Mundane Monday much

Today has not been a good day. What’s more, today is not even over, not even close. And what perhaps takes the cake over and above all this is the fact, that this is exactly how every day the rest of this week looks like. Pathetic. And that’s an understatement.

It all started last night when instead of reading a book, I decided to watch the IPL Final. Now for most of you who know me, I am not an IPL fan, especially after my favorite team (which is a dynamic entity and subject to change upto 4 times each season) is ousted. But then yesterday when I realised that the Grand Finale was between KKR and KXIP, I finally found a team to not-support. The first innings finished with me jubilant with the non-performance of the team I was not-supporting and then bam, they recovered and won. And I went to sleep thinking of smug-faced SRK. I should have known right then that tomorrow would be no better.

Ofcourse it wasn’t. So it was already late (which means post midnight for creaky-boned 31 year old me) and just as I was about to fall asleep, I suddenly started thinking of the week that was coming up. One, this is close week, which generally sucks for reasons known to Finance folks. Two, Zo joins school this week, and I am supposed to, and allowed to have parenting jitters. Three, Zo has to move out of her very awesome day-care because ‘policies’ et al, the child’s comfort and parents’ choice be damned. And amidst all this there are just too many joining, withdrawal, transfer, random-shit-you-wouldn’t-believe-existed forms to filled. And, there are the driving classes which need you to wake up early, not that Zo-the-morning-person would let it be any different. So I started thinking of all this and did not fall asleep until around 1. And then, Zo woke up at 3 because she wanted to go to her Aaji/Thatha-Paati. And when that request was turned down, she wanted ‘Dudhu’. Finally after she was handed over her milk, she fell asleep again, only to wake up at 5, and tear my eyelids open because ‘Wake up! Morning ho gaya hai!’

I decided to skip driving class, and sleep. This worked, except there is this enormous guilt I feel whenever I bunk. I also decided to make Zo skip day-care because I did not know if they had arranged for food yet. So guilt pang 2 happened when Zo started crying saying ‘Waaaaa! Aap mereko school kyun nahi le ja rahi ho!’ She has weird priorities I know.

Then I reach work and my calendar is FULL of stuff which is not right on a close week when you have stuff to do anyway without having a full calendar to add to your miseries. And additionally there were mails to do things that have no business having a single day deadline, let alone on a close day. But I sucked it up and carried out chore after chore, ticking off one thing after the other, only with short breaks to check my Twitter timeline.

Which brings me to yet another source of pain for me, Twitter. Technically, I should have given up on Twitter way before because it doesn’t work out for people like me. In fact, I don’t get how it works out for anyone at all and constantly marvel at people with Followers in 4 digits. But very recently, actually the last week, I made some lame-ass joke on Tiger Shroff heavily inspired by (and credited to) some random FB post, and things got viral. One night and I gained some 30 followers. Which unnecessarily fueled this hope that I could also make it on Twitter. Only that never happened and now I am left trying to hold on to the meager list I have at the moment. Also, in the name of ‘conversing’ with some of the Twitterati, I managed to irrevocably piss them off, and the last wish I heard from one of them before they ‘unfollowed’ me was that I get hit by a bus. So. frigging. mean.

Anyhoo, it is not all bad, and one tiny glimmer of happiness in my otherwise whiny life, is this new book I am reading. It is Ruskin Bond’s ‘Love among the Bookshelves’ and while it is miles away from my usual genre, which is by default fiction, it is making for a very interesting read. Add to it an extremely talkative Zo who is in this super-curious phase where she has her own answers and logic for things we ignore to answer. Plus, a small part of me which has actually started ‘liking’ driving the car, of course not considering the folks on the road who I am sure pretty much say their prayers before setting out because they might just meet me. And lastly, the parents who are visiting which means I do absolutely no work at home, carry a dabba to work, and get a lot of guilt-free time to spend with The Dude.

That’s not bad you say? You feel I am way too pessimistic and I am complaining about irrelevant stuff? You think all that happy cancels out all that pathetic? You think I am being too whiny and should shut up and look at the brighter side of things?

Aw man. I do too. So happy week ahead everybody. Ok?

20 thoughts on “Mundane Monday much

  1. My Monday was horrible as well… I just posted this on FB today evening:
    Horrendous Monday… Late to office, missing shuttle, haggling for autos, bombarded with work, no proper lunch, late to leave from office, shuttle stuck in mindf*ckin traffic, walking half hour all the way to station and an amazing journey in Mumbai locals!!!
    And the day is not over yet!

    Just spent the weekend at Lonavala and I already feel the need for a break!! Again. Sigh!!

    A post to come up soon!

  2. And that’s just the beginning of the week! 😮 This is no mundane..this is maddening. But your parents are coming…good days ahead 🙂

  3. Wohow! Thats just not mundane. Its manic! (You know, from that song, “Just another manic Monday”. I dont know why i refered to that, but meh.)
    So much on your plate! Glad your parents are here..Atleast something to look forward to! 🙂

    1. Too many things. It’s just gotten worse with all the unrest in the city! Schools closed, people are not at work, AND the maid is absconding ugh! This might be the worst week in the history of my-kind!
      Yep, parents being here is a boon 🙂

  4. “Also, in the name of ‘conversing’ with some of the Twitterati, I managed to irrevocably piss them off, and the last wish I heard from one of them before they ‘unfollowed’ me was that I get hit by a bus.”

    Are you serious???? Can’t believe people can be so bloody awful.

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