Finish line

Not that I stayed true to the Blogathon really, but I wouldn’t dare to miss the last day. I was reading all the ‘Phew, we made it!’ posts today and feeling pretty glum because I am not one of them. Because I quit. Damn it. Oh well.

So yesterday’s post, while I understand fell in the ’emo’ zone, which is usually not my comfort zone, was very heartfelt. I understand that involuntarily, I have turned this blog into an, erm, how do I put it nicely, oh well, I will stick to what a comment said, humor, sarcasm, and conversation oriented one. But I have been meaning to do this post for a long time, but never got to it. Then a couple of posts, like this one, and this one, along with the Blogathon’s ‘Must. Post. Today.’ pressure, made me do it.

Which also makes me wonder just how much I avoid controversial discussions and opinions out here. I usually avoid anything very personal too. And everything I feel way too strongly about. Forget doing a post, the moment I set out to voice a strong opinion about something other than irrelevant stuff in even a sentence in the post, I immediately step back, and don’t do it. It just feels safer. Perhaps I worry how I would take confrontation? I think that is it. I avoid conflicts of all sorts in life, and this is my happy place, so I would most definitely not want negativity here.

Plus, despite all my ‘safe’ posting, I have been fortunate enough to be trolled for comments on others’ blogs (where I usually am pretty opinionated). On my own blog too, I have had well meaning people question me for things like saying I had a nice night out with The Dude (Wow! You drink? And dance? What sanskaar!); losing weight post Zo (Wah! What a mother, wah!) , for blogging at all (what do you bloggers intend to get out of this? What change are you bringing about by writing incoherent things that matter to no one just because you have a hang of the English language), oh, and my favorite when I wrote about some Sitcom characters (so what exactly is your point? You’re comparing yourself to a Sitcom character,have you no life?). By the way, I strongly suspect the first troll might have been Alok Nath, and the second Aishwarya Rai. Not sure who the other two could be.

Anyway, the reason I am going on about why I write what I write and why I don’t write what I don’t is very simple. I have to post today, and it is almost 11. And I have to finish a presentation and send it before I sleep tonight. All that pressure, I tell you, all that pressure. Plus, not the best feeling to have on a Friday night, which technically, should be spent with a drink, er, coconut juice and some nice music. But a promise is a promise, even if it is chipped in the middle.

So yes, I struggled, but I almost made it. In any case, this is 28 posts in 31 days and that’s no mean feat. Plus, there are so many of them who did 31 in 31. I doubt there would be any who did 28. So I am unique that way. Yay. It was fun, and man, it was tough. I wonder if I will ever do something as crazy as this again?

I think I know the answer to that one.


18 thoughts on “Finish line

  1. Good job, DI! I read all your posts, even though I hardly ever wrote a comment (bad, I know. I am trying to change that). Now that the blogathon is officially over, don’t go into hiding ok? Still would love to see you posting regularly.

  2. The Other Side of Life

    Congos on the completion! I loved every single one of your 28 posts! Had a lot of fun reading you..i think its quite apt that you took up this crazy challenge in the 10th year of your blog..:)
    Please do post often even if not everyday? 🙂

    1. Thanks Preeks! I actually did not think about that 🙂 But true. My total posts in 10 years are pretty abysmal. Not proud of it at all!
      I think the one thing the Blogathon did was to prove that posting should be done without too much thinking!

    1. 🙂 Cause I hate conflicts.
      Ok, let me put it in a better way. My blog is my happy place, and I don’t want rude, mean, uncouth people saying shit about me here. Also, I don’t think I can do justice writing about more important things 🙂 So I restrict myself to commenting on posts which do touch upon sensitive topics.

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