Confessions of a Shopaholic, kinda

Edit : Today is the 8th of March 2016, more than a year since I wrote this post. And I see this, today. Which makes me very very happy and also quite annoyed that I didn’t see it before! So dear Blogadda, thank you once again, for recognizing the post, and no thanks for not letting me know via a comment!


This time of the year is my favorite, for reasons including, but not limited to the holiday feeling, the beautiful nip in the air and the sun that is welcome for once. The other big reason I love this time, is for it’s “End of Season Sales“, which might have the most inappropriate nomenclature (I mean, what end of what season on this country are we talking of?), but more than makes up for that petty little fact by it’s mere existence.

I love shopping. Again, who doesn’t, you might ask. Especially if you are a woman, the more sexist of you might add. True. Of the women I have known and met and spoken to at length, I can count on my fingers the ones who ‘dislike’ shopping. In fact, a slightly cynical part of me might assume and conclude that they say so just to sound different. You know like the ones who would deem PK as a boring movie, because everyone else either found it awesome or offensive or entertaining? But again, I have hardly come across too many of the kind.

Because how in the world can you not want to look a, try, and own those beautiful shirts, kurtis, and shoes, displayed enticingly in the shop windows. How can you not wonder how much slimmer that pair of black jeans on that model in poster would make you look. Or how that big red Tote would go with everything you own. It is just a  natural reaction. Which has apparently been understood so well by the merchandisers over the years, that they play on it, and we play along happily. And when you see that red tag saying ‘up to 50% off’, you are better off just giving in.

And with the advent of online shopping, things have actually gone a tad overboard, with ‘window’ shopping getting a while new meaning. Also, with something being perennially on discount on these sites, the allure is unavoidable. The sales persons are replaced by the more accurate counterparts, that little tick you place when you say you ‘Accept’ all terms and conditions, and these little buggers get into every detail of what size of what item in what color on what site did you ‘view’, and then bombard you with ‘suggestions’. On the sides of every website you visit, and now even on your mail. My favorite being this one site where I placed this pair of shoes in the cart to check the discount out, and it has been sending mails to my account, every singe day reminding me of it. Till, I went and removed it from there.

Yes, it can get annoying, and yes it is freakishly addictive, but in the end, when you do buy something, the thrill of coming home with the lovely packets containing your day’s finds, or opening the door to your parcel, is unbelievable. Kinda makes all the spam mail, messages, and of course the hole in your pocket worth it. If not on that day itself, definitely, when you sashay to work the next day in the new outfit.

And just for the sake of that feeling, I spent the whole day today, morning until late afternoon, hopping from shop to shop, trial room to trial room, picking out pretty stuff. And I was so exhausted by the end of it all, that i slept 2 hours straight (which I would have done even if I had spent the whole day sprawled on the bean bag watching Z Cinema, but still). But at the end of it, I have my spoils of the day, 6 brand new shirts and a pair of jeans, at prices I believe are a bargain. And ofcourse, how I look in them when I get to wearing them will just make it all absolutely worth it.

Hopefully. But then a little assumption didn’t hurt anybody, did it?

16 thoughts on “Confessions of a Shopaholic, kinda

  1. I am just a tad bit scared to tell you i am not a shopping fan.

    I hAve my moments when i shop and do it with a vengence but on an average i am not enthused by the idea.

    Will you still be my friend please

  2. Umm, I hate shopping. I HATE it. I just never have the patience for it. It doesn’t give me a high. It is not therapeutic. It annoys and tires me. God promise. I am not just saying it to seem different.

    I like owning new things sometimes, but I hate the process of looking for and buying them. I have no patience. Also, I don’t feel too much joy on owning new clothes and stuff. I am mildly happy, but not really thrilled. 😐 The pain I feel while shopping overpowers the little happiness I feel after owning new things. My dislike for shopping triumphs all my other desires and joys.

    Will you believe me if I said I haven’t shopped properly for years now? Other than the buying of a few odd things here and there that is…

  3. I love shopping. But I enjoy it the most when I am alone. I somehow don’t like to go with anyone who would have an opinion on what I’m buying and then I end up confused. I love to explore the supermarket, roadside shops, flea markets and check all the aisles at peace and I get excited when I see a new product which I hadn’t seen before. But I do not have the patience to go to the trial room. Mostly I look at the dress and assume that it must fit me. But if Im buying something which is costly (which I very rarely do) then I make sure I try it out to be on safer side. I have somehow still not taken to online shopping. I have bought books online but never bought clothes or accessories.

    1. Online is only for footwear, books, and bags. I am scared of buying without trying! Esp jeans and trousers because u dont know how they look!
      I don’t mind shopping alone but I need The Dude to tell me how good something is 😉 though he makes me feel guilty at times too.
      I HATE trialrooms and people who don’t respect queues.

  4. I hate shopping tooo.. well i dont make special arrangements to go shopping , if i am buying other stuff and i see a good shirt i buy it ..

    online shopping works perfect for me and saying that I have 2 or 3 boxes of stuff that i had ordered during christmas sales, yet to open i have forgotten what i had ordered.. but then saying that shopping has never been a MAN thing 🙂 oh no no no I am sexist 🙂

    1. Men just don’t like shopping for the stuff women do, for their stuff, they spend hours analysing! If you see The Dude on the comp he can spend hours reading reviews of camera lenses 😐 But shopping otherwise, he hates!

  5. I like shopping – more online than instore these days. My only peeve is that you could have spent three hours and still not found something to suit your budget or size or taste. Whereas shopping online respects your time.

    I found PK beaten to death boring. Anushka Sharma’s insect bitten lips taking half the frame did not help. The music had nothing new, I found the alien concept a tad stupid, and i had found it odd that the note in the church had no ‘to’ or ‘from’. Yes I yawned too much watching the movie and waited for it to end. Promise!

    1. True true very true! Actually I prefer the end result of shopping (the stuff!) to the experience. But sometimes, finding the right thing can thrill me to bits 🙂 Online, I have to wait for the delivery! 😉
      PK. I found it very so-so. But I found 3 idiots so-so too. I find all these gyan baazi movies so hyped I refuse to give them a thought. The note was ANNOYING.
      I feel for Anushka, all that spend and effort for such a sad outcome 😦

    1. I am very particular about not buying books until I have not more than 2 unread books in my shelf. And because of a Oath of Vayuputras and the recent Jeffery Archer, this means I have to read everything I buy to buy more 😦

  6. I swear online shopping has made life hell. What am I saying. Since we are setting up our house now, we are in a mall, every evening. Including weekdays. There’s no way we cant enter apparel stores then. So, basically, we dont have furniture, but we have loads of clothes now. Its sad.

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