One for the heck of it, almost

Yeah yeah. I know what you are thinking. Look at this one, back to her infrequent posting, now that she doesn’t have a Blogathon egging her to go on. You are not? Well, it is certainly what I am thinking.

Not that it matters. But a few things in life deserve to be noted down however blah you feel, or however annoying work’s been, or however much you would rather read others yapping because they are so much more fun.

So thing one is a biggie. I am not sure I ever mentioned on my blog, I sure did on Twitter, but my new place of work, which I joined roughly 8 months ago? Well, that had a no cell-phone on the floor policy.


Take it in. Let it sink in. Breathe, breathe, BREATHE Damn it! Better? Yes. So yes. It is possible. It is true. And yes I, as a part of this organization, have been diligently locking away my beloved phone(s) (yeah, ironically, for a place which doesn’t allow you a phone, they give you one anyway so that you can be reached anytime, only you don’t get to keep this phone with you as well. Well, like I said, “ironic” is right) in a tiny locker right outside the floor where my precious cabin is.  Every day.

The first 2 weeks, I would step out every 2 hours, check for missed calls, messages and respond. Send late LOLs (I don’t do LOLs, I do Haha actually) to jokes shared on Whassap groups, check Facebook to see if anyone acknowledged how absolutely gorgeous I look in my current profile pic (ok, I do that for Zo’s pics, she gets all the likes. Hmph.), and then morosely lock it back and return to my den.

People said I would get used to it. And I did, Kind of. As in, after the first 2 weeks, I would go check my phone just once a day, at most twice. But the last couple of months, I am proud to admit that I never checked my phone even once. Through the day. It was like it didn’t exist. But I did miss it because, well, I think it is because I miss and want everything I am not ‘allowed’ pretty much. Just like Zo.

But last week, after 8 years, the policy was changed. Suddenly. Suddenly for me ofcourse, but Oh My God bottom line is I now get to use my phone at my desk like all normal people in the world! And I know it seems petty to those who have always had it, but trust me Dude, you have NO clue how it feels after an 8 month break. AWESOME. I could have cried when I was told of it. No wait, I think I did cry.

So that was one. Two was, there is this book. See, I am one of those awesome people who won’t buy new books until I finish all that I have bought, or atleast decide there is no way I am finishing them because I honestly cant. So there was this one book I bought when I was expecting Zo. I know right, 3 frigging years ago. It was a lovely book. Very well written, very interesting. But I never finished it. I stopped. Not once, not twice, 3 times. I would just stop it. The book, and reading in general. I wouldn’t buy a new book, because there was this perfectly good book I had and I was just not reading it. So it was kind of a jinxed book.

And last week, I finished it. So Phew. Big thing right? Right. I also went ahead and ordered myself some more books. I do have one unread book, but I tried starting it, not very keen to go on. Weirdly, I devoured the first two parts of that trilogy 3 years ago, and loved them. But I can’t get myself to read the third. I think I have forgotten everything in the first two, and that is enough reason to not want to read the third.

What else really? Oh yes, we did another trip to Goa (yes, again!) last weekend and it was fun except I was approving travel requests for someone from my team sitting on the beach and we all know that’s not cool. Also, I was returning to my room between drinks and fun conversations to respond to mails from work which “just couldn’t wait” on Friday night and that was not cool either. That apart, it was as fun as Goa can be and we all know that’s a LOT. Goa, is the only place where I get to holiday without doing anything at all because we just don’t have anything left to go see. And I love it. Plus there’s beaches. And Seafood. And beers. All of it anytime you want it. Basically, a whole lot of awesomeness. I know you get the gist so I will stop.

That’s enough you say? Yeah, I think so too. Now I can go back to doing all things useless, and not feel like I am cheating on my blog.

Yep, that’ll be good.

