Zo bole, so nihaal

Aap mere liye yellow duck lao, office se. Maine usko bite kiya toh usne mujhe NO bola! Papa ne mujhe scolding kiya. I am ‘phatting’ this paper. Mereko pink scooter chahiye. Aur pink dog. Aur pink cat. Aur pink car. Rice nahi chahiye. Only dahi chahiye. School nahi jaana, ghar jaana hai. Ghar nahi jaana, school jaana hai. Hum kahaan jaa rahe hain? Mall? Hum kahaan jaa rahe hain? Goa?

I don’t know. Where are you going? Aap office nahi jao. Aap mereko chodd ke nahi jao! Mereko fruit chahiye, badddda wala. Five chahiye – one, two, three, four five. Bathy karna hai. Aur bathy karna hai. Five minutes nahi, 2 minutes. Spitty mera friend hai na. Cockroach mera friend hai na. Bhoot mera friend hai na. Mereko neend nahi aarahi hai. Sona nahi hai. Sorry nahi bolna! Zo bad girl hai!

Main aapka hair comb karke clip lagati hoon ok? Wow, you’re looking so pretty! You are looking Cinderella. Main Cinderella hoon, Kanishka Snowwhite hai, aap step mother ho. Ok aap Fairy Godmother ho. Papa dwarves hai. Aap song chalao phir hum running karenge.

Mere nails kat karo. Mere ears clean karo. Aap running jao, main upar se dekhti hoon. Yeh hone ke baad, main aati hoon. I am here. Main idhar hoon. Main TV dekh rahi hoon. Papa troubling kar raha hai! Mummy love karti hai Zo ko. Chalo ball ball khelenge. Chalo books padhenge. Zo herself karegi. Aap Zo song gao na. I love you mummy.

Well, that’s just a glimpse, but that’s our very Hinglish (More hindi, less english) Zo version 2.5 for you. It also tells you just what exactly (or rather, who exactly) takes up our time every day. It’s fun. You can see.

What’s keeping you busy?

34 thoughts on “Zo bole, so nihaal

  1. Awwwwwwwwww… Zoeey baby! Aap itna adorable kaise ho?

    And DI, I am amused by the mention of ‘bhoot’ in her conversation. Where did she hear that word?

    1. Erm, that’s thanks to not-so-cool mumma! You see, I usually resort to the wrong means 😉 Spitty mentioned there is also a demon by the way. It’s just that she is no longer scared od monsters, demons, policemen, so bhoot is cool 😀 plus school influence. Bhoot is also her friend now though, and gets her imaginary chocolates *eye roll*

    1. 😦
      Spitty is the demon who takes away toys if you spit your food.
      And no, I would not want to believe that, more so cos I scold her the least 🙂 She just connects all mothers to me! 😀 Which is why fairy god mother was next!

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