Happiness, nirvana, and other such stuff

I recently got trolled on my blog. You might scornfully respond with a ‘so what? I am trolled every day. I am the controversy queen/king. In fact, this keeps me motivated and makes me look for the next hornet’s nest to disturb.’ But I am not like that, not at all. I am a nice, conflict-avoiding person, who only looks for peace and general happiness.

Which brings forward the irony of this situation. I was trolled for, wait for it, no, wait some more, yep, just a little bit, yep, let me just say it, being a ‘not-happy’ person. Actually, for being miserable. By someone who called themselves ‘Happy’ or ‘Happy person’ or something to that effect. This person then went ahead and offered his/her condolences to me, perhaps to make up for such a blatant insult, but the damage was done. I was an emoticon with a colon and an o already. Capital O. Then the O became a C.

That is when I took upon myself to do a happiness post. No, not just why I am happy, that might make the troll think I am selfish and self-centered and just assume that happiness is all about me. I have decided to spread joy. Give you mantras for being a happy person. Positivity mantras. Follow them, for unparalleled happiness in your life.


Any smile, even a grimace because you caught your neck while sleeping funny will do. But smile. First thing. Try to make it a little less toothy lest you scare the poor soul sharing your bed, but do smile. Walk up to a mirror, and smile at yourself. Make it toothy this time. ‘This will be a good day’, tell yourself. Say it in your head, smiling and saying it might lead to unwarranted scary visuals as mentioned before. This will also ensure that you spot any spinach on your teeth from last night’s dinner and stop you from stepping out of the room before brushing.


Mother Nature has more to offer than you can imagine. And no, I am not talking only of Pigeon poop in your balcony because come on people, the poor bird has nowhere to go, let it poop in peace will you? Look at the greenery, the trees, the grass, the babies in strollers being pushed around by parents (who I am sure would not have minded another hour in bed, but ignore them, look at the babies), the overflowing trash cans outside of doors. Take it all in. Enjoy the sights, the smells, the sounds. Yeah, you can also ignore the ‘Potty’ you just washed off your little one’s bum first thing in the morning, while in the ‘absorb’ phase.


So what if the bai didn’t come, it could have been worse, you could have slipped and fallen in a pile of shit. So what if there is a power cut right when you need to have a bath, it could have been worse, you could have broken your leg. So what if 3 of your team members decide to fall ill the same day when there is a lot of work, at least you didn’t die. It will take a while, but once you start realizing how much worse things could be, even though they are disconnected, you will start appreciating the things which were annoying you before. After all, isn’t that how all Facebook shares with the 1 Like = 1 respect work?


Come on, you are human. No one expects you to be able to do everything with the same level of awesomeness. So create your priority list. And you alone can assign weights to things that matter more. So if you need to give up a chat break for two additional rounds of Quiz up, it’s your choice. If you decide not to drink water because you are too full of the samosas you ate, and cannot move, your call. If you think muttering under your breath about the nincompoops you have to deal with is better than talking to said nincompoops and not achieving anything anyway, absolutely your call. You will realize that this will bring a sense of satisfaction like nothing else. There might be momentary lapse of reason and you might think, “Oh, I am getting fat”, or “Oh these guys still haven’t gotten better”, but trust me, that too shall pass.


Thank everyone. It’s not costing you anything but a few breaths. Everyone. Your bai who didn’t bunk (two days consecutively). Your team which turned up (just 15 minutes late). Your bike which started (after 4 kicks). The traffic which moved (finally). It will take a while, and then you can move to your parents, friends and all those who you want on your Academy award speech. Finally, without fail, thank me, for these gems, which I painstakingly wrote for you. I, I will thank my troll for making me realize my misery.

So tell me people, does the world seem rosier? Are flowers more colorful? The birds chirpier? Is it sun-shinier? I sure hope so. What? What did you say? We can take away the sun-shine because it is bloody summer (35 degrees CELCIUS)  here already? Really. After all that I do, you have issues.  Gah, you’re miserable.

Ooh, wow, you’re miserable, like me. Look Troll, here are some more people you can contact and sympathize with. Happy?  Oh wait, I think I did it, I just spread happiness! Was this the troll’s idea all this while? The ulterior motive behind his short and rude message? If yes, he/she succeeded!

Who knew I would learn so quickly right?


23 thoughts on “Happiness, nirvana, and other such stuff

  1. Congrats..you have truely arrived in the blogging world..after TEN years *gasp* or wait this must be your 330284838 th troll right..you just dedicated a post to the troll :):)

  2. Hawwwww..In your face, troll! 😀
    Nicely done, you. I don’t think the troll has enough intelligence to come back on this one! 🙂
    I never got any trolls. But then again, I don’t post often enough to attract them. 😛

  3. DI. Now that you told us how to be happy, its time to spread the happiness troll style. Catch any unsuspecting blogger and tell them in a patronising way to stop being unhappy and learn to live happily. Of course you will cone across as benevolent and not judgemental.

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