Now that we’re here – Day 1

Apparently, the brain does rust with respect to any aspect that remains undone, untouched, untried for a while, in my case today, blogging. 2014 was started with crazy optimism, and the promise to do a post a day, every day for the first 31 days of the month. And I actually managed 24 straight days, some, where there was a practical race against time to make it to the midnight deadline, content be damned. And then, I gave up.

And not just on the marathon, but also blogging frequently in general. Heart-breaking. Because if I could manage content for 24 days straight (no picture posts even, mind you), the only reason why my blogging dwindled to a post to a month, even zero, can only be attributed to laziness.But as you know, I am all about not quitting, positivity and all that jazz, as long someone else is not preaching about it. So when Seema mailed me, asking if I wanted to give it another shot, I said, well, why not.

And so here I am! Presenting to you all, those of you who still have me on your reader – Blogathon version 2.0 – 31 days of non-stop posting on this site, prioritizing it higher than all other life-changing distractions like Twitter, sleep, even staring at the walls. Which would also explain why I am sitting at 9:50 PM at my laptop, typing my debut post of 2015, on a holiday, instead of being busy with one of the those priorities I mentioned above (though I did stare at the walls a bit before I could even start typing because boy it’s tough to write a whole page when you have given up writing anything more than 140 characters, or 99 words).

So here’s to me blogging again. And reading more blogs. Reading more in general. Writing more in general. Enjoying every day doing all that is important, and more importantly doing all that is enjoyable. Looking forward to new beginnings, ‘cos we all know how much I love new beginnings.

Here’s to 2015.


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