Beep beep boop

I apologize for the title. But if you’re on WordPress you’ll know what I mean. Everyday, when I click on the add post button, late in the night, after having exhausted my brain cells on numbers and power point presentations and mails, this little beep beep boop tries to wake me up to the fact the next 15 minutes need to be a tad more than a zoned out walk through the whole day usually is.

It tries, but doesn’t always succeed. Like today, I had made up my mind that this post has to be more than an update, atleast definitely not an update. But it is not working. And here I am, sitting at my laptop, typing out the first thing that comes to my mind, much like everything else. They say spontaneity is good, but I am sure they didn’t mean in writing. Because writing has to have some thought, some substance, some tone, something more than just words.

This whole write everyday thing is turning out to be tougher than I anticipated, and definitely tougher than it seemed last time I did it. I am not sure what it was, because I was newer at the job, spent a lot more time travelling in the first 10 days, and Zo was younger, which should technically make it tougher to take time out and write, but it happened. This time, I can see the content taking a turn for the worse already, and it the darned 6th day  of this whole thing.

But I am not going to force myself into it. Actually, I am too tired, or you can say lazy, to even give it a shot. I am just going to let it be, and let things happen as they do. Good if there is a blog post, fine if there isn’t. Great if the content is fun, fine if it isn’t. Awesome if I can actually manage writing for 31 days at a stretch, fine if I don’t. Ensuring that I don’t stress or think too much about how I lack discipline, or have wrong priorities, or feel guilty about not doing better. At this, and at everything else.

Letting things be. Perhaps that’s what my motto for 2015 should be.


17 thoughts on “Beep beep boop

  1. I hear you, DI! This blogathon is stressing me out just so much more than it did last year. I count days everyday and can’t believe it is the 6th day today. My dad’s bro being ill has consumed so much of my time. A lot of things are different this year. I don’t know how I will complete this, though I really want to.

    ‘Letting things be’ has been my motto almost all my life. I am a lazy bum and I hardly ever push myself. I just let it all be.Nothing in my life gets done or completed. This blogathon was the only thing I pushed myself for and I want to do it again. Just to prove to myself that I can, when I am determined. So I really hope I last the whole month. But all said and done, if I really feel too stressed, I am going to just let it be too.

  2. I have already stopped thinking of it.. missed a day already.

    I have had the worst possible start to the new year. Trying to be regular but failing.
    Thanks to this new fone I get the reader and m able to read and comment on some posts..
    Not sure if I can continue much let’s see .. as such I never wrote anything worth ….so its ok I guess

    All the best

  3. And that’s whole point of writing and enjoying the process. I could hardly do the 31 days ones. I blog twice a week which is enough to keep me happy 🙂 I would say good idea, take it slow 🙂

  4. I think this would be a 100th time I’m saying I love reading your blog. One is yours and the other pepper’s. I know I don’t comment often now but I read it all 🙂 and trust me even this post that you don’t deem fit as a post at all made my day 🙂

    Keep writing cause readers like us want to read whatever your brain dictates :))


  5. Dont give up now. I am almost tempted to start blogging because of your dedication. And did you see how I went back and read all your posts and commented? 😀

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