New post, update, or why you shouldn’t unfollow this blog

I finally quit Twitter a week ago (or, we are on a break), primarily to make time for important things in life, which in this case is apparently this game called Ruzzle. Which basically means that all that time I spent scrolling down my timeline to respond to snarky, smart-ass tweets, and at times come up with snarky, smart-ass tweets myself, is now dedicated to making as many words as possible in under 2 mins on a 5×5 grid of alphabets. My competition is my little sister, and my scrabble comrades of yore, though the latter haven’t been much of a competition lately.

Anyhow, one of the primary reasons of getting rid of one enticing form of social media was to be able to concentrate on the other, much older counterpart, the blog. Which unfortunately, I didn’t, till now, when I ended up reading some extraordinary posts that motivated me to step up to the game again. The point is, I am not in dearth of time really, unlike before, when I hardly had me time. Zo, starting full time school has meant about 3 hours of extra time each morning for me; which I am pretty aware that I am not utilizing well.

Picture this. I am now usually up by 6:45 AM, which is torture in itself, but for some weird reason isn’t hurting as much as I would have thought it would. Add to this the fact, that I’m never in bed before midnight, and if you were to go by my Jawbone statistics, have a pretty broken sleep pattern. Despite all this, I wake up bright, fuelled by The Dude’s ginger chai (which I don’t think I can live without anymore), and set about with the morning chores of getting Zo up, about and out by 7:45 AM; which is when the house settles down in an eerie sort of calm, like that after a storm has passed.

And this is when the 3 hours start – my 3 hours. Let’s keep one out, which is how long I think I need to get ready, breakfast time included. What do I do with the remaining 2 hours? Seriously, what all I could do with the 2 hours! Theoretically, a lot, but when it comes to actually doing something, the situation is different. 30 odd minutes are spent idly staring at phone, checking whatsapp updates, responding to some, checking Twitter updates, responding to some, searching for a new way of saying work sucks, weekdays suck, travel sucks or something similar – on whatsapp and Twitter, and of course, more recently, playing my turn in Ruzzle for the 10 active games.

Then I follow it up with some serious contemplation around – ‘should I go back to sleep’. This is another 10 minutes, one might say. If the end result is yes, which it is, in 90% of the cases, I fall back on the bed, draw the curtains closed, and instruct the Dude to wake me up in an hour – to which he responds to with a look of disgust. In the 10% cases I decide otherwise, I sit on bed, doing yoga-ish stretches, and giving random updates on life and work and travel, which are already up on social media, to The Dude.

Somehow, whether I sleep or choose to rant and stretch, we miraculously hit 9:45 AM, my alarm to get ready because God forbid I get later any than this. There is a mad rush, and every single day, the breakfast is wolfed down in precisely 5 minutes, the last 5 minutes I am allowed to spend at home before I call my Uber, along with a sincere surprise around just how fast time seems to pass! And then of course comes by favorite part of the day (installment 1), the long cab ride to work.

I am actually not sure how better this time can be handled. It is pressurizing, to say the least, to have this time on hand, and not be able to use it well, because now you can’t even complain about just how less time you have on hand for yourself, because you do. You just don’t know what to do with it. Ah, such are the dilemmas of life.

But for now, I shall concentrate on the good, which is the fact that I actually have too much of a cherished thing, time. Because knowing Murphy, it wouldn’t be long before I make myself this entire list of hobbies, activities, things-to-do, and he very cruelly snatches the prerequisite away. The former scenario is so much better than the latter.

Because when you have so much to do, so little time, it sucks. But when you so much time, and nothing to do, you can always sleep. And we all know how good I’m at that.


12 thoughts on “New post, update, or why you shouldn’t unfollow this blog

  1. Good to see you back…better if my comment could make you stay! Last time you promised the same…still I had to check whether I have “unfollowed” you by mistake…no post and all that!!

    PS: share those ‘motivational’ blogs…I could do with some serious regularizing myself!!

      1. Hey…come on…you have small kid to take care of !! When I had two small babies I never had a social life – the internet one. So, just chill…enjoy time with the little one…put your thoughts here in your blog, this will stay as a memory of your wonderful time with your darling !

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