Erm, so what was I saying?

I am sorry babalog. I think this is close to the end of things as we know it, this blog as we know it. Apparently, I have lost the ability to write anything interesting (to me you freaks! ME! If  you don’t find anything interesting per se, do not rub it in). And I am worried that this might actually be the demise of my almost senior citizen blog. What? One blog year = 6 human years no?

Anyway, the past two weeks had me drafting a number of posts. One almost serious letter to Zo. I mean do I have no shame about what my daughter will think of me when she grows up? Her Mummy doesn’t do serious. Her mummy is the one who pulled a muscle in her leg when she jumped in a very Juhi Chawla-from-yore sort of way, just because it made her (by which I mean Zo, not me, I am a lovesick mommy, not insane) giggle. One heartfelt review of Highway, which read like someone swallowed Mihir Fadnvasis’ review (by the way, my new favorite critic), and then puked all over my page. Same content (and lou, so much lou), but blah to the extent of grossness. And the others, not even worth mentioning.

But none of them made to this page. Which makes me worry. And leads to some very important questions. Am I actually thinking about the content of the blog? Do I honestly believe that there is some sort of tone, or theme this blog has which needs to be maintained? Am I really that disillusioned? Do I have any more crutch words I can use here? Should I make coffee cake this weekend or stick to chocolate walnut?

Before I lose track, let me mention that I did not spend any time trying to answer these questions. Instead, I decided to write anyway, write again, and hope it all adds up to a post. Which is what you are reading, if you are.

Anyhoo, now that there is a post, and we are writing it, I think it makes sense to mention the very much enjoyable visit to BbQ Nation that was made last weekend. I first went to the place when the pricing was, well, let me just say less than half of what it is now? And subsequently, when it was 2/3rds. This time, as a prep, I went into total starvation mode before I set foot in to devour all things awesome.  And for once, did SO much justice. Picture this. 9 desserts on the buffet. ALL consumed. After infinite rounds of grilled pieces of heaven. And multiple rounds of the Cajun-spiced potatoes (special mention).

I also need to mention that after a lo-o-ong time, The Dude and I watched 4 movies over 5 weekends (one skip because we were in heavenly Kashid, where we owned the beach, Owned it. Muhahahaha. No, seriously, there was no one on those pristine beaches but the 3 of us, from 4 30 until 7 PM. Bliss is this.). Yeah, so about the movies, 4 movies in 4 weekends in town is big people. Very big. Mean, as parents, but big. And I am loving it. getting addicted to it.

As I type this, I am wondering what movie to watch this weekend, because I have one in mind. But technically it’s The Dude’s turn to pick. But I want to watch it anyway. I will need to lure him. Actually the actress in the movie will do that job ‘cos he is a fan. The good (and bad) thing is I don’t need to pre-book anything anymore, because there are 23 (Twenty Three, that’s right) screens at walking distance from my place, which play 40-60 shows of movies like Dhoom 3. This is a fact. Anyway, that’s good because, you can plan spontaneously, and bad because you can plan spontaneously. Which means I cannot trick The Dude by pre-booking movies I know will get pathetic ratings from critics but I want to watch anyway because come on! No reason. Just.

Wow. Look at that. Just look at that. That whole thing hardly took anytime and worked so well for me. I mean seriously, words are just flowing out and I am typing away and I am not having to stop and it is awesome but looks like it makes sense to stop now and now I cannot which is not cool but that’s how it works I guess you can’t have it all. Stop.

So here we are. Ladies, and Gentleman, without any further delay, let me present to you, the post. Apparently, this blog is not closing down after all, because there is a post. This post. As for the questions, I think I already have an answer to the one which matters most.

Coffee cake.


18 thoughts on “Erm, so what was I saying?

  1. You bake too? Is there anyone left who doesn’t? Or do I have to feel pathetic about myself on my own?

    As for movies – We watch one movie EVERY week. There happens to come a week when we have to give it a miss, but other than that, we watch a movie every consecutive week, and I love it. No, not weekends. We’re cheapos who think the price escalation on weekends is not worth it. We watch a movie every Tuesday. Vodafone one on one offer is best utilised by us. We go for late evening shows after work.

    You had the beach to yourself? I am definitely going to ping you for details on Kashid.

    1. Baking is easy (no, not therapeutic) and the end result YUM! Hence I do try it once in a while 🙂
      And we used to do so many movies pre Zo! Our record of 4 movies in one day remains. Here the tickets dont fluctuate much. And they are so cheap! 100-120 bucks is cool when compared to other places!
      And yes, you should totally check out Kashid, LOVELY!

  2. Wah! Coffee cake? Recipe please? R had one in someone’s bday at the daycare and ask been singing praise..and this is from a girl who hasnt tasted coffee all her life (Errr..5.5 years of her life)

    You watched movies?? WOW! the last movie I went to with RD was errr….errmmm errr..I DONT EVEN REMEMBER GAH!

    RD has been praising BBQNation, I really need to go there once 🙂 and thanks for the tip..will go empty stomach!

    And oh Kashid beach eh? nice na?

    Dont even dare to think of shutting down this blog..I will personally come to Pune and spank you okay :):)

    1. Aww RM, see I already feel better.

      So coffee cake recipe is being googled and the one which has ingredients available at home has been picked 🙂 So will share if it comes ok!

      Honestly, I am just giving it a shot cos I like the flavor of coffee!

      Yes, yes one movie per week. Highway, Hasee toh Phasee, Lone survivor, American Hustle 🙂 All seen!

      And BBQ nation is awesome! More choice for non-veg guys, but good stuff in veg too! The Cajun spiced aloo was AWESOME.

      Kashid is a must see. I had heard of it and then Nuttie inspired me. Go Go Go! Zo loved cavorting in the sand all through!

  3. Why would you stop blogging! Don’t do that! 😦
    Didn’t that whole print your blog as book thing excite you? Imagine how many volumes you can have! And keep adding! 😀
    4 movies in 5 weeks is damn good..Sherlock’s not in Mumbai. So no movies. 😦

  4. First thing first.. where be the movie reviews? I need some reliable source so that I can sell movies to D, full of confidence. That is the only way I get to watch any of them.

    Let us know how the cake comes out. I will bask in it through your words.

    Which reminds me, THIS BOG GOES ON! Bas!

    1. Wow! That’s a lot of pressure Comfy! 😮 But do watch American Hustle. Or do you want only Bolly reviews? I tried reviewing Highway like I said and the result was not pretty 😦
      And yes! The BLOG will go on 😀
      Fingers crossed for ze cake!

  5. Moooovies! Cake! Weekends! BBQ nation (gulp)!

    This post has everything for a hungry soul (pun, yes) to read 🙂 You no stop blogging!

  6. Excuse me lady, this blog isn’t going anywhere, period! You’re an appointed writer to feed my brain and to pump in some humour in my life and what the heck, I love Zo so I need to read about her, full stop!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. I have been planning a trip to Kashid for so long! This post makes me want to work on that soon…
    And yes, there’s no way in hell the blog is going anywhere. You are too nice to do that to your eager readers, I am sure. 😉 🙂

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