18 thoughts on “One for the heck of it, almost

      1. you blog for 26 days.. you follow the alphabet from a to z, and use that letter to write that particular day’s blogpost. One can schedule posts in advance, but people like me end up in last minute panic and start writing at 11 in the night..

        oooh.. Chhuti 🙂

  1. Ohhhh today I forgot my cell phone at home..and honestly it doesnt bother me one bit! So I can totally relate to your no-phone policy…but good that your office is allowing you phones now

    did you meet up with Pepper in Goa? She was there was the Holi weekend as well, if I read it right on her blog 🙂

    Please keep writing DI..its fun to read your blog 🙂

    1. Really? I am too attached to it 😦 You stopped tweeting as much now no?

      And no re! We didn’t know. I read after I returned. And we were at the same Flea market on the same evening too! God!

      Thanks RM 😀 I won’t stop really, it is fun to write anything and everything! 😀 But I fish I guess!

  2. I don’t know why, but I have so many things to say on this post. Let me do it bullet style.

    1. Yes. Blogathon was brilliant for your readers. I can imagine not so much for you though! Keep blogging..We love reading you. Even when you write random posts! 🙂

    2. HOW. How can anyone live without their phones?! Its not like I am addicted to it. But its hygiene now. There are days when I see the Whatsapp notification and decide not to check the message, just to test my own patience or act pricey like I don’t care abt Whatsapp. But then I end up checking. So shallow, but what to do.

    3. I was like that with books. Till Flipkart happened. (And now Amazon). I *just* cant resist buying books now. Its so sad. I have so many unread books now. What I really want to read, I finish off in a couple of days and then sit on these other books which I am not able to read, till I order a new set and jump on those. Feel so loser-ish.

    4. I should not comment on Goa. Might end up as the only person on earth who hasn’t been to Goa. And do you know how sad that is, given Sherlock studied in Goa for 5 years and knows that place like the back of his hand? And hence, says its weird I haven’t been there and that we shouldn’t waste too much time there.

    We should start a new new thing. Conversation blog posts. I could have converted this comment into a whole post, no? 😀

    1. 😀 I love comment convos!

      But yes, it is “QUITE” sad that you haven’t been to Goa. You should. Everyone should. It’s the epitome of laidbackness. And Sherlock being a tour guide will be just perfect!

      Oh God, about the phone thing, I was quite cut off from the world and it sucked! Restrictions are just not cool!

      And I hope I get to reading more again 🙂

  3. You are saying how awesome it is to have your phone back on the day I forgot my phone. No. No. I don’t feel like I am missing a limb or something. I am okay with no phone/ Its not a big deal anyway. Hmm. Scratch that. I miss my phone. *Sob.Sob.Sob*

    Goa vacations. Man! Not fair at all. How could they do that to you?

  4. You talk *about* books, favourite books, triology books, unputdownable books- and you don’t name them? Tell me tell me, what have you been reading?

    I have been to Goa many times, and each time it is a different experience- one thing in common- fun 🙂

    Post without mentions of Zo feels incomplete 🙂

    1. You know, I deliberately did not mention names 🙂 and you were the first to ask!
      Ok, the jinx book was The Twentieth Wife – Indu Sundaresan
      The trilogy is the Meluha trilogy, I cant get myself to read vayuputras!
      And the other book I finished was And the Mountains echoed 😀

      I know, Zo is taking away all my limelight. Hmph.

  5. Know what, I guessed it must be Shiva trilogy even before the previous comment happened! Anyway, you can give a total skip to oath of the vayuputras… it is an awful book and not worth your time!

  6. Actually, we can live without those gadgets or the WWW. But we think we cant do it and hence the problems. Anyway, good you got the phone !
    Some books have done that to me…I still have it – half-read !!
    Goa – I love your Goa pics !! Enjoy more 🙂

    1. 😀 Thanks Uma!
      I am not sure I can live without WWW, where will I meet all you guys!
      But yes 🙂 As a one week celebration, I forgot my phone today!
      I usually dont leave any book half read, hence the shock!
      thank you again!

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