June baraabar June

You have to believe me when I say that I have started a post multiple times in this last month and none of them ever got published because, well, because I can get moronic about what goes out on here. Before you even mentally make a any remark bordering on ‘this is what comes out after screening?’, I will quickly divert your attention to the nicer things that have happened!

Like this lovely award from the equally lovely Shweta! And might I add in a moment of immodesty, the second time it has been passed on to me, making it all the more precious!

So of course accepting the award had it’s set of rules to be followed, of which I only adhered to the questions bit last time. I thought of doing the same thing this time around as well, and when I started answering the questions, Around question no. 3 I realized that my post had started sounding very much like an inspirational speech by Mata Divyamayi and this point, combined with how my frequency here has dwindled to less than once a month, could be hazardous to my very existence. So I quit.

And instead thought of recording some stuff I am not allowed to forget.

In the facts category, June was an extremely happening month with the whole family stepping into a new routine because Zo, wait for it, started school. Yes yes, take your time to get over the initial shock. But yeah my itty bitty Zo wears a uniform and sits in class for 3 hours every day and ‘learns’ stuff. However, the school is one of those ‘we want the children to absorb at their own pace’ and ‘we believe each child is measured only against himself’ and ‘blah-di-blah’ kinds, so it works well for my Zo-who-gets-bored-easily. Anyway, the new routine took a while to kick in and still has hiccups but we are happy to report, it’s functional.

In the observation category, what is with the constant whining about childhoods being ruined by technology and internet and smartphones and blah? Really? Are we saying that our kids aren’t ‘enjoying’ their childhood the way we did because all this extra stuff is available? Reeeeallly? I mean so TV is available 24X7, so where does it say they have to see it all the time? I think we should thank our stars the content is good (Baby TV and Disney Junior have taught Zo better English than I can expect, plus all those counting and guessing games are fun), because when I was a kid I watched Ramayana and Mahabharata and then waited for that ONE hour of Ducktales and Talespin. In Hindi.

Also, about they getting their hands on smartphones and ipads this early, ok fine, then don’t let them have the stuff! The only time I am guilty of doing this is when I really need time off for something else like work or a quick nap. And honestly, she prefers play-doh to all this. Even when does watch stuff on the ipad, she is back in sometime wanting to play ‘Bat-ball’. In any case, I still see hundreds of children (literally) in the play area every evening playing exactly how we did. So please don’t share that picture of a Lama kid with a sparrow and that of a city kid with an iphone because YOU gave him the iPhone. Also, bullshit we played with sparrows (actually, I did, a lot, but that was before I kinda started disliking birds and the mess they create).

Anyway, I do have some rules like I haven’t taken Zo to the movies yet, because it’s too loud, plus she gets bored soon, also I hate being an nuisance to the rest of the people (totally judge people who get little kids along, sorry), so it isn’t that I am chilled out about everything. Just clarifying.

Fact point 2 was that the Dude and I finished 7 years of marriage! *Drumrolls* My company gifts us a dinner at a lavish place which is how we brought in the day. On the actual day, I had a holiday (which I thought was unfair because I had planned to take the day off anyway and the whole company got the day off. Hmph.) and so did Zo, but The Dude didn’t but he chose to work from home, so I spent my day trying to keep Zo away from the Smartcard through which The Dude had connected to work. T’was fun. I also cooked my first non-vegetarian dish, a baked cheese chicken thing I picked off the internet and The Dude conceded it was good. Like he had a choice.

Finally, The Dude closed June by gallivanting off to Goa with his college friends leaving me in charge of Zo. Fortunately, I developed a sudden interest in shopping online (the online part being the new thing) and wasted quite some time doing virtual window shopping with the Lil Sis trying to use up the 40% weekend discounts. I also tried real shopping at some sales that started, but I forgot that Zo and Sales do not go together, and it doesn’t really help if there is this little thing pulling you towards kids clothes aisles saying , ‘mera clothes dekho‘ all the time. It certainly helped her, because we only bought her stuff.

By that equation, June was a busy month. But it is over now. So is half the year. And as always, it’s scary how time passes. Eep. Sometimes I don’t like it. Some times I just want it to go by even faster. Sometimes, I really don’t give a damn.

And those days are my favorite kind. I just hope that every day in the rest of this year falls under this bucket.


26 thoughts on “June baraabar June

  1. hahahahhah! I love reading your posts..always make me smile 🙂 Zo isnt the only child who gets bored easily..every child I know, including mine, gets bored very easily :):)

    and congrats on the 7 years of marriage..wow! and oh such a nice company you have…giving you dinner and all that..sahi hai!

    and oh oh! chicken dish eh? super!

