So it’s Friday and I kinda remembered the Fun Friday series that I used to do in the past but discontinued because distractions happened and thought, well, let’s come back and give it a shot again now, shall we?

Things did improve after Monday obviously because it is already Friday, and I am here and not setting fire to the world, and plus close week is over you all. I am also very hungry but we all know that’s not news it’s just, a thing, a state of happening. So as I had mentioned the last time on the blog, I was giving up on Twitter because everyone hates me there (not true, I am kind of non-existent, which is worse) and I kept to my promise and hardly logged in all week. Even switched to music while walking down to my driving class pick up point instead of staring at and scrolling down my timeline hoping I will find something funny enough to retort to without upsetting the person. It has worked, my time off. In fact I gained 4 followers in the last week, so I think I have a vague idea of what I was doing wrong all this while. Tweeting. People like my silence there.

On Tuesday, it was not all happy-rosy to begin with. I first squashed my thumb by getting it caught in the Wagon R’s door and it hurt like maddeningly bad, it was purple. It was deep pink actually, but that doesn’t tell you how bad it was, so it was purple. Then, after all my root canal drama (I spoke about it right? The root canal? Because I might have missed it. Twitter got my social media balance screwed), which was more drama less pain because frankly once the ‘work’ started I did not even need any painkillers, I returned on Tuesday to ‘give size for the crown’. Ok what comes to your mind when you say that? I know my tooth is dead, and it needs a crown, and I am supposed to give the size. So I went waving my arms like all was well with the world after all what could get worse after yesterday, and my doc takes out a drill.

I have bad teeth. I am sorry, I am like totally going off on a tangent, but I have bad teeth, not bad looking really, but bad ‘kolty‘. Multiple fillings, extractions, and a root canal on the front tooth (which is an achievement I have decided to put on my resume), I have seen everything. And then the case of the protagonist tooth of the moment is like ultimate. I knew there was a cavity, I could feel it, but I waited till it hurt like hell (phase 1) to get it filled, by which time the cavity was deep, like deep deep. Still I got it filled. But had to stop eating on the side cos it was uncomfortable.

And I was still living with all this till one day I had the mother of all pains emanating from said tooth (which I was not sure of) and going till my ear. For two days I sat back and contemplated what it could be, tooth, or jaw, or sinus, or ear? Or imagination? Eventually I decided it was the tooth and went to the dentist.

Long story short, root canal was sentenced and it was painless! It was lovely. I had some random temp filling and I was living a happy life (no painkillers!) waiting for the ‘permanent crown size fitting’ for which I finally went on Tuesday. And then, the dentist takes out a drill.

I hate drills. It’s my most unfavorite tool of the lot. I am even ok with the tiny hammer they hit you on the tooth with and ask ‘ does it hurt’ though it makes me think ‘Er, I am not here for fun really, ofcourse it hurts!’ With the drill it is that Eeeeee sound that I hate, the smell of tooth being ground, the powdered tooth flying around, gross. And the worst thing, that possibility of sudden sensitivity, UGH.

So the drill was out, and I was like, “Why the drill?” Now some background, the dentist is sort of our family friend so she knows me well, so she was like “I have to grind your tooth right? How else will I take size? You’ve had a root canal before you should know!”. By this time, I knew things were not going to be good. “Don’t worry”, she said “the tooth is already dead, you won’t feel a thing.”

And she started. Now actually, it didn’t hurt. Except that I was sitting with my mouth wide open squinting at the light above, hearing that dreaded drill go eeeeee and trying to not swallow anything, it was alright. But, then, it , hurt. I squirmed a bit, to which my dentist, the true doctor said, “Don’t worry, there will be a slight discomfort in the gums”, and continued. I could see she was being nice and encouraging and stuff, but I was really not enjoying all the poking into the gums.

And the last straw when I spit and there was blood. People, do not gross out here because I was in a lot of pain and it is not nice to go ‘Eww!’ on people in pain. Anyway, it got done, and after multiple rounds of poking, I left for work with pretty painful gums which hadn’t happened even after the Root canal “surgery” where I went prepared for a swollen face. So while technically, the pain wasn’t so much, the wide gap between expectations (no pain, party!) and reality (Pain, pain, pain, Blood!)  in this case did not work well for me, Especially since said wide gap was completely in my favor the last time.

So I am unfortunate like that. Anyway, I am all better now so don’t feel very bad for me. Also I get it that I started this post on a fun mode (self-proclaimed) and it turned out to be a TMI post on how not to manage your teeth. But it counts, as a post for humanity. So you can show me a little gratitude. No, not for ending the post meanies.

Ok, for the post ending. And for Friday?


