Updates return

I have been doing some stuff lately.  And other stuff’s been happening. So all in all, I have been keeping quite busy. Though it will be incorrect to state that I have no time to think of blogging, I do, just as I have the time to religiously read all the updated blogs on my reader. It’s just that it hasn’t been enough.

Last month, actually exactly a month ago, Zo turned 4. FOUR. I am mother to an absolutely adorable, hyper, too-smart-for-her-age, attention seeking, whiny little 4 year-old and it’s been some ride. But the bigger ride was arranging for a Birthday party for this 4 year old, because she now gets the concept of birthday parties. And where there’s understanding, there’s expectations and where there are expectations there are demands. And to add to it, you decide that she gets to choose her guest-list. Which means that she chooses people who you know only by first name and face, and inviting them is based on a vague direction she once pointed to and said ‘ She lives there’. And you actually go knocking at the door praying that’s the right house.

Overall, it worked out well, with a ‘Frozen’ themed cake, an ‘Elsa’ dress, and a nice little play area for the likes of her, where the 12 kids bounced around and had to be pulled away when the stipulated time got over. Ofcourse I am skipping the part where you are supposed to decide on the menu, and return gifts (Oh My God what a nightmare that is), and also follow up with folks to confirm their attendance, to ensure the part isn’t a dud. And then follow this up with a mini-celebration at school, which gets pushed to two weeks later because the Government decides a week and a half is not enough time off during Dussehra (I’m still laughing).

There was also a very delayed Vacation we had in September. Delayed because it’s been way too long since we took one and that sucked. However, this was a Zo themed vacation, by which I mean we went to Disneyland in Hongkong. Yes, we saw the rest of Hongkong too but that was overshadowed by the two days we spent in Disneyland, and also there’s not as much to see in Hongkong itself – though we kept ourselves busy for the other 3 days pretty well. Zo was beyond happy, and has said multiple times since then that we should consider moving to HongKong and staying in that house with red chairs which was basically the hotel reception.

Then, I read a lot. A lot in my world is 6 books in the last 2 months, 5 of which were in the course of 2 weeks. Which makes me feel that I got my reading mojo back; only once I said that, I stopped again. Fortunately, I picked up a pretty interesting read the day before and am unable to put it down. Turns out that, while I do like dramas and slower mysteries, when it comes to non-stop reading, I need my thrillers. And that’s the only genre I have kept myself busy with – not getting experimental with authors and picking the ones I have loved before. But at the end of the day, non-experimental reading > no reading.

Other than that, I quit my job. No, not for good, not for a sabbatical, not to follow my passion (I am not sure I have one yet), not to be a better mother (what does that even mean), but just plain old quitting to take up a new job. The decision was an extremely tough one because this place turned out to give me the best 2 years of my career, and also helped me meet some of the finest professionals I have worked with. But for reasons, more personal than anything, like the fact that I need to travel for more than 2 hours just to get to and from work, making it impossible to spend more time with Zo, I decided to let go. And then I convinced myself that people let go of their careers for personal reasons, and this is just a job. But apparently, I am not the easiest of people to convince.

And just last week, I stepped into student life again. After a decade of absolutely no studying, not even work-related certifications, I decided to go ahead and register myself for a long distance Masters with IGNOU. And, wait for it, in Literature! When I was on the brink of choosing a line of studies 17 years ago, all geeky kids took Sciences by default. I was nothing if not a geek, and the fact that I ventured into Commerce (that’s for average kids!) and was supported by my parents, was a shocker to many. However Arts was for the below-average kids as per popular belief, and also not something my parents would have been very keen on.

Things worked out well since then, and I am more than happy about my career and the fact that it funds my luxuries, but somewhere, there’s been a niggling curiosity about how things are in the Humanities world. Now that I have the chance to, I am doing what I wanted to, though it took me a while to realise it. For all I know, this will be a complete flop, and I wouldn’t even be able to manage it, and it will be SO boring that I’ll drop it. And in any case it doesn’t add to my CV. I was on the brink of doing this 4 years ago and then Zo happened so I got busy. But I guess it is now or never, so here I am, actually getting back into the world of assignments and exams and classes, something I have been romanticizing way more since I got out of them. This might be the reality check I need.

Just today morning, I deactivated my Twitter account. Reason being, just logging off is not answer for people with such terrible will power apparently. Deactivation was the key, though it will take 30 days for it to be deleted forever. But to get out of the world of mindless but hilarious jokes, political outrage, social outrage, random trolling, and that incessant need to monitor the follower count, was absolutely essential for my general well-being. I have also decided to de-link the blog from my Facebook account for no particular reason. I guess I think these sort of posts don’t need to be publicized, especially since they are borderline journal entries.

I think that’s a lot of information for a ‘What have I been up to’ post, but I guess my infrequency warranted it. The only way to fix this is to be more regular but we have all seen how well that works! Nonetheless, one can always hope. And wait. And watch.

10 thoughts on “Updates return

  1. I found Facebook a distraction. .not been on it for years now. .

    Anyway belated birthday to the little one..
    And you say 6 books is a lot well in my world 1 is A BIGGGGGG lot.

    All the best…
    And I hope you had a good diwali tooo…

    1. Wow. I can’t go off FB I feel, I have a constant need to know what’s happening with who ;)!
      Thanks for the wishes! I am/was/want to be called a reader, so these numbers don’t compare with what lots of others read. And I am adding subject books to it 🙂
      Hope you had a great Diwali!

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