Present Sir!

I am not typing this on a word doc as I usually do. Instead I am using the new post page on WordPress. This is because if I don’t do that, this post will end up incomplete, unpublished like all the other posts have been recently. So I am assuming that if I type it here I will be forced to publish whatever shit I write. Haha, like that’s possible.

So before we head on to more important things like what’s kept me busy, couple of nice things happened. Like this.

Femina 2

Yes, so the review I wrote for Femina got picked and they did this itty-bitty introduction of me in the magazine in print and had me pretty chuffed for a few days. Until one day I arranged for a Collage competition at work and people were busily cutting through magazines and one of them came across this. Said person shared it with EVERYONE in his group and finally, added it on the collage itself for the whole floor to see. Now thing is, this means free publicity, which I do not dislike, but I personally do not share my blog with people at work. But this has happened now so I have no clue who among those who know me here read me now, but if you got here through the collage, hi there! Now you know why I don’t talk of the blog at work!

The other nice thing was Aarya nominating me for the Liebster award (again! but this time in pink!) thereby spoiling me for attention. Thank you girl!


There was also a tag of questions, which I swear I started answering on my last draft, but I realised that I fell asleep somewhere in between which scared me, because I can’t have you all sleep when you read me, please. Especially since I have become so infrequent, I am sure some of you have removed me from your reader *Sad face*.

Anyway, getting back to the ‘important’ topic of what kept me away. Let’s pause here, build some anticipation, take a deep breath, and here goes.


I mean seriously, nothing. No big trips, the usual work, the usual Zo, the usual life. So why was I away. Hmm. Let me think. I think it’s cos I’m a helluva lazy bugger. I mean seriously. Zo sleeps by 10 on most days and I never do before 11, so I don’t have thatΒ excuse as well. I have just been so busy doing irrelevant things, that I haven’t blogged. Or commented. I read though, in my defense. Plus this twitter business has gotten out of hand. For me, it’s like blogging was in 2009 – out of hand, constant refreshes, constant commenting, conversations. Oh My God. And Twitter is crazier because all you need is the darn mobile, and you can make it the first and last thing you do each day.

Except it is not. The first and last thing I see each day is my Blackberry, a curse bestowed upon mankind. It is one thing to be constantly connected, but itsn’t good for people who do not know where to draw the line. I think I know I crossed it when Zo asks me to play with her but also adds – ‘phone mat lana‘ everytime. Bad mommy. Very bad.

Ok, so that was that. I came here just to mark my attendance so that you don’t forget me altogether cos that would break my heart. Blogging is still my first love and I really hope that I give up on the distractions and get more regular again before I am stored off as defunct, or inactive on Readers, or worse still, removed. So yes guys, rejoice, there’s hope! For me that is, yours just got smashed.

We’ll be back.



22 thoughts on “Present Sir!

  1. Hello from another lazy-bugger! :D. You still are pretty active on twitter, I can’t dare boast even that. I’m plain lazy!

    Hearty congratulations on being featured in Femina! You’ve earned the right to be chuffed! :). Here’s to more accolades and recognition..

  2. Attendance noted .. See you when we see you then πŸ™‚
    and ooops on work collegues coming over , you surly cant write anything about work anymore here πŸ™‚ he he he he

    and congrats on getting featured .. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to that .. and another one on the award.. πŸ™‚

  3. I totally understand where the laziness comes from. One lazy blogger to another.

    Maybe you should not eat Osmania biscuits.. Have a reward system? Two Osmania biscuits for every blog post (or because I feel jealous, take your pick πŸ˜› )

  4. Good you are present today, but you need to improve on your attendance lady, this can lower your % in final results πŸ˜›

    Yet again published in Femina ? You go girl πŸ™‚ Rockstar

    Bad Mommy, seriously, don’t do that.. these girls note everything and also know to tell us that they are aware of our divided attention 😦 I’ve stopped being connected on phone myself when she is around, to become a good attentive mommy! πŸ™‚

    Hugs and Congratulations πŸ™‚

  5. Ha..whatey title…celebrating Teacher’s day eh πŸ˜€
    Badhai ho..on getting published, that too with a photu πŸ™‚
    Well, to be frank, I do not miss you thanks to Twitter..your tweets are full time pass for a weary me at the end of the day. So, thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Wow! Celeb. Celebs rarely have time to blog, so its ok! πŸ˜€
    Do write naa! My Reader has gone silent because of all you lazy bloggers.

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