Why are we here?

One thing I did not do in the Blogathon, other than not completing it, is a bullet post. Did I? No I didn’t. I think I didn’t. What, I do 28 posts in 31 days and need to remember if I did one with bullets? Nope. You go check.

I have one now. Yes, thoughts and things and happenings in the recent times.

– I have 71 pending friend requests on Facebook right now, and only 10 of them are from people who know me because their dog barked at my cat when I was 12, only I didn’t even have a cat, it was my friend Neha’s (name changed for privacy purposes, ok I am lying, but then I have had 10 friends named Neha during my childhood) who had almost 30 cats in 3 years. The rest are from people I do/did know personally, which is an important thing to note because I am really keeping my promise and being choosy about who I want to share my very personal updates about how pretty my cushion covers look and how much food I ate and  how I have 3 pictures of myself from the weekend drive to Bhuleshwar because I the food I ate shows in the rest.

– In the past week, I have been met with terrible traffic twice right outside my office, where one needs to cross a pretty dangerous road to get home. Both times, I decided to play safe and follow the lead of relatively sane looking people on bikes next to mine. Case 1 guy got hit by a truck (no he did not get hurt, I would not blog about something like that frivolously, I am a pretty nice person), hard enough to have his bike fall and get stuck under the truck which then needed 5 people to help pull out. Case 2 guy got hit by a tempo sort of a thing, no one got stuck or hurt but a scuffle ensued. Both cases, I went home wondering just how I need to revisit the process I follow to choose paths (in this case, people).

– I have absolutely no control over my sweet tooth and I screw up my controlled diet through the day with an overdose of chocolates, cookies and all things deliciously evil, every night. Then I drink cinnamon water with honey, green tea, black coffee through the day, wishing it all to go away. Last night was weirdest because I had 4 Golden Arc choco fills (They are to DIE for by the way, if you haven’t tried them, I swear you are missing out on life’s best things, go buy and eat; and the fruit fills are ok, not that awesome, I have tried them all, stick to chocolate. Chocolate rules. Yay Chocolate. Ok enough.) while I sipped my cinnamon honey concoction. At times like these, I swear I don’t get myself at all.

– I have a happy top and I cannot let go of it. Even though it is loose and faded and not very flattering and some one at work called it ‘Night dress’ the last time I wore it to work, I love it and it makes me very very Happy. We should have Happy Fridays instead of casual Fridays once a month when you wear clothes that make you happy. And yes, you can have policies around what can be included because I know way too many smart-asses with their smart-ass ideas about what they would want to wear (or not wear) since it is about their happiness after all. While we are at it, I also have clothes I categorize as ‘Slim’, ‘extra-professional’ and ‘hot’. ALL as per policies, and extremely professional, just my way of categorizing them.

– I got this Ginger-Mulethi-Lemon flavored green tea which I really liked and there are 5 free tea bags in it of the other flavors they offer, of which one is Dandelion and mint, which I am planning to try now. Or not. I have upped my intake of water to two bottles from one every day, which basically means double the trips to the loo so not sure my bladder can handle another green tea washing away the toxins. I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

– I watched Bhaag Milkha Bhaag which was nice, not amazing, but nice and I like Farhaan Akhtar even more. I also watched American Hustle and I don’t know why Hollywood is making movies longer than 2 hours because it totally screwing my ‘watch movie-eat-shop for groceries’ time plan. And Wolf of Wall Street was 3 hours and there are no filler songs also, so I really don’t know how they are doing this. I want to watch Highway and I think A.R.Rehman is God and Amit Trivedi is awesome.

– I just remembered it is still only Tuesday so I am not someone you would want to talk to right now. Or even read I am assuming unless ofcourse you want to show solidarity and lament about how unfair this whole 5:2 weekday-weekend ratio is and how in the world do we not have one public holiday until May 1st, but I am assuming you don’t and that you have better things to do in life, so go. Do them.

See you in happier times.


20 thoughts on “Why are we here?