    1. Thank you RM 🙂 I am sure about the bored thing, in fact I am sure it just gets worse! And thanks 😀 Our company is cool that way, it’s like Taj, Westin, Mariott, each anniversary 🙂
      Hehe, I know right? I broke my vow to never cook non-veg just like that. Actually I should use it as a ‘Things I do for love’ excuse!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! 🙂
    Zo started school? Awesome!! Does she come back home with tales of what happened at school? It’s so much fun to hear the stuff my nephews tell, though that happens rarely!
    Good to read your post! 🙂

    1. Yes yes! Already! though half the time I think she makes up stuff, it’s like some policeman or evil stepmom will enter most stories 😐 Thank you Arch! I know I am PATHETIC at commenting but I am up to date with all your posts too 🙂

  3. Whaaaat? You get a paid dinner for you anniversary? Which company do you work for?

    Does Zo like school? or is she neutral to it? and was there in rona dhona on her first day?

    1. Bawa! You know me, go google and find the company 😀 Zo enjoys school most days, some days she wants to sleep but then I can’t complain cos I like sleep too. I was playing this game today where I was giving her choices to pick from, like do you like pink or blue, orange or mango, and then I asked her home or school, she said school! 😮 I also asked her mummy-papa and she said mummy AND papa. What a diplomatic kid! No rona dhona no, sh just waved bye and left, she’s a cool kid!

  4. The Other Side of Life

    Happy Anniversary! 🙂
    Your company is good, man. I hope they give me leave for my wedding. :-/
    I always thought technology was spoiling kids. But I didnt even have a reason to think so! I just realized that when I read your post. You are so right! Why did I not think of this..
    And glad you got out of your blothargy. 😛 (Publicizing the word)

    1. Hehe, here’s the thing, they give the dinner but if my anniv was anywhere close to close, HAHAHAHA, it’s screw you get to work. Like I am missing Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti. Horrible.
      About the technology bit, I can say this cos I have Zo now. I new I would never be too restrictive and I had heard of people saying no Tom and Jerry cos it taught violence. My point is come on, we don’t learn everything from TV, I LOVED Tom and Jerry and I did not beat up people. Also moderation is key, because Zo herself at one point had gone all tantrum-y for the ipad so I cut it out. Now she knows it’s for a fixed time.
      I love Blothargy, the word, not the concept 🙂

  5. Wow! She goes to school now. My niece will start going to school from next week and she is so excited!

    Happy Anniversary 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary ..

    and when will i get to have a company like that which pays 🙂

    and god bless the little one .. growing up now school starts soon it will be college and Uni .. time flies

  7. I’m totally with you on the whining about how kids don’t have the same childhood and they are being ruined by technology. Every generation doesn’t have the same childhood as the one before that. But guess what, life goes on. And yeah, just because screens exist, doesn’t mean we don’t set limits on them for the kids. Also kids themselves have a threshold on how much they’ll sit in front of a screen, after which they themselves want to do the same things that kids have done generations ago like make a mess etc. Not that we actually allow them to set their own limit, but once when both V and I were sick and had no energy, we set them in front of the TV and 1 hour is their threshold, what they usually get is 30 minutes max. It’s also useful when they are sick and you want them to rest instead of running around like madcaps which they mysteriously are able to do even with fever.

    Oh yeah, and Happy Anniversary to you, and Happy Schooldays to Zo.

    1. Thanks Blue Bride! I am glad you agree. I was getting tired of reading about how we were so lucky and how we had the best times (we did I agree) and how these kids are so unlucky! 😐 For me this borders on the category oh lucky us with moms at home poor kids with nannies and daycares today (another topic I loathe and choose to shut up about). And like you said, they get bored so easily, they need new stuff all the time. Zo comes looking for me once she realizes I am using the pad as a bait to get some me time, and she’s quick at that.
      Thanks for the wishes!

  8. I love your posts and this is the last time I’m saying this ..no not because I’ll not read you anymore but because I’ve I guess said this a 1000 times already in past 3-4 years 🙂 🙂

    Zo dahling started school, yay!! Chirpy doesn’t have a uniform this year, will have next year.. and girl, every day I’m listening to her teacher saying “yeh bilkul ek jagah nahi baithti” 😛 should I feel proud, happy,or worried? 🙂 I shrug it off for now, later will see 😉

    1. Hehehe! I get you Nu totally! At the moment, their hyper behavior is awesome, I am just thinking if it will work forever 😀 But we underestimate the girls, I think they will know exactly what to do at the right time 🙂

  9. Belated anniversary wishes DI and the Dude 🙂
    Your company gives a dinner for your anniversary? 😯 Mine wont even give an eclairs chocolate 😐
    And reading your tweets, they provide good food too 😀 I do not think any vacancy will be unfilled for a long time in your company hehehe
    Those 40% sales are death of savings – I am now keeping most of the selections in ‘save for later’ 😆

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