100 Happy days. Not.


I considered doing ‘100 Happy Days’. Didn’t work.

I considered doing ‘Happy Days – no strings attached’. Didn’t work.

I considered doing something useful. And then I realised I had to be really bored to have such weird thoughts.

Which is why I am back to doing something completely in my genre. Welcome to my new series – 100 Whiny days.

I think ‘Whiny days – no strings attached’ will work better right? We all know how our quest for the extraordinary went with ze Blogathon.

So what’s making me whine today?

–  I have pretty much screwed up all the calorie burn achieved in the morning walk/run by continuously snacking. CONTINUOUSLY. Reason – said snacks were there. Yes people, we have come to a situation where we eat, not because we are hungry, not because it is tasty, but because it exists. For now, the radius of this existence has to be 10 meters or less but we can feel it expanding already. So food items around the world, beware, I am coming for you.

–  It is Wednesday. Still. How can it be Wednesday still? There is some conspiracy happening somewhere to make these annoying weekdays longer. No other explanation. No, the fact that I have a long weekend doesn’t make it any better. Ok it does. No it doesn’t. But it does. NO, it doesn’t.

–  This is the worst I swear. So I think of this brilliant counter attack at all things happy and positive in the form of my brilliant Whine series, and guess what? I am out of things to whine about! Such a terrible day to start posts concentrating on the negatives, my forte! Terrible. And on top of it, The Dude mails me while I am typing this and it is not about a pending bill that needs to be paid. If this is not unfair, I mean what is?

That has to be the cue to stop. So I will. But it doesn’t stop my eternal need to complain. It doesn’t. I will be back soon. With more whines. More complains. More insight, into all that is not right.

Till then, feel free to whine. It is our birthright.


36 thoughts on “100 Happy days. Not.

  1. Someone once told me of the cruel joke that has been played on us. You see Monday to Friday is 5 days, but Saturday to Sunday is only 2 days.. Let us all be united in grief, and whine.

  2. Oh my God, DI. After reading so many people doing the 100 Happy days, I was seriously thinking of doing a 100 Whiny Days..the thought popped in my mind today morning..but got busy 😉 Okay, I like Whiny Days no strings attached eh?

  3. Thank you for providing me this venting space. Let me add to your list, from my side.

    – Why? Why? Why does my boss exist? Is there a lesson the universe is trying to teach me? Whatever it is, I have learnt it. Please let me be.
    – Bigbasket. I hate you. Why am I the only one whose home delivery gets messed up every time? And I actually gave you good ratings when someone asked me in a survey.
    – March like weather is ending so soon. Why? Why? I say, why?
    – I don’t know why, I think it is because of point 1, but I get this feeling that I am always up against a deadline. :-/

    Phew. I can add more. But I think i’ll keep that for my own post on this valuable subject. 😛

  4. Now this, is easy. I think whining is therapeutic. I would love to take on something like this, and perhaps I will. I am just a little concerned ‘cos people these days take my blog more seriously than I would like them to. If I write shallow, whiny posts, I start getting emails telling me how important it is to stay positive, and how being competitive is shallow and futile, how inner happiness counts, etc. 😐 No kidding.

    I write a post about hating people with clear skin and I get mails telling me how I should not be focusing on looks, that blemishes and scars can be beautiful and how wrong I am in propagating false ideas of beauty. I feel stressed responding to those mails – telling people I am not truly unhappy with myself and I don’t *really* think only clear skin is beautiful.

    Argh. I am just annoyed. And for a few moments today I almost felt like shutting down my blog. This has turned out to be a very whiny comment, but I will use your space to vent because I am too scared to use my own now 😀

    1. Sigh Pepper! Scared of using your own blog, that is the worst that can happen 😦 Don’t do this to yourself!
      YOUR blog. YOUR shallowness. YOUR choice. YOUR whines. YOUR negativity.
      You’re right though, it has to do with the fact that people take what you say seriously 🙂 Not a case with mine. I think you should split your posts into categories. And then if u get gyan, point them to that 😀

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      1. I happened to take a look at the ‘Comments I’ve made’ page on wordpress for a change today and I saw this comment.. ROTFL! I can’t stop laughing. Some people really have NO LIFE if they take the time out to write comments like these. I send my condolences to him/her as well.

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