which he is pretty sure, I will. Meh. Will just copy past your post and link it back here, 5 years later.

    1. I also love Aloo Patty Sub! These guys don’t get it!
      So I went through all that for a year after which I slowly stared venturing into non veg with the prawn bonanza. But I get what he said. Cos the Dude said the same thing. Don’t turn down something before you have tried it just because you are from a particular background. So even for Zo, I am planning to let her try her own thing and take a call on what she wants to do with her choices 🙂
      And I wait for the post 5 years later. 😀

  9. Haha, Mint is exactly like the dude in thought. He feels sad when people spend money on vegetarian food. (BTW, I don’t care how many people disagree, I think more than 50% of the meat eaters feel the same. Not all, but definitely more than 50%).

    Thankfully (for me) Mint doesn’t need meat to call it a meal. Neither can he get away while claiming to me that vegetarians are missing out on some good things in life, because I ate meat for over 23 years, before giving it up. So I know exactly what I am not missing. Thankfully again, Mint doesn’t voice his thoughts – for the sake of his own peace 😛 He even defends vegetarians now when the meat eaters pity the veggies. Happens all the time with me..

    I can’t claim to be a pure vegetarian, because I eat all gravy, avoiding the meat pieces. And if there is absolutely no option, I even eat the meat. But those cases are rare. We never order Indian food while traveling too. (Who would want to?), so that is when I come closest to eating meat (curries, gravies, sandwiches), all eaten without the piece – I end up eating some pieces accidentally though and don’t care about that. Mint thinks I am fake vegetarian. Lol

    1. Oh btw, when I say MInt is a carnivore, I mean it. He has all that your bro in law has had, so I won’t suffer any stroke. To add to that list, he has eaten frogs and snails. and more 😐

    2. See you have a valid reason. If you quit, because of any reason, like I said health, taste, or animals, TOTALLY fine. I know that if I quit today The Dude will have no qualms cos I have tried it all. Just like he never asks me to try Mutton or Beef because I don’t enjoy it. He totally respects my love for Seafood 😀
      Well if yiu are not chomping on the meat you are a vegetarian. Accidental pieces and gravy do not count 🙂 And I know if people who ate ONLY Icecream while in European countries, especially the smaller ones because most things had meat. I even know people who did not trust what was called vegetarian. So basically, to each his own!

  10. I love both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food equally and this coming from a Muslim household where my neighbors thought we ate biriyani everyday! But funnily enough after moving to the States I’m starting to prefer vegetarian food over chicken and meat. Maybe its because I grew up in Madras where I used to have sambar almost everyday! Nothing can beat south Indian vegetarian food!

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