35 thoughts on “Fridaying

  1. This was supposed to be fun friday post na? After reading this i had fun brushing my teeth extra 10 secs and adding dental floss to my things-to-buy list. Anyway, looks like all is well now. You take care Di and I must tell you that i don’t like your silence here. Keep that privilege for your twitter followers only, please.

  2. If I don’t see you on twitter for 10 days, i begin to worry.

    I give a nasty glance whenever the doctors tell me that it won’t hurt.. of course it would, why else would they try to say it won’t. . I have major trust issues with that..

    Did the doc tell you to eat loads of ice cream? soft serve types.. Is this why you were asking for red velvet icecream?

  3. Lady, you crack me up with your writing skills… this root canal and gum pains and spitting blood post made my Friday night 🙂

    Hugs darling, tight hugs on tooth saga, it is painful, I know, I really know know! Been there, done that, you see!

    Muwah, DI, you are cute 🙂

  4. The one thing that you should never do in life, like never ever ever, is trust, dentists. When I got my root canal done, after 6 painful dozes of local anesthesia, it still hurt like a bitch. I am not even making this up. Apparently the LA doesn’t numb pain for some people. I am scarred for life because of my experience. If I ever have to go back in there, I am pretty sure i’ll need rehab to recover after.
    But, boy, it’s done. And that feels good. Doesn’t it?

  5. ok please dont mind but here it goes HA HA HA HA HA HA HA 🙂 that cracked me up for sure ..
    thankfully I have never had a tooth problem .. and I pray I dont ever have one .. you take care of yourself please ..

    U on twitter , I am sure I am also on there But I rarely log in .. I have never managed to get the hang of it …

  6. OMG..i thought it was a fun post!;)

    Anyway, good that it is over..the earlier you tackle the problem the better..

    Our company had a dental camp a year ago and that’s when I found out I had a problem with my wisdom teeth…Had to get one removed and it became so complicated with the bleeding not stopping and the dentist asking my husband to quickly get a medicine to stop the bleeding…

    Then I decided to go in for extraction of the remaining 3 teeth under “conscious sedation”…I didn’t feel a thing but the Doc says the pain must have been very bad because even in my drug-induced state I kept telling the surgeons to be slow!

    I went for a check-up recently and was relieved that I have no dental issues!

  7. I have bakwas looking teeth, but thankfully not had a single cavity or any dental procedure in my life. I only go to the dentist for a clean up and even that ‘cleaning machine’ that seems to grind against my teeth makes me go eeeeeew.

    Anyway, I am glad it is over for you and that the weekend has already begun!

  8. Post title is Fridaying..and you talk about Tuesdaying. You are full of surprises 😛

    I have never gone to a dentist *ahem* maybe I should go for cleaning, polishing and all those jazzy things, na? The only time I had gone to a dentist was when we went to see one for my sister who had a cavity or something. I was a kid then. I had bunny teeth (I must be 8 or 9) and the dentist *sort of* made fun of me (mostly trying to assure my parents that everything will be fine) Ha! Never saw a dentist after that.

    Have a happy weekend now 🙂

  9. Aiyo…take care da..this tooth thingie sounds super painful 😦 ..hope your weekend was relaxing…dunno about others..but I LOVE your for fans like will tweet eh?

  10. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Hope the pain is gone and forgotten by now. And that you had a fabulous weekend. I have fairly awful teeth myself (both in terms of aesthetics and quality) so I feel your pain. Heh.

  11. Oh my god! You reminded me of my root canal sittings with the dentist! I SO hate dentists and their drill. They scare the hell outta me! 😦
    I have bad teeth too.. which means I have had a lot of dentist visits too. 😦 This reminds me, I have to visit a dentist soon, before the other tooth also requires a root canal. 😦

  12. Your post reminded me of “This is going to hurt just a little bit..” – That Ogden Nash poem in 10th Standard CBSE syllabus! 😀
    While I am glad its over for you, I would like to subtly quote the last few lines of the poem, just as a caveat!

    “And this, O Fate, is I think the most vicious circle that thou ever sentest,
    That Man has to go continually to the dentist to keep his teeth in good condition
    when the chief reason he wants his teeth in good condition
    is so that he won’t have to go to the dentist.”

    Very misleading title and start, btw..Not that I mind! 🙂

    1. Bwahahaha! I was planning to name it that, but I named my hair straightening post that! Hehe.
      I loved the poem, and the illustration.
      I actually just wrote whatever came to mind and then decided not to change the misleading beginning!

  13. My teeth hurt while reading your post! 😦 Don’t ever Mention the Drill….The mere thought of it makes my head think of clanking metal and nails on the blackboard type of things!
    And….You mention Spitting Blood! Seriously! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    And At least you Tweet and have Followers to speak of 😀 All I did was make a handle! 😛

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