  1. So I’m going to comment in bullet points ok? I swear I haven’t done this in like years!!

    – Ahh soul sistah! So I have a happy kurta, happy PJ, happy jumper, grumpy work suit, tra-laa-laa work suit (Thank God for the kinda-sorta-anonymity that the blog world offers! People can’t guess the difference between my mental age and actual age!)
    – Yaay at the green tea love! My current favs are green tea with lemon and echinacea and another one with cardamom, cinnamon and cloves with green tea (suitably baptized by me as the garam masala green tea). At the moment, I’m managing 2 litres of water with lemon all day + one cup of green tea in the mornings!
    – With you on the Hollywood movie length. My popcorn finishes half way through the movie these days and it is so NOT nice!
    -I’m having a 4:3 week. 4 long days of 9-9 shifts and 3 days off! So not complaining!!

    And hugs!! Chin up! May isn’t too far away! Or atleast pray for some strike or for the CM to die! Then you’ll get a public holiday, no?

    1. 😀 the anonymity is a sham Revs! We know it!
      And yay on 2 litres, that’s good!
      The Mint Dandelion is a let down. Bwack!
      I like 4:3, even if it is longer days. Or perhaps not. I dont know.
      Hehe, yep, such evilness Revs 😉

      1. I know I know! The pseudo anonymity! 😀 I’ve even stopped wondering how people know me anymore, when I get FB friend requests with messages from bloggers/blog readers saying ‘Hey Revs, I know it’s you’ 😀 I just check their profile and TL a little to see if they are normal and if I’m familiar with the name from the blog, I just accept.
        And DANDELIONS man! It’s got to be bad. I tried adding it while making my green juice once and it was a new level of yucky! 😐

  2. What? You don’t have a holiday for Holi next month? We’ve been so excited about the Monday off and are already planning things for our 3 day weekend. Okay, I’ll stop rubbing it in. But seriously, you don’t have off on March 17th?

  3. Happy top? I have no such thing. I feel like I haven’t lived at all. But that’s ok I guess as lesser the clothes, the happier I am.

    I love the idea of the green teas you’ve written about (too lazy to repeat the names here).

    I have come across 8 Nehas and 18 Rahuls. Yes I counted just now 😛

    I was telling everyone on Sunday who cared to listen that they should make Sunday 2 days long. Sigh.

  4. I have a happy top too..and RD says it looks like a pichakari dress…but I dont agree to him..bah!

    I havent tried that golden arcs thingie rey..but with the rate at which my waist is expanding I am better off not trying it..

    I dont like green tea..dont know why…I want my tea with milk sugar and water…and chai masala…ekdum Gujju I am 🙂

    1. Happy tops are not meant to be pretty! So it is cool!
      Arre. The Golden arcs is terrible if one wants to be careful about the waist 😦 One of those is like a meal I think!
      And I LOVE my milk sugar chai with ginger! Yum! Green tea makes me feel healthy 😉

  5. I have to cross a one-way road too to reach office…there are no signals and the traffic just keeps zipping past..somedays it takes even 10 minutes to just cross 1 road..

    BMB was good but don’t think it was really extra-ordinary..it felt repetitive at times…

  6. Ok, before I forget..I read your 28 posts and deem the HP one as the best 😀 😀 Seriously, you should be awarded just for the deep insight you have for merging the Muggle and the magic world 😀

    Coming to this one..I have one Saturday dress, which I wear every Saturday at home because it is the only decent one which can be seen by sudden guests and deemed as decent and it makes me happy that I have at least one dress which also saves me from rushing to change if I have to go out suddenly. #ITooHaveAHappyDress

    I had started on a routine of a sugarless Lemon Green Tea last year and I spent more time in the loo than on my desk 😐 😐

    Did you listen to Queen’s music? Amit Trivedi. Top notch maal 😀

    1. Hehe, thanks Visha! HP post was for niche HP reading segment only!
      Saturday dress for me would be looking like a rag picker. Yes. My shorts and tees should be thrown away. Sudden guests might ask me to go call ‘Maalkin’.
      And my life has been to and from the loo since I took up this water and green tea.
      I lou how you referred to trivediji. Maal indeed, totally top notch. LOVE Queen.

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